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ESPRIT Volume 2 2015 By Young Marines For Young Marines ESPRIT Page 1 National Headquarters Staff Mike Kessler National Executive DirectorChief Executive Officer William Davis Chief Operating Officer Joseph Venable National Deputy Director Joseph Lusignan Deputy Director West Coast Operations and Program Drug Demand Reduction Resource Officer Mike Tracy Director of FinanceChief Financial Officer Robert Borka Director of Operations Gary Weisbaum Chief Marketing Officer Michael Guiles Director of Training Stephanie Guiles Director of Education Patricia Borka Director of Administration Alvin Hendricks Training Coordinator Tim Kupper Xpert Media Management LLC Webmaster Service Mark Whittaker DES Inc. Database Developer Jaime Jasso Editor ESPRIT Board of Directors Chairman of the Board - William Smith Vice Chairman of the Board - William J. Walker Appointed Member Board Secretary - Dina Dillon Marine Corps League Liaison - Johnny Baker Appointed Member - William Barnes General Counsel - Herb Harmon Appointed Member - Andre Hollis Invited Member - Gene Overstreet Young Marines National Foundation Executive Director - Mike Zeliff Young Marines Alumni Association Executive Director - Edgar Huff Division Commanders Robert Dittrich Division One George Biedenbender Division Two John Gionet Division Three Charles Jackson Division Four Ron Pownall Division Five Wilson Lee Division Six 2015 Division Young Marines of the Year YMSgtMaj Charles Brian Fagan Division One YMSgtMaj Joseph Ambs Division Two YMSgtMaj Tyler Ward Division Three YMSgtMaj Kariel Mayer Division Four YMSgtMaj Lucas Ward Division Five YMSgtMaj Tyler Wermann-Jones Division Six National Young Marine of the Year YMSgtMaj Lucas Ward Combined Federal Campaign Number CFC 2141 From our National Director Follow us on Facebook www.facebook.comusyoungmarines and our national homepage The 2015 Adult Leaders Conference ALC is now behind us as we begin yet anoth- er summer of Summer Programs of Ad- ventures Challenges Encampment and Schools. First up is our National Leadership Academy and I for one am excited to see our Young Marines show up to learn and share their leadership experiences. I am really looking forward to seeing the new face of our academy and hope that it is as well received as I think it will be. Lots of new looks and a lot of hard work will be enjoyed by those who attend this years inaugural event. And frankly we have the attendees of last years Leadership Sympo- sium to thank for completing their assign- ment of re-writing the course curriculum. A great deal happened at the ALC this year hosted at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas Nevada. From a planning stand- point it went very well and was the most highly attended ALC we have ever hosted. Our guest speaker for the annual banquet was LtGen. Richard P. Mills Commanding General of Marine Forces Reserve. His re- marks were spot on and his focus was on the value of the adult volunteer. He was also impressed with the Young Marines he had met and indicated that we were fortu- nate to be represented by so many capable young leaders. And as usual the highlight of the event is the announcing of the Units of the Year Adult Volunteers of the Year and finally the introduction of the Division Young Marines of the Year. We said goodbye to National Young Marine of the Year Blake Deweese who wowd the crowd with his final ad- dress to those assembled at the black tie affair. We then announced your new National Young Marine of the Year Young Marine Sergeant Major Lucas Ward from the Mid- west Central Young Marines commanded by Mr. Jon Lewis. Lucass first official duty will be to travel with me to the National Leadership Academy where he will meet the attendees and speak with them on a host of subjects. This years ALC was my last as the Na- tional Director and it was clearly one that I will never forget. The history of the ALC is just a subset of the many things we have done over the years that simply seem to get better each and every time we do something be it SPACES Special Programs videos promotionals web site design da- tabase management and on and on. We introduced our Young Marines University an on-line web-based instruction package with several categories and the modules to support them. We also introduced our new fundraising activity. This is going to be a home run so call for further information if you have not seen the plan that will return .45 on the dollar. But this one was very special and I want to thank from the bottom of my heart the tremendous support that you have shown over the years. And I say that not just for me but for my staff who works so hard to try to make your life a little easier. And in the end all of that is for one reason and that is to give our members a leg up on everyone else. The work you have done in achieving that goal is evident every time I travel to visit a unit and participate in a unit activity. This is going to be a busy summer so please continue to be safe.As alwaysthank you for all you do in shaping the lives of tomorrows leaders. Semper Fi Page 2 ESPRIT From our National Young Marine of the Year By YMSSgt Matthew Carr Columbus IN There is no doubt to anyone who has met Mr. Mike Kessler National Execu- tive Director of the Young Marines that he is an inspiration to Americas youth especially those in the program. The Young Marines is a national youth organization for boys and girls ages 8 through completion of high school. As a member of the program I can truly say it has turned my life around for the better by instilling in me the core principles of leadership team- work and discipline. Mike Kessler served as the leader of the organization and is regarded as the founder of the modernized Young Marines program. As the first ever National Executive Director he is charismatic and a man of character. I witnessed him in action at the Na- tional Encampment in the summer of 2014 at a recruit graduation and an unforgettable ceremony at the India- napolis War Memorial. Mike Kessler is respected for modernizing and ad- vancing the already successful Young Marine program. Kessler has said that he is extremely proud of the recogni- tion the Young Marines received from the Department of Defense in receiv- ing five Fulcrum Shield Awards for ex- cellence in youth anti-drug education the most recent in 2015. Kessler is re- sponsible for the programs reputation in drug demand reduction efforts. He is also pleased with the role the Young Marines have taken as the lead- er in youth recognition of Americas veterans. Under Kesslers guidance and leadership the Young Marines have become active in the Pearl Harbor Re- membrance Day in Hawaii National Memorial Day events and Veterans Day and week each November. Under the guidance of Mr. Kessler the first of the annual trips to Iwo Jima escorting WWII veterans began in 2004. Not only was he furthering the success for the programs members in only his first year as director he grew the program into more than 200 units in 38 states. Under Mike Kesslers leadership the Young Marines have created an online database gained a celebrity spokesperson and earned the Sec- retary of Defenses Fulcrum Shield award five times. Because of Mr. Kes- sler the Young Marines program has grown to what it is today and shaped me to be the young leader I am. A Young Marines Appreciation of Mike Kesslers Years of Leadership Because of Mr. Kessler the Young Marines program has grown to what it is today and shaped me to be the young leader I am. -- YM SSgt Matthew Carr ESPRIT Page 3 By YMSgtMaj Lucas Ward 2015 National Young Marine of the Year Greetings to all Young Marines alumni and adult staff alike. It is my pleasure and honor to introduce myself to all of you as your next National Young Marine of the Year. With my first article I want to open the table to input from all of you as to what direction you think this amazing program should take. You may have read my bio before - where I come from what I like to do but what that doesnt say is how I feel about this program. In my eyesthere is no better program for youth than the Young Marines and it is only going to keep getting better. One of the foremost things to be conscious of in my mind is to never settle. Holding the position I now do it would be easy to sit back and sayOk I win Im done now but this is not the proper thing to do. What I would like to do is continue challenging both myself and those that look to me as a leader to be better and to bet- ter others to the best of our ability. It is easy and sometimes necessary to get political in my new position but my biggest focus is to stay humble. I like to focus on the program from the bottom up. The adult staff and even the Young Marines in leadership positions are only as good as the young people we represent. In my experience I think I have learned just as much from the Young Marines in my charge as they have from me and I want to keep that trend going. The Young Marines program is unique because not only is it a program for the youth but it is also run by the youth. It teaches us how to lead and then puts that to the test. From the highest ranking Sergeant Majors to the newest Privates this program relies on its members to keep functioning. This is why I want to be able to get ideas from all the mem- bers of this program. Each and every one of us has had unique experiences with the program and each of us loves it for our own reasons. For some it is a safe haven a place to get away from everything and enjoy time with friends. For others it is a challenge to always achieve bigger better things. Everyone has their own ideas and we each know what we would like to see done to better and improve the program. It can be easy to look around the program and see possible improvements but the hard part is actually making those improvements happen. Some may feel like they dont know where to start. I would like to encourage anyone and every- one to contact me with any ideas. The program is what it is because of all its members and it should be its members who improve it and have a say in the direction we go. While I have my own ideas and plans I want nothing more than to do what all of you think needs done. To all Young Ma- rines and adultsplease do not hesitate to contact me through our website with ideas questions or concerns. Thank you. The Drug Enforcement Administration DEA and the Young Marines youth organization announced the Young Marines unit winners of the Enrique Kiki Ca- marena Award. The award honors six units one award per division for drug demand reduction efforts through community education and peer-to-peer role modeling. The awards were presented by Gwen D. Phillips and John J. Martin both of the DEA at the Young Marines An- nual Adult LeadersConference on SaturdayMay 92015 in Las Vegas NV. The winners are Division 1 Hanover Area Young Marines Hanover PA Division 2 Seaford Young MarinesSeafordDE Division 3 East Central Alabama Young Marines Jacksonville AL Division 4 Pueblo Young Marines Pueblo CO Division 5 Chesty Puller Young Marines Rootstown OH Division 6 Camp