National Headquarters Staff Directory

Young Marines Affiliate Organizations

National Executive Director -Michael Kessler

Deputy Director - Joe Venable

Deputy Director West
Drug Demand Reduction Resource Officer - Joe Lusignan         

Director of Operations - Robert Borka

Director of Finance -Mike Tracy

Inspector General of the Young Marines - Joseph Bles

Director of Training & Education - Michael Guiles

Chief Marketing Officer - Gary Weisbaum

Director of Administration - Judy Jones

Database Administrator - Patricia Borka 

Training & Education Specialist - Alvin Hendricks

Webmaster - Tim Kupper, Xpert Media Management

Ambassador Accounting - Stephanie Christianson

Rust Insurance - Billy Simons

Vanguard - Warren Dunlap

Young Marines National Foundation

Executive Director - Mike Zeliff


Young Marines Alumni Association

Executive Director - Edgar Huff


Division Commanders

Division One : Robert Dittrich

Division Two: George Biedenbender

Division Three: John Gionet 

Division Four: Chuck Jackson

Division Five: Ronald Pownall

Division Six: Mike Wilson