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Update from HQ
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2014 National Encampment
in Talihina Oklahoma
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A Message to our Volunteers

Since our humble beginnings in Waterbury, Connecticut in 1959, volunteers have served as our source of inspiration. As the cornerstone of this program, our Registered Adult Volunteers, have provided mentoring and leadership to hundreds of thousands of Young Marines over the course of time. The composition of our volunteer force is diverse, talented and truly makes up a cross-section of our society. While our focus is based on the ethos of America’s Corps of Marines, it’s clear that our volunteer profile would not be complete were it not for the teachers, physicians, college professors, law enforcement and fire department professionals, homemakers and blue collar and white collar workers who volunteer their time and energy to assist in “Strengthening the lives of America’s youth.

The Young Marines organization is always looking for ways to improve, to reach new heights and set new goals for success. Try as we might, none of this growth, and not a single goal could be reached if it were not for the hard work and dedicated commitment of our volunteers. The nice thing is that we all agree that nothing is more important than ensuring that we continue to focus on what really matters and that is the message we continue to pass on to those who make up the ranks of the Young Marines.

I am forever impressed by the knowledge, discipline and genuine example that our Young Marines display and the positive example they set for all others to emulate. None of that would be possible without you, the volunteer who will forever serve as the one who will leave a most lasting, positive impression on those to whom we have committed ourselves, the Young Marines in your unit.

February marks Young Marines Volunteer Appreciation Month. This month was designated at a Young Marines Leadership Symposium out of their respect for all that our volunteers do in keeping our units alive and productive. So on behalf of the Young Marines and the National Staff, I want to thank you for the difference you have made through your commitment. You do make a difference, a difference that is manifested by the amazing successes we have seen in our Young Marines.

Thank you!

Very Respectfully,
Mike Kessler
National Executive Director/CEO
Young Marines National HQs

“Strengthening the lives of America’s youth”




From National Young Marine of the Year
YM SgtMaj Dakota Richter, Northern KY Young Marines

Young Marine Volunteer Appreciation month was initiated in an effort to allow us Young Marines to take a moment to express our gratitude towards this program’s most dedicated volunteers, our Unit Adult Staff. Regardless if they have ever served in the military, had kids in the program, or called themselves a Young Marine, these individuals are so often the backbone of our success as members of this program. Whether you called them UC, XO, Ma’am, Sir, or your second parents, I’d venture to say that every one of us can think of at least one Registered Adult that has forever impacted our lives.

It’s sometimes difficult to be an Adult Leader in a youth-led program. It seems to me, at least from this side of the fence, that we Young Marines are entitled to the more enjoyable things this program has to offer - things that don’t include filing quarterly reports, sleeping in cars on encampments (and if you’re in luck, sneaking you a s’more or two on fire watch), or silently observing from the back of the classroom drill after drill after drill. Our Adult Leaders work around the clock to keep us safe, signed-off, and well fed; and for that, they deserve our gratitude. As Young Marines, let’s take this month to express to our volunteers just how much they mean to us, our units, and the program. I can guarantee they don’t hear that enough.

So to all of the Adult Leaders in Northern Kentucky, my second, third, and fourth families across the country, and every other Registered Adult who has dedicated portions of their life to our program, I sincerely thank you for the hundreds of lives you have and will continue to positively impact.

Happy Young Marines Volunteer
Appreciation Month

Dakota Richter
National Young Marine of the Year, 2013-2014

The NYMOY with Mr. Hendricks and Mr. Huff, two of her most inspiring mentors, at the 2013 National Leadership Academy


Dave Adams


Your National Headquarters Training & Education Department is looking at new and exciting opportunities to motivate and inspire our Young Marines and Registered Adults to even greater heights than achieved already. We want to insure that our/your Young Marines and Registered Adults are kept informed, have open communications, and we welcome your ideas; let us hear from you!

Semper Fidelis,

Michael Guiles

Director, Training and Education


Alvin Hendricks

Training and Education Specialist

There is a new DEA Device Award Submission form in the Young Marines library click the link below to se it.