Pendleton Young Marines Oceanside CA Young Marines units are judged on drug demand re- duction DDR hours curriculum and the steps taken to reach out to the community to include peers and others. We are proud to work with the DEA on recognizing six outstanding units of the Young Marines said Mike Kes- sler National Executive Director and CEO of the Young Marines.In factour campaign is calledClosing the Gate on Drugs which targets the gateway drugs alcohol to- bacco and cannabis. Our youth members are effective peer-to-peer role models for living healthy happy and drug-free lives. The award is named in memory of DEA Special Agent Enrique Kiki Camarena who served as a Marine. As a special agent with the DEA he worked in Mexico was abducted and brutally murdered in 1985 at the age of 37. Agent Camarena received numerous awards while with the DEA and after his death he posthumously received the Administrators Award of Honor the highest award given by the organization. In 2004 the Enrique S. Ca- marena Foundation was established in his memory. In addition National Red Ribbon Week was established in Agent Camarenas memory. It is time set aside to teach school children and youths to avoid drug use.The 2015 Red Ribbon Week is Oct. 23- 31 and its theme is Respect Yourself. Be Drug Free. DEA Presents Camarena Awards to Six Young Marines Units 2015 Adult Leaders Conference Page 4 ESPRIT 2015 Young Marines Units of the Year Recognized at ALC The 2015 Young Marines Adult Leaders Conference was held May 6-92015 at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas NV. Highlights included the introduction of the Young Ma- rines University on-line instruction an informative Gen- eral Session on Thursday Break out classes that were conducted on Friday and on Friday evening a special Farewell Event tribute to Young Marines National Ex- ecutive Director Mike Kessler. Saturday informative discussion groups were con- ducted during the day and of course Saturday evenings banquet brought recognition of outstanding Units of the Year Volunteers of the Year and the announcement of the National Young Marine of the Year. Special guest this year included our Celebrity Spokes- person R. Lee Ermey actors Adam Baldwin and Scott Levy as well as David Bray lead vocalist of Madison Rising. Guest Speaker at Saturdays banquet was Lietenant General Richard P. Mills USMC Commander Marine Forces Reserve and Commander Marine Forces North. At the Adult Leaders Conferencethe Young Marines an- nounced the National Unit of the Year Division Ones Natchaug River Young Marines based im Danielson CT under the command of Joseph Couture. Natchaug River Young Marines also received the first ever Directors Cup Award and Natchaug River Instruc- tor Sharlene Edwards was the recipient of National Adult Volunteer of the Year. Other Division Units of the Year winners are Division Two Seaford Young Marines Seaford DE Division Three Orlando Devil Dogs Orlando FL Division Four Douglas County Young Marines Parker CO Division Five Speedway Young Marines Pittsboro IN Division Six Eastern Mountain Young Marines Pinetop AZ. The Young Marines national youth organization announced the 2015 - 2016 National Young Marine of the Year YM SgtMaj Lucas Ward 17 of Farmington Illinois. Ward represented Division Five in competing with five other Division Young Marines of the Year for the title which was announced at the Adult Leaders Conference for Young Marines May 9 2015 in Las Ve- gas NV. Lucas has demonstrated all of the qualities we are looking for in that one Young Marine who will serve as our ambas- sador in his travels around the country and interact with Young Marines parents and adult volunteers said Michael Kessler national executive di- rector and CEO of the Young Marines.He is the personifica- tion of all that is good about this organization. Ward is a member of the Mid- west Central Young Marines of Peoria IL under the command of John Lewis. Lucas is an outstanding Young Marine said YM Sgt- Maj Blake DeWeese the 2014 National Young Marine of the Year. I first met Lucas in 2013 when we both attended Ad- vance Leadership School. He looks out for all under his care and genuinely feels for every- one. I have all the confidence in the world Lucas will do an amazing job representing the Young Marines program. Ward joined the Young Ma- rines at age 11 and currently hes in his sixth year in the program. He was the honor graduate from his recruit class and he was awarded the Per- sonal Achievement award for Division Five for his perfor- mance as a Young Marines staff member at the Division Five academy. He is the color sergeant for the units color guard. He credits the Young Ma- rines for encouraging him to be more outgoing and confi- dent. The program has changed my life in a fantastic way and it has the power to do that for many others as well Ward said. Besides his participation in the Young Marines Ward is a junior at Farmington Cen- tral High School where hes involved in track Marching Band as the drum major concert band pep band Key Club a community service organization Spanish Club Drama Club and yearly theat- rical productions. In addition he participates in the Science Olympiad Students With Ad- vocacy Training SWAT and Operation Teen Safe Driving OTSD. Ward also works two jobs as a page at the Farmington Area Public Library District and as a stocker at a local grocery store. After he completes high school Ward would like to at- tend a college with NROTC getting a degree in criminal justice. After school he plans to join the Marine Corps through ROTC and be a mili- tary police officer. Ward is the son of Lisa and David Ward. He has two sis- ters and one brother. YMSgtMaj Lucas Ward 2015 National Young Marine of the Year ESPRIT Page 5 YMSgtMaj Lucas Ward 2015 National Young Marine of the Year receives his award at this years ALC . Davis is Selected to Succeed Kessler The Young Marines youth organi- zation announced that William P. Davis Colonel United States Ma- rine Corps Retired will take the helm as National Executive Direc- tor and CEO of the Young Marines. The announcement was made at the Adult Leaders Conference held May 6 - 10 in Las Vegas Nevada. Davis assumes full duties as Na- tional Executive Director on Jan. 1 2016. He replaces Mike Kessler who is retiring after 16 success- ful years in the position. Kessler is widely credited for creating the modern Young Marines program so his will be big boots to fill. Bill brings leadership enthusiasm and vision and I am very excited in knowing that our organization is in great handsKessler said.He is a natural fit to as- sume responsibilities. His knowledge of non-profits and fiscal management are well documented as he runs a charter school in New Orleans. I look forward to watching the Young Marines work towards the goal of becoming a household name. William P. Davis is an accomplished executive whose commitment to young people is of para- mount importance during his career.He is also high- ly regarded for strategic thinking sound financial management marketing expertise and exceptional project management skills. He is a dynamic leader who brings military expertise and business acumen to the Young Marines. In factDavis is no stranger to the Young Marines.In the late 1990she volunteered as the parent support and training officer for the Slidell Young Marines in Louisiana. He organized Young Marines training events and tours to units and bases. In addition he provided classes for the annual regimental encamp- ment as well as at recruit training events. From 2011 to the present Davis has been the com- mandant of the New Orleans Military and Maritime Academy NOMMA New Orleans LA. He operates as the CEO of the non-profit academy and superinten- dent and he reports directly to the Louisiana State Board of Education as a standalone school district. All students are cadets in the Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps which is unique to both the State of Louisiana and the Marine Corps. In his position as CEO of NOMMA Davis success- fully developed multiple grants and other financial support mechanisms through personal initiative with local businesses and nonprofit organizations. After four years of operation the academy had the highest levels of parental satisfaction. Test results and student performance im- provement ranked well above averages by more established schools. While at NOMMA I worked with the Young Marines and we forged strong bonds between the two organizations Davis said. It took an amazing opportu- nity for me to resign from NOMMA. With the Young Marines I have the chance to positively influence youth on a national level. From 2006 2011 Davis was assistant chief of staff for facilities for the Marine Forces Reserve in New Orleans. He directed the construction mainte- nance safety and environmental oversight for the 187 locations of the Marine Corps Reserve across 48 states and the territory of Puerto Rico. He previously served as the operations officer for the Joint Task Force Civil Support U.S. North- ern Command Ft. Monroe VA which lends military support to civilian authorities in the aftermath of a crisis. During Hurricane Katrina operations Davis worked extensively with federal defense state and local agencies to craft policies for leaders on the ground operating in a time sensitive and chaotic en- vironment. In addition Davis was chairman of the Quantico School Board Quantico VA from 2001 - 2004. Bill Davis brings not only significant leadership and management experience of running a non-prof- it youth organization said Bill Smith chairman of the Board of Directors for the Young Marines but also the passion for assisting the youth of America. Davis earned a bachelor of arts degree in Econom- ics in 1987 from the University of Washington Seat- tleWA. In 1994 he was awarded a master of science degree in administration from Troy State University Norfolk VA. He received a second master of science degree in National Security Strategy in 2004 from the National War College Washington D.C. The Young Marines have a great mission Davis saidand its important to our nation. Davis will move to Washington D.C. with his wife Brenda and youngest son Bradley. Page 6 ESPRIT Headquarters Announces Young Marines University ESPRIT Page 7 Young Marines University will offer on-line training and education for Young Marines and Registered Adult Volunteers. YMU classes are self-paced and available 24 hours a day seven days a week. Young Marines University is made up of courses designed for a comprehensive learn- ing experience. Each course is made up of modules The module provides the essential information needed to complete the course. By splitting the course into mod- ules it allows you to absorb infor- mation at your own pace. At the end of each module you will take a quiz to complete the module. Af- ter all of the course modules are completed you will earn a course certificate. For Registered Adults YMU will be a source for training and information. You will learn about the Young Marines history code of ethics duties and responsibilities code of conduct child abuse and everything about the