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Esprit Vol. 4 2014 

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  The Young Marines Esprit Magazine     
By Young Marines, About Young Marines...
It’s Esprit, the magazine of the Young Marines, your magazine!
We encourage you to share your stories with us.
Tell us what it’s like to be a part of the Young Marines... the traveling, the camaraderie, learning about history, and the interesting people you meet.

This is your opportunity to  tell us what your unit has been doing recently in your community, how you helped others or how your unit chose to observe our nation’s holidays, or about taking part in special observances such as Red Ribbon Week or Veterans Appreciation activities.

Make sure you tell us what it was like to experience these activities and how it felt representing the Young Marines. What did you enjoy most about what you did? And please, don’t forget to send us a photo or two!

While we want to hear from you, if a member of your community wants to share a thought or comment about the good work your unit is doing, ask them to send a letter to the editor of Esprit at


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