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The Young Marines We Were Front Page News in San Diego One Day This Past Summer A photo of Young Marines from the Eagle Young Marines unit was featured on the front page of the San Diego Union Tribune on Sunday July 5th. Members of this unit were shown marching in the Fourth of July parade in the nearby community of Coronado CA. -- Submitted by Katja Base Eagle CA Young Marines By Stephanie Guiles Young Marines Director of Education Hello YMU students and future YMU students After conferencing with RTG Associates in regards to Aca- demic Credit Opportunities offered through Adams State Uni- versity we came to this recommendation Young Marines who are interested in obtaining college cred- its should complete the course requirements first electronic journal projects papers etc.. The completed work needs to be sent to Steph- anie GuilesDirector of Education at Education Once the Young Marine has turned in the re- quirements for the course heshe should then register and pay for the college credits at ASU. After I have graded the work andsubmitted the final grade the Young Marine will receive his transcript from ASU in the mail. By doing the work first and then registering and paying for the college credit the Young Marine doesnt have to worry about deadlines or due dates since the work is al- ready complete. So those Young Marines who participated in an activity this summer... review your notes or journal write that paper turn it in pay the fees 60credit and get your college credit Those Young Marines that participated in activities in the past...You can still write about it and get the college credit Young Marine Alumni can get college credits too Spread the word.... This is such a great opportunity for our Young Marines... past present and future Highlighting the Young Marines activities.... GAHA Great American History Adventure 2011 2012 2013 and 2015 - 6 possible credits Citizenship HGP179 and American Veterans - Profiles in Leadership LEAD120 Navajo Code Talkers Iwo Jima Trip Pearl Harbor Remem- brance Veterans Appreciation Week... Profiles in Leadership LEAD120 3 credits Young Marines Staff - Participating in a Division level en- campment. or higher - Character Education LEAD124 2 cred- its PFT ribbon Basic First Aid Ribbon - work towards the Foundations for Success in Health Wellness and Physical Fit- ness LEAD130 2 credits Advanced Leadership School Graduates - Basic Leadership Experience LEAD136 3 credits Community Service Ribbon and working on a community project-Service LearningAn Ameri- can Ethic LEAD138 2 credits And finally..... those Young Marines who appre- ciate our Veterans and enjoy our American his- tory... American History and Its Veterans 1890 through Today HIST179 3 credits Dont miss out on this incredible opportunity LATEST UPDATE. College Credit for SCUBA Young Marines and Registered Adults who par- ticipated in SCUBA can receive college credit from the American Council on Education ACE Mr. Guiles received six college credits for his Scuba and Mas- ter Diver PADI qualifications and all he did was fill out the paperwork copied his PADI certs and cards paid 30 for his transcript and that was it He received his transcript in the mail. Young Marines... This is something that you can do on your own Visit PLUS As we get ready to go to press SCHOLARSHIPS are now available for YMU College credit classes A scholarship fund has been established to support the Young Marines through the Adams State University Founda- tion. The value of the scholarship will vary depending on the number of credits taken 60 per credit. Please see YMUs Academic Credit Opportunities for all the information about these amazing opportunities An Update on Available College Credits Page 8 ESPRIT