organi- zation. For Registered Adults with billets you will also have the tools for your specific duties and responsibili- ties. For Young Marines You will have the same opportunities to learn at your own pace with this on-line tool. Young Marines University is ONLY available to members of the Young Marines organi- zation. Choose from 20 YMU Courses Courses include Introduction to Young Marines Leadership and Responsibility Administration Drug Demand Reduction Community Re- lations Training and Financial cur- riculum. Academic Credit Opportunities RTG Associatesin partnership with Adams State University is pleased to provide the Young Marines program academic credit opportunities for ef- forts in non-standard classrooms. Courses eligible for credit include Citizenship American Veterans Character Education Basic Leader- ship Experience and Service Learn- ing. For additional information courses eligibility and requirements go to www.youngmarine- or email the Director of Education at Educa- On-line training and education available for Young Marines and Registered Adult Volunteers Main courses and their sub-courses are selected from the YMU catalog then you are directed to the modules needed to complete that course. After all of the course modules are completed you will earn a course certificate. Main courses and their sub-courses are selected from the YMU catalog By Andrea Warren Reprinted by Special Permission from Project ALERT Since 2014 and the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado Project ALERT teachers have faced a dilemma how can they effectively help teens decipher confusing messages about the safety and health consequences of marijuana now that its legal recreationally and some students parents grow andor use it Educators police community leaders and medical person- nelnot to mention concerned parents who wish to keep their teens away from marijuanaworry about the drugs increasing availability and its growing social acceptance. In addition to addiction and the desire to try more potent drugs possible consequences of early consistent use of marijuana are many. They can include impact on brain development interference with memory and sleep patternsand negative implications for current and long-term mental health problems.12 When reporting incidents related to drugs school districts lump together heroin cocaine marijuana and prescription drugs but experts suggest that Colorados 24 increase in middle school violations this past year is largely due to mari- juana. These violations have included students bringing pot- laced edibles to school and sharing them smoking pot on school grounds and selling pot to other students.3 Parents can play a key role in keeping drugs out of the hands of children and teens and most do just that. However there are a few parents who do not and instead set a permissive example with their own usage. When students defend what their parents are doing Project ALERT educators must choose their words carefully. I cant tell my students that their parents are wrong com- mented Mikayla Curtis resource development coordinator for the Eagle River Youth Coalition which offers Project ALERT free of charge to Vail-area schools but I can stress personal consequences. Brain development is a major one since the brain isnt fully developed until age 25. So what children and teens put into their bodies impacts them differently than it does their parents. If students counter that marijuana has medicinal benefits Curtis reminds them that some people may use it because they believe it helps with symptoms but it is not a cure for anything. I also remind them that its still illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to possess or use marijuana. Curtiss main goal is to promote healthy behaviors and to prevent or at least delay usage. Dont do it now. Thats how were focusing our message. Because the longer they wait the less likely they are to become abusers. In Calhan southeast of Denver Laurie Ochsie has taught Project ALERT for over a decade in her seventh and eighth grade science classes. She agreed that it is more challenging to teach the negatives of marijuana to students whose par- ents are users. Since marijuana was legalized theyre much harder to convince that it can be bad for them. It may be legal but theres a reason its not legal for young people because it can cause both physical and psychological problems. I remind them that they have a right to say no to drugs something our Project ALERT lessons help them learn how to do. Once they finish this course they know the facts and have the tools to help them resist. YMSgtMaj Zoe Jackson a high school senior in Colorado Springs teaches Project ALERT as a volunteer in a national nonprofit The Young Marines that promotes a healthy drug- free lifestyle to young people. Jackson took Project ALERT through the organization when she was 13. She found what she learned to be so helpful that she became a certified fa- cilitator. In her class of middle school teens which meets at a local high school she discusses marijuanas effects on the body and brain. Kids dont have much defense when presented with the facts Jackson said.Sometimes theyll bring up certain celeb- rities who openly smoke pot and will argue that these people are successful. So we talk about that and how you dont really know what a person is experiencing away from the cameras. If theyre using marijuana theyre using it as a crutch for one reason or another. She points out to her classes that smoking marijuana cant help them escape from their problemsthat those problems are just going to be waiting until they decide to solve them. Once students relate this to their own family members they realize what this drug is doing to them. Because of what they learn in Project ALERTthey dont have to let it happen to them. References 1 Lisdahl. K. M. Wright N. E Medina-Kirchner C. Maple K. E. Shollen- bargerS.2014.Considering cannabis The effects of regular cannabis use on neurocognition in adolescents and young adults. Current Addiction Reports 1 144-156. 2 Rubino T. Zamberletti E. Parolaro D. 2102. Adolescent exposure to cannabis as a risk factor for psychiatric disorders. Journal of Psychopharma- cology 26 177-188. 3 National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence. 2015. More Colo- rado Students Bringing Marijuana to School Anecdotal Reports Suggest. Andrea Warren M.S. is a journalist and author living in Kansas City. She is a long-time contributor to Project ALERT publications. When Marijuana is Legal and Parents are Users How Can Project ALERT Educators Respond to Students Rising to the Challenge in Colorado Page 8 ESPRIT UNITMYYMCapital City Recognizing Our Police Officers One of our Young Marines YMPVT Storm Poole wanted to do something nice for his local police department in Garner NC. He purchased some coffee gift cards and stopped by to drop them off. He had an opportunity to speak with the Garner Chief of Police Chief Zuidema and the two of them really hit it off. Storm talked to him about his experiences in the Young Marines and the Chief talked to him about programs the Police Department have available for the youth in the community. At the conclusion of their meeting the Chief tweeted pictures of the both of them. We are very proud of YMPvt Pooles initiative and recognize the positive impact that Young Marines program has had upon him and many others. -- Submitted by Doug Smith Capital City NC Young Marines Left YMPVT Storm Poole with Garner Chief of Police Brandon Zuidema. Northern Kentucky YMs Take the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics In February twelve generous and brave Northern Kentucky Young Marines raised money for Special Olympics then took the Polar Plunge into ice water. -- Submitted by Lynne Arnold Northern Kentucky Young Marines Sacramento County Sheriff to Work with Local Young Marines By YMLCpl Rio Saenz Sacramento CA The Sacramento County Sheriffs Activities League recently and proudly announced its newest partnership with the Young Marines. Sacramento County Sheriff Activities League Sgt. Cary Trzinski said I am very excited about this new partnership. The Sheriffs Youth Services Unit will mentor and work with these youths on a monthly basis by engaging these kids and providing an insight into law enforcement as well as giving back to our communities. The Young Marines will assist the Sheriffs Activities League with its Unity in the Community Barbecues and with the Sheriffs Activity League Annual Turkey Giveaway. Youth Services Unit Deputy Nate Nguyen is a former Marine and is taking the lead on this new program. Special thanks to Sacramento Executive Of- ficer Tony Wise the Sacramento Marine Corps League-023 and the Sheriffs Activities League for making this outstanding partnership happen Right Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones salutes YMLCpl Saenz at the Sheriffs Unity in the Community Barbecue event. ESPRIT Page 9 Swansboro Marching Proudly Swansboro Young Marines marching in the Jacksonville Veterans Day parade on November 8 2014 On Nov 8th 2014 Foothills Young Marines were hon- ored to perform Color Guard duties for the Mountain States Chapter of the Paralyzed Veterans of America. The event was their annual banquet honoring mem- bers for their community service throughout the year. Pictured here is Mr. Mark E Shephard Sr. of Mountain States Chapter of the Paralyzed Veterans of America with his son Zach Shephard and Foothills Young Ma- rines YMSSGT Thomas YMSSGT Greenley YMCPL Thompson YMGYSGT Chado and YMSGT Zimbelman. - Submitted by Stacy Anderson Foothills CO Foothills Honors Colorado Paralyzed Veterans of America By YMSSgt Victoria Vreeland Westover MA On Friday March 13 2015 Westover Young Marines posted colors for a Boston Celtics game. Participating were YM GySgt. BaconYM SSgt VreelandYM LCpl. Siwicki YM LCpl. Morales and Westover Young Marines Executive Officer Mr. Bar- thelette. It was a wonderful experience to be apart of this opening ceremony. After the color guard we were allowed to stay and watch the game. By the way the Celtics won Coincidence You decide Westover Provides Color Guard at a Boston CelticsVictory Southwest Michigan Adjutant Recieves a Surprise Award By YMPFC A.Traut Southwest Michigan MI Our adjutant officer Robin Halsey was recently presented with a well- deserved award for all the hard work shes done over the last few years. Not only does she file all the pa- perwork that goes through the unit she helps us with volunteering for parades food drives and also helps out with encampments. The award presented to her was not a ribbon or medal or a piece of paper it was a hand made full metal construc- tion medieval shield painted in my collision repair class at school. It was then signed at drill by other Young Marines and staff members. While at drill we hid it in our stor- age room until the end of drill and while the others were in formation I ran over to the storage room and grabbed the shield and went to the front of formation. MyXOSgt Miller called adjutant of- ficer Halsey and I explained why she had earned the award. She was very happy