DEA Device Submission Form


Chester Red Ribbon Week  

DEA Kiki Camarena Division Award
Download the Application form and Powerpoint below.
• DEA Application
•  DEA Project Alert Powerpoint

RRW after action reports

This sure is a busy time for our Young Marines, all over the country. I’m friends with many of you on Facebook, keeping abreast of your unit activities, and I’m often cc’d when the units send their After Action Reports to Mr. Wilson for their Red Ribbon Week activities. I have to tell you, I am so very impressed with the level of effort and participation of the units this year in Red Ribbon Week. Mr. Wilson keeps tabs on the units that register with him to receive items to assist you in your efforts, but from the exposure that I’ve seen in the media, on Facebook, and in the proclamations that are being received from local government officials, Young Marines have really stepped up their outreach efforts this year. From someone who has had way too much experience in witnessing and dealing with the results of people choosing to abuse drugs, I want to tell you that I’m proud of you for having the courage to stand out of the crowd and not only pledge to be drug free, but also to encourage others to do the same. I know that your efforts in bringing the dangers of drug use to your peers will pay off across our nation. If your unit hasn’t submitted your After Action Reports yet, please do so as soon as possible to Mr. Mike Wilson at Your after action reports enable us to get a real feel for the efforts that are made, the numbers of people you reached, and also how your efforts were received.

In addition to the items that Mr. Wilson wishes you to report on, I’d also like you to share what resources worked best for you. What items that you handed out were well received? If the Young Marines program were to publish our own resources (pledge cards, information brochures, etc.) to help spread the word, what would you suggest? Please email me your suggestions at or Already sent in your after action report? Please send the suggestions to me anyway.

Lastly, don’t forget to submit your unit’s application for the DEA’s Enrique “Kiki” Camarena Division Award. There will be one unit selected per division to receive this award. This award recognizes not only your drug demand reduction efforts during Red Ribbon Week, but throughout the entire year. Information on applying for the award is on the DDR tab on our website, at The deadline for submitting your application is January 31, 2014. The awards will be presented at the Adult Leaders Conference. Keep up the great work…and thank you.

Semper Fidelis,

Joe Lusignan





Chester working  

Did you know that all forms, documents and manuals can be found by clicking right up thereYM LibraryIn the LIBRARY?

For example:
IRS Letter of Determination for each Unit to use, along with your unit’s charter, as your Not for Profit 501(c)(3) Status.
Re-Registration Power Point can be viewd throughout  the year to familiralize yourself and be prepared for the annual re-registration process.
Insurancy Policy includes the Summary of Coverage, Certificate of Liablity, Special Event Questionair, Group Accident Policy and Injury Report.

This is just a small sample of the information available to you in the library. Please visit the Library often… new items are added all the time!



Here you will find information to assist your unit in its public relations and unit marketing efforts to promote the good work your Young Marines are doing in your communities nationwide.

Young Marines National HQs Marketing Team

Gary Weisbaum, Chief Marketing Officer
Janelle Johnsen, Unit Marketing Manager
Ginny Richardson, Andy Richarson, GR-PR, external public and media relations

• View the new Young Marines News Network video from the homepage or click on the YMNN link in the Member’s section

• Mark your training calendars - Veterans Appreciation Week dates announced -  Nov 1-11, 2014

A warm welcome to a new member of our Young Marines National staff. Mr Gary Weisbaum, Chief Marketing Officer

Exciting new changes with Unit Marketing in 2014. Janelle Johnsen has accepted a new role to assist and reach out to our local units across the country, and those who need assistance with marketing and promoting new units. She will work closely with your public relations officers, as well as, Unit and Division Commanders. Learn more here

We’d like to thank our external public relations department for their achievements to assist us getting our Young Marines brand at a higher level with national media. Thank you Ginny Richardson and Andy Richardson with GR-PR for all the great work you are doing for the Young Marines.

If you have a story you’d like to pitch to National HQs that might be newsworthy on a national level, please let us know. You can contact us for media consideration at

Please continue to send stories to the Young Marines Esprit magazine. Of course, we always like photos too. Questions about Esprit can be directed to and be sure to review the Esprit guidelines/manual in the Member’s Library.

Press releases

Other documents available for download in the Members’ LIBRARY:

~ Great Idea Exchange, Fun activities for your unit with fundraising, team building, and unique activities from Young Marines units all across the country

~ Esprit - submission guidelines

~  Professional portfolio development for Young Marines

Coming soon:  We’ll be reaching out to local units by phone and email for ideas about what marketing efforts have been successful in your area. Basically we are looking for “best practices” across the country so we can share them with other units for the “Great Marketing Exchange of 2014”.


Board of Directors

Young Marine Board of Directors


Young Marines Esprit Vol 2 2011

Inside the latest Esprit Volume
Red RibbonWeek
• Pearl Harbor Parade
• Veterans Week
•  Toys for Tots

Read the latest Young Marines Esprit

Submit Story, Photos, and Graduations
December1st deadline,
Young Marines doing great work in our communities nationwide
Submit copy and photos to the Young Marines Esprit

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