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ESPRIT Page 9 By YM Ssgt Jascha Ely East Valley AZ On June 6th 2015 the East Valley Young Marines celebrated 10 years of service to the community. One of the original founders of the unit Frank Alger Sr.attended the celebra- tion. We had guests from all the dif- ferent communities nearby. East Val- ley includes some seven cities. The list of speakers included city mayors and state and national elected offi- cials. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was the first speaker at our event. The Mesa Chief of Police presented us with a certificate of appreciation. Representatives of the Elks LodgeVFW and Womens auxiliary of Post 1760 of Mesa were also present. Our division commander Wilson Lee and our National Deputy Director of West Coast Operations Joe Lusignan spoke at the event congratulating the East Valley Young Marines. During the ceremony we performed a flag folding ceremony and presented the flag to Mr. Frank Alger Sr. in honor of his service to the East Valley Young Marines. YMMSgt Caleb Alger who was the East Valley Young Marines first recruit in 2005 and YMRecruit Ayden Schen- kenberg our youngest recruit present- ed the flag to Mr. Alger. YMCpl Lip- pincott YMCpl Shenkenberg YMLCpl. Carracao and YMLCpl Halliwill per- formed the color guard for the event. YMGySgt Giesegh was presented an award for the unit from U.S. Repre- sentative Kyrsten Sinema of Arizonas 9th congressional district. Repre- sentative Sinema said I extend my utmost praise to the Young Marines decade-long commitment to pro- moting a healthy drug free lifestyle among the East Valley young people. I was taken bysurprisewhen Mr.Lu- signan and Mr.Alger promoted me to YMStaff Sergeant.It was completely unexpected. It will be a memory that I will never forget. I thank everyone who took part in this celebration and I personally want to thank Mr. Frank Alger Jr.who has been the Unit com- mander for 10 years. He has been a fine example of a mentor and trainer. He is a selfless and patient man who has put many hours in as a registered adult. Mr. Alger gives our Young Ma- rines opportunities that they have never dreamed of and opportunities to present colors in front of hundreds of people.He is the first one to encourage Young Marines to pursue their goals. We cherish Mr. Alger and his family and they are beloved by the East Val- ley Young Marines unit. His motto is T.E.A.M. - Together Everyone Accom- plishes More. East Valley YMs Celebrate Units Ten-Year Anniversary Following the folding ceremony this flag was presented to UC Frank Alger Sr. By YM SSgt Kendra Base Eagle CA Eighteen Young Marines had the honor of attending the UN NGO Non- Governmental Organizations Womens Conference in New York in March 2015. The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women the Global Forum of Women Consultation Day focuses on Education and Womens Rights around the world. The Young Marines had the privilege of attending the conference talking to delegates from around the globe and assisting the organizers So- roptimist International with logistics. The Conference was held at the fa- mous Apollo Theater in Harlem New York. Ruchira Gupta from India received the Women of Distinction Award for her written work The Selling of Innocents. Ms. Gupta spoke about physical slavery of women in India. Gupta was firm and deliberate about resolving this issue around the entire world. She empha- sized the impor- tance of equality in all aspects of re- lations between men and women especially physi- cal expression. Af- ter her speech we were lucky enough to meet and take a picture with Ruchi- ra Gupta. We visited Ground Zero and the 911 Memorial Museum and saw two mas- sive rusted and decayed metal beams from the Twin Towers. The Young Ma- rines observed the memorial quietly so not to disturb the families mourning for their loved ones. The names of the fallen were engraved into the memo- rial. It was very moving to see a family member placing white roses into the engraved letters. The memorial was a place of peace and beauty. Young Marines also visited the Empire State Building and FOX Studios meeting Neil Cavuto of Your World. At the National Museum of Native Americans the Young Marines received a blessing from three Na- tive Americans. The his- torical insights and infinite amount of knowledge that our adult staff members shared with us was definite- ly a highlight of this National Directors Special Program. Thank you all Young Marines and Na- tional Staff who shared this fantastic experience. To those who will repre- sent the Young Marines at the United Nations NGO Summit follow the Young Marine Creed be your best self and open-minded to new experiences to learn from. YMs Attend United Nations Womens Conference Young Marines on Wall Street.