and surprised. I just hope shes got room on a wall in her home to hang it Page 10 ESPRIT By YMPFC Abygail Gonzalez PFC Bruce W. Carter FL I found a way to give back to the community after learn- ing that cancer does not discriminate. When I learned that cancer patients who receive chemotherapy lose their hair I thought about how much that must affect them. I read about Live Like Bella an organization dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer. As Young Marines we help others by giving back to the com- munity and I knew exactly what I wanted to do to help oth- ers. During the following months I took care of my hair let it grow longer than what it usually was brushed it and had it trimmed every two months.The hair I was taking care of was not mine it belonged to a little girl who needed a wig because of her cancer treatments. I donated more than fifteen inches of my hair to Wigs for Kids. They do not charge parents and yet provide wigs for the children whether they need it for short-term or long-term use.I found this to be a small gesture that could make a big impact in another childs life. Wigs for Kids Helping Children Undergoing Chemotherapy A Very Highly Motivated Young Marine Young Marine Staff Sergeant Sophia Righthouse from the Miramar CA Young Marines scored her fifth perfect PFT score in February of 2015. Righthouse also graduated from 4th Division National Ju- nior Leadership School JLS in December 2014 held at Fort Carson Colorado by 4th Division Commander Chuck Jackson. YMSSgt Righthouse received Honor Graduate and the Molly Marine Award for highest female PFT score and the highest overall PFT score. YMSSgt Sofia Righthouse who has five perfect PFT scores to her credit attending a booth at a career day event at Mesa Verde Middle School San Diego California. By YM1st Sgt Alexis Baisden Albany GA Last MarchYoung Marines of the Albany GA unit particpated in the Albany Pink Walk for Breast Cancer. The walk benefits the MaryLynn Mason Endowment Fund for pain and nausea medication for indi- gent patients of Carlton Breast Center in Albany Georgia. Cammies With... Pink Albany YMs Thankful for a Chance to Learn CPR In April the Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany Fire Department taught classes on CPR to the Al- bany GA Young Marines. We all enjoyed the classour instructors made it fun for us to learn this important life-saving skill and we thank them all very much for their time --Submitted by YM1st Sgt Aleixs Baisden ESPRIT Page 11 Madison Rising Music from Americas Most Patriotic Rock Band By YMSSgt Matthew Carr Columbus IN Upon first glance Madison Rising is Americas most patriotic rock band. This much is probably true but they are also so much more. The voice of David Bray is commanding and powerful.From his take on The Star Spangled Bannerhis vocal style is unique yet reminiscent of Shawn Morgan of Seether Kurt Cobain of Nirvana or Chris Daughtry. Bray makes good use of his voice in the song Ready If It Goes There. Also the video dramatically filmed in black and white is really interesting. I was really impressed by the song Open Road. The opening guitar riff and bass combination was extremely effective. The song was a little more hardcore and I loved it. I immediately had the sense of urgency and adrena- line. It can only be described as awesome. When David Bray slows it downdeep crescendos can be not- ed alongside an awesome melody. Reflection PTSD is prob- ably my favorite song on the albumthe bass is refined and his voice is gravelly and awesome with the quiet drum playing in the background it is such a great piece. The lyrics to every song are meaningful and dedicated to the true America patriot intertwin- ing faith and faithfulness. The chorus from Lock N Load is easy to get stuck in ones head. No songs moved me like their versions of America The Beautiful and Hero. Brays voice is truly soulful. The band has a distinct look. With long hair beards jeans and vests they rock on with a slightly edgy grunge look. At any concert this does not feel out of place. In fact it is very welcoming and makes them seem down to earth. At the same time they are spectacular. Their live show is truly something amazing. David and the whole band have a good stage presence and David even takes the time to interact with the crowd occasionally. Overall Madison Rising is a band promoting patriotism but even without thatI would be listening to them anywaybased upon their talents as musicians.The band has a cool rock look and performance. David Bray and the rest of Madison Rising should not only be proud to be Americansbut be proud of the accomplishments of their band. Madison Rising Partnering with Young Marines National Headquarters Page 12 ESPRIT By Gary Weisbaum Chief Marketing Officer On TuesdayApril 14 2015 the Young Marines National Youth Organization announced their partnership with Madison Rising a nationally known patriotic rock band. This unique partnership between the Young Marines and Madison Rising provided a unique platform to promote the Young Marines National Youth Organi- zation and what we do to a broad segment of the United States patri- otic population through Madison Risings 60 plus concert dates and their robust social media outlets. The program has three primary objectives for the Young Ma- rines National Youth Organization. They include 1 Promote the Young Marines program with the goal of adding new Young Marines to existing units and developing interest for new units in markets not currently served. 2 Promote the Young Marines program with the goal of adding Registered Adult Volunteers to existing units and developing leadership adult personnel in markets not currently served. 3 Promote donations to the Young Marines National Foundation. At most Madison Rising events the local Young Marines units provide Color Guards for the event and are often asked to lead the Pledge of Allegiance to kick off the show. In ad- dition at various times throughout the show Madison Rising lead singer David Bray talks about the Young Marines from his personal experiences with Young Marines Registered Adults and Young Marines staff having participated in the 2015 Iwo Jima trip. 2015 ALC and most recently the Leadership Sympo- sium. Young Marines literature is passed out at each event at the Madison Rising merchandise table. Young Marines banners are visible at every Madison Rising show and when required Young Marines are asked to assist older andor wounded veterans and their families at the shows. In addition to the at concert Young Marines activities noted above the Young Marines Madison Rising relationship includes targeted messaging about the Young Marines National Youth Organization and specific key elements of our programs on the Madison Ris- ing Facebook Page Twitter the Madison Rising Website Ins- tagram and more. Beginning in July targeted communications in support of the stated objectives listed above will be sent out on a regular basis throughout all Madison Ris- ing social media. Finallyplans are underway to de- velop a Limited Edition Young MarinesMadison Rising single CD featuring the Madison Risings version of the Star Spangled Banner. This CD jacket will feature custom Young Marines Madison Rising graphics and will be available to units to pur- chase for fundraising opportunities this fall. More on that to follow. Any questions regarding The Young MarinesMadison Rising relationship should be directed to Gary WeisbaumChief Mar- keting Officer at By YMCpl Sebastian Dodd Oregon Cascade OR During December I was one of six Oregon Cascade Young Marines who participated in the Pearl Harbor Remembrance in Hawaii. The six of us and other units staying on base met at Kaneohe Bay and started our visit with a community ser- vice project for the Marines to show our appreciation for their hospitality. The next morning was the wreath laying ceremony at the Punch Bowl the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Honolulu. When the time came headquarters staff com- menced the ceremony by passing down the wreath from the youngest Young Marines duo to the oldest Young Marines duo symbolizing the passing of generation to generation within this program. December 7th a day to honor those lost on that day in 1941 we met in Ft. DeRusey Park with the rest of the Young Marines units. Every Young Marine was assigned a partner and we were all divided up to carry banners to remind those watching who we were honoring. People watching us screaming and cheering for us was stressful because we wanted to portray the Young Marines perfectly without being distracted. On our last day in Ha- waii we went to the USS Arizona Memorial a white floating rectangular prism on four posts in the water with a view in the middle to look down directly at the ship and view the wreckage. You could smell the oil seeping from the ship. One of the most emotionally moving things was viewing the marble wall with the names of every Sailor and Marine who passed away on the ship. On the flight home I kept thinking of how amazing my experience was and how outstanding it has been to be part of this program. I am in my last year and I feel it all went by too fast I know I spent my time with the right people do- ing the right things and I am thankful for what I have been able to do. I will never forget what this program has done for me transforming me into a better individual than I thought I could be. Oregon Unit Experiences the Pearl Harbor Remembrance in Hawaii By YMGySgt Hannah Witham DeSoto FL I took a National Trip to Hawaii with the Young Marines In observance of the 73rd Anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor. I can say this trip was one to remember. I only stayed for four days but it was the best four days ever I was the only Young Marine from my unit to attend this event. Out of all the things we did and places we went to the Punch Bowl or National Me- morial Cemetery of the Pacific was the one that impressed me the most. The Punch Bowl is the burial ground for the very brave soldiers who died the day of the attacks on Pearl Harbor. I spent most of my time with YMSgtMaj Jackson from Division Three. We were in the Punch Bowl waiting for the other Young Marines to arrive to start the ceremony. As we were waiting we noticed the maintenance man was having some trouble raising the American Flag. We waited then finally asked if he needed help. Using teamwork as Young Marines so often do we were able to fix the problem and raise the flag just in time before the ceremony started. I felt good for being able to help raise the flag. It was an opportunity of a lifetime. I highly recommend if you visit Hawaii for any reason to definitely go and visit the Punch Bowl. Young Marines Teamwork in Action at Remembrance Ceremony Young Marines teamwork prevails in Honolulu Hawaii ESPRIT Page 13 YOUNG MARINES By YMMSgt Alli Escamilla Oregon Cascade OR The Young Marines program has played a significant part of developing me into the person I am today. When I was ten years old I joined the program determined that I could en- dure recruit training. I knew there were some who didnt think I had the stami- na or strength to make it but I was go- ing to show how strong I could be. I was terribly shy and intimidated by almost everythingbut knew inside that there was more to me than meets the eye. When I completed recruit training I was even more determined to contin- ue. Though it took me quite some time to come out of my shell and assert myself with confidence that happened the first time I helped train recruits. That experience required me to be a leader teaching other youths and that demanded that I find my voice and use it.The baby steps up to that point with the encouragement and mentoring of others allowed me to grow and then pushed me to action it was clear to me I had the know-how. I just lacked the experience. Since that time I have had many opportunities to not only lead but to continue learning gaining strength character confidence and ability along with a wealth of experiences within the program. These have spurred me to seek great- er opportunities outside of the pro- gram. I will be forever grateful for the time I have been in the Young Marines for all I have gained personally from the program and for those who gave of themselves to make it a reality. For almost 8 years I have worked to be a good role model for Young Ma- rines. While doing that I ve acquired a lifetime of memories and friendships. On Becoming a Young Marine The Challenges I Experienced By YMPFC Kevin Smith First State DE I am writing about my first Frozen Chosin encampmentit was lots of fun. The Frozen Chosin encampment is named in honor of the 1950 Bat- tle of the Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War during which United States Marines distinguished themselves in combat in freezing weather conditions. I got to meet new people from different units we made the winning shelter and met YMSgtMaj Mooney and YM1stSgt Pope. I got knee-deep in mud saw a funny skit at the end and just had a great time. We were separated from our units and while I did not like the idea of being away from people I know at first I got to like it and I met an awe- some tent mate. I cannot wait to go to the next one P.S. I am on the left side in the picture... Having a Fun Encampment and Learning Skills and History too LEARNING... SERVING... All that it means to be in THE Page 14 ESPRIT YMPFC Nickolas Saldaa Heart Of Texas My experiences in Young Marines recruit training werent all so bad. Ill admit was in the back trying to pay attention and not really try- ing to raise my hand- I was just trying to learn. You might say I was shy. And I was because I didnt want other Young Marines to see me stand out which probably sounds dumb because in Young Marines one of our goals is to be young leaders and I really wasnt trying to be a leader. I just wanted to get through the day. But I know that my par- ents and friends want to see me be successful. The Young Marines will show me how to be a leader. We can be the leader if we want to be. Since I completed recruit training my Young Marines experi- ences have been amazing. I thought the Boy Scouts were cool but when I joined the Young Marines I thought wow... I liked it. I think its a great program for Americas youth. I wanted to join when I saw the Young Marines marching in the Veterans Day Parade a long time ago. I asked my mom about this group. She said they were Young Marines. I said I wanted to be a Young Marine. Thats when she signed me up. I went through recruit training and now Im a PFC not from being honor grad but from taking a dif- ferent test. I took a test for LCpl and I have to get my com- munity service hours before I can be promoted. But anyway the Young Marines program has changed my life and now Im doing better in school at home and Im making new friends in the Young Marines From a PFC in the Heart of Texas Just Amazing Experiences Running Crawling and Even Rolling through Mud for a Good Cause By Amanda Kliever Registered Adult Linn-Benton OR Whos ready to play in the mud The Linn-Benton Young Marines are On Saturday April 18 fourteen Young Ma- rines and seven adults ran climbed crawled and rolled yes we rolled through the mud The occasion was the Dirty Dozen event in Albany Or- egon. Its a fundraising benefit for the Jefferson Oregon Fire Department and The Ridges PTC serving Clover Ridge El- ementary and Timber Ridge Middle Schools. It is a timed 5K race with 12 obstacles to navigate. In all there were more than 500 racers.The obstacles took teamwork helping each other over a concrete pipe big- ger than most of the participants and helping each other find shoes left behind in the mud bog. Encouragement was offered and persistence was to be admired. Some of the obstacles included creeks with muddy banksa crawl under a cargo net in mudof coursedragging a tire up sand hills high walls to go up and over a log crossing and a series of wires to roll under while being sprayed with water be- cause we werent muddy enough yet. The Young Marines decided this will need to be an an- nual event as long as they can convince the adults to go again REALLY getting on the net... Above Before and Below After completing the course. AND ACHIEVING ESPRIT Page 15 By Don Austin Unit Commander Linn-Benton OR This past April 25th found some of the Linn-Benton Young Marines and adults out early to support the Vets Helping Vets organization with projects for veterans in need. Starting early in the morning more than 150 volunteers worked at the homes of three veterans who are not physically able to do their own yard work. They also did landscaping at the Vets Helping Vets headquar- ters fondly called the bunker and cleared brush and weeds to make a park for veterans and their families on property do- nated by the city of Albany OR. Our Young Marines took on the home of Army veteran Mi- chael Miller and his wife. The Young Marines cleared garbage pulled weeds mowed grass and cut down blackberry bushes. The Millers were very impressed with how hard the Young Marines worked and how respectful they were. They are very pleased with their new yard. Linn-Benton Giving Our Time to Help Oregons Veterans in Need Above Left Linn-Benton Young Marines and Adult leaders work to get a veterans yard squared away. Right Stopping for a group photo after the job was completed. By YMGySgt Isaiah Thompson Tarrant County TX February 19th This was the very day in 2011 that I became a Young Marine. This is also the day in 2015 that I heard the most exciting news in MY LIFE What seemed to be another casual nightcoming home from theater rehearsals after school and staying up late doing homework turned out to be totally different from what I was expecting. My father called me into his room and told me I had an e-mail on the printer that hed just printed . I instantly began to wonder if it was just another e-mail for drill or something Young Marine-related. What I received was an e-mail stating that I was approved and pending for Advanced Leadership School. My mind was blown completely away I couldnt believe the news. As a Junior in High School I would never have thought that I would be going to Ad- vanced Leadership School this Summer. The interesting thing isnt just the fact that I could possibly be attending such a top performance school but the fact that recently in the past year or two my Unit has obtained its first Gunnery Sergeants and the first few Young Marines to obtain the DEA Device. These were two huge distinctions that we couldnt believe would happen so soon.But now knowing that they could pos- sibly send off their very first ALS attendee makes it all too good to be true. I spoke with my Unit Commander who was so proud of all I have accomplished in a few years. I basically lived and breathed with some Adult Staff members all this way. How- ever when I look back I know I did everything I possibly could for those who encouraged me to go on. I now know that the journey I have been on was going to take me somewhere far with the right attitude and experience. I cant ask for anything else because I know that when the Leadership School comes...I will never bring disgrace or dishonor upon my God My country its flag My parents myself or the YOUNG MARINES. Some Important Firsts for me and for my Young Marines Unit Tarrant County A unit and its young leadership grows. Headed for Advanced Leadership School this summer Page 16 ESPRIT Southeast County and Tustin Our Encampment Aboard the USS Iowa By YMCpl Nathan Mantle Southeast County CA Permission to Come Aboard Sir echoed as Young Marines from Southeast County and Tustin Young Marines came aboard for an overnight encampment on the USS Iowa. The USS Iowa museum is located at the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro California. The museums main artifact is the USS Iowa BB-61 lead ship of the Iowa class battleships.This ship was built in 1943 in Bos- ton MA and served in World War II the Korean War and during the Cold War period which commonly refers to the period between 1947 and 1991 which was a time of political and military tension between the United States and its allies and the Soviet Union and its allies. We went on a tour of the ship and saw most of it and went in many places that the public is usually not allowed to view such as the brig the sleeping quarters and the captains quar- ters. The Young Marines helped the volunteers with billets on the ship such as raising and low- ering the flag serving chow for dinner and breakfast and cleaning up afterwards. The Young Marines slept in the enlisted mens barracks. Overall we all had a good time and it was a great experi- ence. Both units were honored to come aboard this hallowed United States naval vessel that served our soldiers and sailors so well for more than half a century. Young Marines from Southeast County and Tustin pose for a group portrait aboard the historic USS Iowa. Topside Left and below deck Right Young Marines learn of the many historic missions of the USS Iowa. The USS Iowa during World War II. Photo Credit Pacific Battleship CenterU.S. Navy ESPRIT Page 17 By YM Sgt Carson George Orlando Devil Dogs FL Last year the requirements to attain the rank of YMStaff Sergeant were updated to include the prerequisite of ob- taining the Conserva- tion Ribbon Ribbon 3616. The award was originally an op- tional award contain- ing many different written assessments to earn it. These written as- sessments include items such as a 200-word essay on a national park finding ten leaves native to your state and writing about venomous and non-venomous snakes in your state. Not only does this award show that a Young Marine can be dedicated to a proj- ect the Young Marine will also gain a lot of knowledge from this award. For example along this journey I myself learned that venomous snakes can be identified by certain physical characteristics on their bodies. I also gained experience in writing a professional e-mail to the state geol- ogy department where I received samples of ten different rocks that are native to my home state of Florida. The effort re- quired to meet requirements for this ribbon may appear daunting to some and possibly even boring but having nearly completed it I can guarantee that it is a valuable learning experience and even a fun process to work through and complete. Photo above is from the Everglades National Park Website Earning the Conservation Ribbon and Learning Lessons in Ecology Adult Leaders Also Have an Opportunity to Discover Something New By Traci WatersAdult Volunteer Mountain View CO As a not so overly campy adult leader I was pretty hesitant to be going on a Spring Encampment considering Colorados un- predictable weather. But as it turned out I found that not only was it a great time but I also learned a whole lot myself Who says you cant teach an old dog new tricks The weath- er was less than desirable with a whole lot of rain and cold. But we are the Young Marines and so we must be tough The two days we spent at Round Up Ranch were packed in with activities. Having my own group to supervise for Map and Compass I had to learn how to use a compass. It was so much fun that I found myself practicing long after the class had ended. We had a fire building com- petition made litters to practice carrying in- juredYoung Marines ate MREs for dinner and of course made smores over the campfire. The term campfire being used loosely as it was pouring rain and we had to use the fire we built inside the lodge. The camaraderie of the Young Marines was great to see and it turned out to be great team-building for us as adult leaders too. The weekend ended the same way it began with rain.Yet every Young Marine had a great time. Many times I think about what a great program the Young Marines is for our youth. Not often enough do I take the time to realize what a great program it is for us adult leaders as well. And as it turns out its never too late to learn how to build a fire or use a compass. I couldnt have asked for a bet- ter weekend in the mountains with the Moun- tain View Young Marines. Fine dining on MREs... Adult leaders can even learn how to take selfies Page 18 ESPRIT YMGySgt Devin Droese Tonopah Valley AZ The excitement of working towards my goal of becoming a Marine is tempered by the fact that I have to say goodbye to the Young Marines program which helped me with my goal. The Young Marines program came into my life at a very important time I was just 15 a fresh- man in a new high school in a new state 2700 miles from the place I had called home for 15 years. It was quite a transition. Tonopah is in a remote location and I had not had a chance to meet anyone I was very unsure of myself and not happy about the move. My mom showed me an article in a local newspaper about a new program coming to Tonopah called the Young Marines it caught my interest so I went to their website to check it out. I was hooked. I made the contact calls to get started and became one of the first recruits for Tonopah Valley Young Ma- rines. When I am discharged from the program June 1 2015 I will only have a little over three years in.In that short timethe Young Marines have changed my life in many positive ways and helped me to achieve the dream that started when I was 7. I went from getting passing by-the-skin of-my-teeth grades to straight As. I learned to take advantage of my height to stand tall and proud instead of stooping to blend in. I learned how to lead and follow with respect I learned survival skills for both city and desert situations and I learned the value of teamwork. I am proud to say that I took part in a program that honored our veterans and active military and grateful for the many opportunities the Young Marines provided to be a part of these events and ideas. I have had the opportunity to speak with many people about the value of Drug Demand Re- duction and how the Young Ma- rines are working to Close the Gate on Drugs carrying for- ward Enrique Camarenas dream of a drug-free America. The Young Marine Program has helped to prepare me physi- cally mentally and emotionally to succeed in my dream of serving my country as a United States Marine and for that I am grateful and encourage others to join the program and make their own success story. The values of Honor Courage Commitment Discipline Re- spect Leadership and Teamwork taught in the Young Marines program were a huge part of my success as well as the commitment my parents made to me and the program. It is with excitement tinged with sadness that I move into the next phase of my life and wish to tell everyone that has been a part of my Young Marines experienceTHANK YOU From a Graduate Thank You to Everyone for my YM Experience By YMSgt David McKelly Gen Raymond G. Davis Metro Atlanta GA Today was my last day with my unit as my sister and I have retired serving our full time extended up to graduation of High School. I can honestly say that it has been an honor and a privilege serving with every Young Marine that I have met whether at Leadership School on Facebook or in the units that I have been to including my own. I only have one word of advice for every Young Marine who receives this maga- zine do not get comfortable. I can only explain this with a story. In my school last week there were many projects tests and quizzes for the Senior class because we graduate earlier than everyone else. I only received about 15 hours of sleep during the entire week. On Wednesday my Literature class was reading Shakespeares Macbeth and I was very uncomfortable sitting down. So I moved around started slouching and getting more relaxed. Midway through the third act of the play I started sleeping because I was very tired and very comfortable. My teacher noticing I was asleep asked meDavid can you please read this passage and the footnote beneath it I was lost on an- other page and an entirely different section. Why Because I got comfortable and fell asleep It is imperative Young Marines that you do not fall asleep in your efforts because life has a rude awakening.Therefore do not get comfortable where you are. Seek to improve your- self. If youre a Private work to become a Private First Class. If youre a Lance Corporal work to become a Corporal. Get into upper-level classes in school. Boost your GPA.The worst thing that you can ever do in life is become comfortable. The best thing you can do in your life is to exceed your own standards. Also as this will probably be my last article in Esprit I feel I need to tell you about the war on drugs. I know that the media says that the government has legalized marijuana in Georgia and other states and marijuana and cocaine are up for debate. This is not the war on drugs. This is the war on jurisdiction. The war on drugs happens inside the individuals including yourself and your peers. Every time you convince your peers to say No to drugs you have won that war be- cause you have ultimately saved their lives. I am 110 proud of all of you that have stood up and stood in the gap for your friends and informed them about drugs because thats ulti- mately what were all about. I will forever and always be a Young Marine and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you. Semper Fidelis Do Not Get Comfortable Work to Exceed Your Own Standards Recruit encampment 2012 MEPS February 2015 Promotion to YMSgtMaj 2015 ESPRIT Page 19 Interview with a Tireless Volunteer and Role Model My Grandmother By YMSgtMaj Matthew Prieto Orlando FL Devil Dogs I have always looked up to my grand- mother Sandy Lowenthal and wanted to follow in her footsteps of giving and her encouraging others to rise above their circumstances. Growing up she experienced poverty and quickly learned to survive. She can never go by someone less fortunate and not want to help. Through her love and faith in God she always wants to reach out. I have seen her take children from her school and buy them shoes or clothes to help them feel equal to other chil- dren. This has carried on into her church life and helping the homeless. I admire her for her tireless efforts in collecting clothes and grooming items for the needy. She has been an inspi- ration to me because she has always looked after and offered help to any- one in need. My grandmother volunteers with the Metro Life Church whose primary mis- sion is to collect clothes and blankets to give to those who need them. Here is my interview with this remark- able woman Q How long have you been volunteering with the Metro Life Church A I have been volunteering with them for one year. It has changed my life. Knowing I could help and bring them love has been a blessing. Q What is your favorite part about vol- unteering A I really like seeing the joy on the recipients face after they receive their food or clothing. Knowing uncondition- al love can make a difference. Its such a blessing to help others. Q What made you get into volunteering A Not having a lot in my lifeI knew the feeling of lacking. So when I heard our church was reaching out I felt that call to do this ministry knowing its always better to give than to receive. YMLCpl Roman Grant of the Southeast County CA Young Marines sent us this photo taken during the reenactment of the Battle of Dominguez Rancho. This was also known as the Battle of the Old Wom- ans Gun which occurred in 1846 in what is present- day Los Angeles County. YMLCpl Grant and his fellow Young Marines took part in the reenactment. Their story appeared in the last issue of Esprit Volume 1 2015. Reenacting Takes YMs Back to 1846 California Battle How Young Marines might have appeared in 1846 By YMPvt Joshua Carpenter Rutherford County TN Im learning how to play guitar and I think guitar lessons are like being in the Young Marines. You need to practice a lot to be a better guitar player and you need hours of practice in order to be a good Young Marine. They both take investing a lot of time and hard work in order to get better and better. As you improve on guitar you go up in ability like going up in ranks. As you go along in Young Marines you get stronger . As you go along with guitar you get better with music. It took me a while to understand it but eventually youll un- derstand like I did. Now I hope you understand why I say that guitar lessons are a lot like being in the Young Marines. Editors Note And remember to listen closely to your instruc- tors when youre involved in either activity. Seek out constructive or helpful criticism in order to help you make progress. Make time to practice what youre learning... and good luck to you in both of your pursuits Young Marines How Its a Lot Like Taking Guitar Lessons YMSSgt Paisley Morrison was awarded the Drug Enforce- ment Agency DEA Device by Joe Lusignan Deputy Director West and presented to her by Unit Commander Jeffrey A. Velasquez and Executive Officer Jose Perez. -- Submitted by Veronica Bocanegra Excelsior High Desert Young Marines Excelsior High Desert Young Marine Earns DEA Device Page 20 ESPRIT Y O U N GM A R I N E SSince 1959 Leadership Teamwork Discipline YoungMarines By YMGySgt Danyel Tobias Albany GA As always the beginning of the year goes by super fast but I never imagined it to happen this quickly. Usually everyone is lagging and nothing happens the way its intended to but 2015 is a time of change for the Albany Young Marines. The Albany Young Marines started their year off with a full schedule. There was an encampment community service and fundraisers. Each activity had an outstanding number of Young Marines in attendance. The Battalion Encampment was held at Camp John Hope In Fort Val- ley Georgia It was a busy three day two night encampment. We started Friday by meeting and getting to know each other. Saturday morning was filled with PT breakfast DDR and CPR classes.After lunch we went to the gun rangewhere the Young Marines had the opportunity to qual- ify for their marksmanship ribbons. Later on we participated in a land navigation course. After dinner we were given a knife safety and camping safety class that we would end by telling stories around the campfire and roasting marshmallows and hot dogs. Sunday we had fun time where the Young Marines played basketball volleyball tug-o-war and other activities. It all came to an end when the units had to leave and head for home. That was January. February flew by too.The Albany Young Marines had a successful PFT followed by a community service project for Valentines Day.The unit went to a local assisted living home where Young Marines handed out Valentine cards and donated a large fruit basket for the residents to enjoy. While we were there the Young Marines listened to stories from the residents and told the residence about themselves.The Albany Young Marines have been busy and we are not slowing down. We have paradesmore community service projects and classes planned for full and an active year ahead. Albany Young Marines Unit A BusyActivity-Filled Start to 2015 Above are just a few photos from the start of what promises to be a full year for the Young Marines of Albany GA By YM1st Sgt Alexis Baisden Albany GA A special thanks to our former Young Marines who have stopped in recently to help guide us in the right direction. U.S. Navy Petty Officer First Class Justin Chisum has completed his bachelors degree and is now working on his Masters degree to become an officer in the U.S. Navy. He drove all the way from Parris Island South Carolina to visit us. Also visiting us recently were Sgt. Christopher Knight USMC who is in college at this time and Brand Scott who finished his bachelors degree in chemical engineering and is teaching at Westo- ver High School. He plans to join the U.S. Navy to be an Officer and is going back to working on his Masters degree.We miss you all.You are welcome to come back to help our adult leaders guide us Once a Young Marine always a Young Marine. Thank you very much Former Albany Young Marines Welcomed Upon Return Visits ESPRIT Page 21 Northern Kentucky Some Scenes from our Recent Recruit Training Well nobody ever said it was going to be easy... The Northern Kentucky 2015 Recruit Class goes through the tire course running and flipping tires. Above Recruit Wilson flipping thebigtire. Right Recruit Shouse running the tire course with other recruits shouting- motivation and encouragement. Right Recruit Instructor YMGySgt Jared Richter using the force. Submitted by Lynne Arnold Unit Commander Northern Kentucky Young Marines By YMSgt Dusty Reddick Gettysburg PA When you bully you are hurting the kid that you are bullying. When you bully someone may think of doing something to harm themselves. When people bully they dont care about the person that they are doing it to. Kids think its cool to do it and they wont care. Its not a cool thing to do. The kid that gets bullied is probably not the same kid that people think that they know and yet that kid gets bullied for something they cant do anything about like their size or looks. Kids get made fun of. Bullying is not fun at all. Getting bul- lied is something that happens to people everywhere around the world. Theyll think that people wont accept who they are and they think they wont have any friends in their lives because they are getting bullied. Bullying is not the right thing to do for any kid because the kids that get bullied wont have a good future when they get older and wont have an enjoyable life when they are older and out of school. School bullying is harmful because kids bully everyday and every time of the day. Nobody should have anyone bully them. So lets stop bullying and help kids look forward to a good future when they get out of school. And while they are in school no one should have to worry about this problem. Bullying Its Not Cool Nobody Should Deal With This Problem Page 22 ESPRIT Music City Our Morning Colors Shining Bright and Always Proud Photos Submitted by Peggy Northcutt Music City TN Young Marines By YMPFC Jeremy Pippin Music City TN When our Unit Commander Mr. Westbrooks asked me to lead the replacement of a worn American Flag during drill last April a loud Yes Sir was in order I have never replaced colors before so our Executive Officer Mr. Mercer assisted us with ceremony details. First with the tradition of folding the retired flag with three cor- ners. Then when the new flag was carefully handed to me. It gave me a sad proud feeling. We were at Centre Star Lodge in Whites Creek TN where we often hold drill Young Marine Joe Carvers parents are members of this lodge. The lodge is located twenty minutes west of Nashville TN. We noticed the week before how faded the colors were and saw our opportunity to give back to the community our rich nations colors displayed proudly. My fellow Young Marines who assisted were Cameron Boswell Sean OBrien and Koree Woodard. It was a very proud Red White and Blue Day Giving Back to Their Community Young Marines Replace Colors Music City Young Marines respectfully replacing faded colors. ESPRIT Page 23 BY YMSSgt Matthew Carr Columbus IN There is almost nothing that compares to the feel- ing of being an escort and having the chance to have a conversation with a WWII veteran. On September 6th I participated in and helped organize the color guard for the Indy Honor Flight at Plainfield High School. The Indy Honor Flight is a large event in which veterans from WWII are honored by the public and escorted from me- morials in Washington D.C. and fly into Indianapolis and escorted to the Indiana War memorial. At the event were Young Marines and recruits from Speedway Central Indiana and my own unit of Colum- bus IN. It was a very moving experience and I am proud to have represented the Young Marines at this event. Although I have done color and honor guard ceremonies all across America with the Young Marines program this was my first time to take part in the Indy Honor Flight. I knew what to do just not exactly what to do for this specific event. Before I started towards Plain- field my Unit Commander told me that I was going to be in charge of the Columbus unit I texted everyone to make sure they were on their way and in proper uniform. I arrived and met some old friends from JLS who are in the Speedway unit. I asked about who was to lead and what we were going to be doing.We had arrived early so while we waited I took my Young Marines aside to have a discussion. This was the first time for most of the Young Marines from my unit to be participating in a color guard event. I took the Young Marines from my unit aside to have a discussion since for most of it would be their first color guard event. I organized them into their proper rank structure in- structed them about certain things and told them that I wanted them on their best behavior. Darkness loomed over Plainfield High School. A sense of urgency overcomes a few Young Marine members from Speedway Central Indiana and Columbus units. A large crowd had gathered in the gym and people from all over line the hallway holding American Flags. We formed two squads and stood at ease and started to talk amongst ourselves. Then there came a hushed tone and the hallway grew silent. One of the loudest most motivated Young Marines I had ever met yelled at the top of his voice Attention Present Colors. After that the truly amazing things began to happen. Every Young Marine and Young Marine recruit stood at attention and maintained their bearing.We could hear the roar of the motorcycles outside and the escort of the veterans be- gan. They were brought to the event by bus with wheelchairs provided for those need- ing them. Then the veterans of WWII started filing in many in wheelchairs. Young Marines and many other community members rushed to assist.The veterans were escorted into the building. The adult volunteers came in as escorts and for every veteran there was someone holding up a giant poster board with a WWII-era photo of the veteran. There were also posters for veterans who did not attendfor they had passed away and that was an emotional moment. It was a very moving experience and I am proud to have represented the Young Marines at this event --YMSSgt Matthew Carr INDY H HONOR FLIGHT Young Marines waiting for the arrival or Honor Flight veterans and assisting them as they assemble to enter. Page 24 ESPRIT It was then that I heard the sniffles and saw the fighting off of tears I remained tense as to not do so myself. A few cried before everyone.The veterans said a few words to some of us as they passed us by and I recall one spe- cifically walking by and stopping right in front of me. He observed me for a moment and I did not move my eyes stared straight ahead as you are supposed to do at the position of attention. He then saidWow looking sharp and moved on. As soon as all the veterans passed us by we filed in be- hind as their escort. We headed into the gym and I heard one of loudest roars I have ever heard. Everyone there stood applauded and cheered. The Young Marines took the veterans to their assigned seats and then returned to our units. The veterans were surrounded by re-enactors and each veteran got a kiss on each cheek from two ladies dressed in 1940s attire.All the veterans were announced by name and seated in the middle of the gym. Overall it was an amazing experience. For more information check out the website . My mom took a photo of us by the sign then I thanked everyone and formally dismissed my unit. Then I spoke with a few other Young Ma- rines veterans and adult staff. At the end of the event I thought of just how amazing it is to attend these events and how thankful I am to be in the Young Marine program. VeteransofWorldWarIIarehonoredfortheirserviceand threeIndianaYoungMarinesunitsweretheretoassist. Above An opportunity for a brief conversation and Right a veteran holds a portrait of himself taken during his service in World War II. Young Marines honored to be a part of an amazing tribute. Page 26 ESPRIT By Gary Weisbaum Chief Marketing Officer The 2015 Adult Leadership Conference left quite an im- pression on those in attendance. From beginning to end the 2015 ALC provided non-stop excitement education recogni- tion and of coursefun. For those who missed the ALC and as a refresher to those in attendance a number of key Young Marines marketing branding items were discussed. First and most important we debuted the new National Young Marines logo which is featured at the top of this page. Added under the current Young Marines logo is the line A National Youth Organization. So often we hear the public asking if we are an organization that promotes and supports 18-21 young active duty U.S. Marines this added line will put this issue to rest once and for all. Moving forwardall Young Marines brand identification will include this new logo it is already on our website and Na- tional Facebook page and will be integrated into existing collateral and other Young Marines branded items as they are updated. This logo has been added to the database and can be downloaded for individual unit use. Please make sure you review the instructions regarding the use of this new logo. There are specific guidelines regarding the use of the Young Marines logo. Unit adherence to these guidelines will insure we keep moving the Young Marines branding effort forward. If you or any member of your unit have any questions regard- ing the use of the new logo please feel free to contact me by email at We also announced an updated Young Marines alternative adult uniform from Propper. This years program is available to all Registered Adults in the Young Marines program on- line at www.propper.comyoungmarines This year a number of new items have been added to the program including a collection of summer weight items a 6-panel hat with the Young Marines logo and a new Snag- Free Polo. All of these items are available in both mens and womens sizes.The new on-line ordering will be much easier. The program went live in mid-June. I would be remiss if I did not take a few minutes to thank all of our special guests that were a part of the 2015 ALC event. First and foremost a special thank you to Lieutenant General Richard Mills and his wife Pat for being a part of the 2015 ALC and for delivering an inspiring speech during the banquet on Saturday night. Also in attendance was Gunny R. Lee Ermey who has been an ardent supporter of the Young Marines organization for many years. Young Marines sup- porters Adam Baldwin star of the TNT series in its second season The Last Ship actor and former Marine Scott Levy and actress Lesli Kay were also in attendance in Las Vegas. The Young Marines promotional partner Madison Rising lead singer Dave Bray his wife Becky and Team Manager Rich Mgrdechian joined the festivities to add to their knowl- edge of the Young Marines National Youth Organization as they travel the country promoting the Young Marines. Everyone in Las Vegas had a chance to meet and welcome Colonel Bill Davis his wife Brenda and their son Bradley to the Young Marines. Colonel Davis will be taking the National Executive Director reins on January 1 2016 when Colonel Mike Kessler retires. Finally those in attendance had a chance to participate in the special Friday night celebration of the too many to mention accomplishments of Young Marines National Ex- ecutive Director Mike Kessler. The Young Marines staff and our marketing partner Xpert Media Management made sure the 2015 ALC celebration of Mikes career with our organiza- tion was something he will always remember. Much more to come in the days weeks and months ahead. The Young Marines National Youth Organization marketing train never stops running. A New LogoA Recap of the 2015 ALC and Other Items Hill Country TX Young Marines How did you spend your Spring Break For the eight recruits joining the Hill Country TX Young Marines unit Spring Break was spent in a week of Young Marines recruit training conducted at the United States Marine Corps 4th Reconnaisance Battalion at Ft. Sam Houston in nearby San Antonio. Their week concluded with a graduation ceremony on Saturday March 21. --From a story that originally appeared in the New Braunfels TX Herald- Zeitung Spring Break... Its Time for Recruit Training in the Texas Hill Country YMPFC Logan Dolle is named Honor Graduate by training officers Larry Nich- ols and Larry DeHart of the HCYM staff.New recruits welcomed into the ranks. By YMMGySgt Sean McCain Desert AZ On February 3 2015 the following Young Marines graduated the recruit pro- cess and became our newest members Zoie Alford Kaleb Baughn Andrea Blosch Jos Escarcega Lizette Escarcega Rosa Garcia Cruz Deegan Kloog Brandon Lobatos Ma- lia PittsenbergerKaleb Wade Kaleb and Lucas Zambrano. The Honor Graduate for this class is Zoie Alford Iron Mike is Jos Escarcega with a PFT score of a 445. Our Aca- demic Award went to Malia Pittsenberger. Most Improved went to Rosa Garcia Cruz while Most Motivated went to Ka- leb Wade. This was my first official recruit class and I learned a lot working with them. I was able to take on the role as a men- tor to my instructors and the recruits. Throughout the training I saw real growth in my assistant instructors-YM SSgt Keelie McCain YMSgt Annabel Garcia and YMSgt Jose Zambrano. Being my assistants gave them the opportunity to step forward and grow to become better Young Marines. I was instructed with the idea that everyone has a leader inside them they just need the opportunity and the support to develop that leadership. I am very proud of all the hard work everyone put in to help Desert grow towards the unit we can be. Congratulations to all of the newest members of the Desert Young Marines. Ooo Rah Welcome to the Newest Members of the Desert Young Marines Family A Shout Out to New Young Marines Grads in Virginia Unit The SSgt Jason D. Whitehouse VA Young Marines led by Unit Commander SSgt C.S. Martinez congratulates its Honor Grad YMPFC Harris and 2014-02 recruit class graduates YMPvt Dammann YMPVT Grabarczyk YMPvt Hepner YMPvt Sanders YMPvt Washburn--OOORAH and Semper Fidelis from YMGySgt Copeland By YMSgtMaj Matthew Prieto Orlando Devil Dogs FL Freedom is one of our greatest oppor- tunities that America offers us. The best American value that we get to have is individual freedom. As guaranteed in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution freedom of speech allows us to express our thoughts and feelings. Our freedom of speech also al- lows us to protest against anything that we dont feel is morally correct. We can express our freedom of religion every day we get to worship any God of our choosing. It is also states in our Young Marines obligation that we can worship the God of our faith. Freedom of the press means publishers are allowed to publish articles about their own personal views of anything. As Americans we get to express these views every day. We get the chance to express this freedom every day we go out into the world. An Essay The Best American Value... is Individual Freedom Page 28 ESPRIT Graduations Congratulations to all our new Young Marines and to all those who taught and nurtured them. Good Work By Deputy Jamil Champagne Orleans Parish Young Marines On February 17th 2015 Walter J. Williams III embarked on an ex- perience that will change his life forever. There is one difference with this story in that he had been preparing for this moment since he was a little kid. Walter J. Williams became a member of the Orleans Parish Young Marines at the age of 14 and during his time in the Young Marines he learned to sound off he was part of the Color Guard partici- pated in community service projects and many other Young Marines activities that would prepare him for his future endeavors. So when he first arrived at boot camp that frigid morn- ing in MCRD Parris Island he felt ready. Within a cou- ple of days he was promot- ed to Guide of India Compa- ny 3036 and never looked back. On May 15 2015 Wil- liams was the Honor Grad and meritoriously promoted to PFC. When asked why he joined the United States Marine Corps he simply replied Af- ter being a Young Marine for so longI am a natural leader and this is the next progres- sion for me to go through to accomplish my goals in life. When I asked him what message he may have for any Young Marines he explained that everything he learned as a Young Ma- rine was beneficial during his time in boot camp and that having good manners and discipline helps a long way in being a good leader. PFC Williams will soon be attend- ing 6500 Aviation Ordinance School in NAS Pensacola FL. From Young Marine to Marine Corps PFC and PISC Honor Grad PFC Walter J. Williams USMC Unit LinnBenton WA Date May 16 2015 UC Don Austin Honor grads Alliana Chilli Unit Miami Valley OH Date Two recruit platoons graduating May 13th 2015 UC John F. Bankowitz Honor grads Class 1 - Honor Graduate YM PFC Todd L. Brunson Class 2 - Honor Graduate YM PFC Alexis N. Madigan Unit Madison Alabama AL Date January 18 2015 UC Not Specified Honor grad Not specified Unit Bakersfield CA Date March 28 2015 UC Robert Cannon Honor gradYMPFC Gustavo Reyes YMPFC Reyes was promoted meritoriously to YM Private First Class and also awarded the Iron Mike award for his continuous improvement in physical fitness and his encouragement to his recruit class in all areas. Unit Granite Mountain AZ Date Not specified UC Michael Myers Honor grad Joseph Dingman Unit SSgt Jason D Whitehouse VA Date November 20 2015 UC SSgt C.S. Martinez Honor Grad YMPFC Harris Unit East Central AL Date Not specified UC William Moutria Honor gradYMPFC Tesla T. Durham Unit Southern Maryland MD Date May 3 2015 UC Rob Willis Honor Grad YM PFC William Howl Young Marines Unit Commanders and Adult Leaders Please submit your graduation information unit name graduation date and name of honor graduates to Esprit Submissions at our website. Unit Pyramid Rock HI Date May 16th 2015 UC John DiGiovanni Honor Grad Troy Dinh meritoriously promoted to YMPFC ESPRIT Page 29 Prsrt Std U.S. Postage P A I D PC Mailing Services 78217 Young Marines National Headquarters P.O. Box 70735 SW Station Washington D.C. 20024-0735 A Salute to Young Marines Achieving a Perfect 500 PFT Score In Our Next Issue of Esprit Young Marines units across the country honor the sacrifices of our nations veterans on Memorial Day and our nations colors on Flag Day and the 4th of July. Be sure to submit your stories and photos Unit Southeast County CA Young Marines YMPFC Cruz Magee scored a Perfect PFT score of 500. The testing took place at the NWS in Seal Beach on January 24th 2015. Unit Excelsior High Desert CA Young Marines YMSgt Matthew Sanchez and YMSsgt Paisley Morrison scored a Perfect PFT score of 500. A Trio of Bakersfield Young Marines Achieve Perfect PFT Scores Unit Bakersfield CA Young Marines On March 23 2015 at our monthly physical fitness event the following Young Ma- rines obtained Perfect Physical Fitness 500 points YMSgt Alexander Gerber his 3rd award YMPFC Natalena Gerber her 1st award and YMPFC Nathaniel Onsurez his 1st award. These Young Marines have set the example for the rest of our Young Marines unit to follow. Several others in our unit are very close to obtaining this achievement. -- Submitted by John Gonzalez Executive Officer Bakersfield Young Marines Unit Golden Gate CA Young Marines YMCpl Adela Eccli scored a Perfect PFT of 500 on April 18 2015. Unit Northern Kentucky YMCpl Audrey Rowland scored her second Perfect 500 score on May 2 2015. Young Marines Unit Commanders and Adult Leaders Please submit the names of Young Marines in your units who achieve Perfect PFT scores to Esprit Submissions at our website. Unit Southern Maryland Young Marines YMPFC Jaiden Saltsman achieved his sec- ond Perfect PFT score on May 3 2015. ESPRIT