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By YMMSgt Jacob Sikes Cherry Point NC The 2015 National Encampment is by far the best trip I have ever went on. I met Young Marines from units that I have never heard of. Now the National Encampment this year was in the Third Regiment in Paisley FL it was crazy hot and it rained almost every day on and off. I attended the National Encampment the second one Ive attended. I saw a lot of new and old and familiar faces. This years National Encampment was a trip Ill remember because this will be my last year to attend as a Young Marine. I look forward to coming back as a Registered Adult next year after I graduate from high school.The things that National Headquarters had planned for us this year were nothing like last year. If you havent gone on a national trip SPACES Survival National School etc. push yourself to go the extra mile to get there. You dont just get rank you earn it and all of these programs are worth the extra effort you must put in in order to attend. I hope this inspires you to try and do your best because you work for everything thats worthwhile. Semper Fi Young Marines. National Encampment 2015 Its Worth the Extra Effort By YMMSgt Dylan Jones Fall River MA I had the opportunity and the honor to interview Officer Dana Goodwin a Coast Guard veteran a Plymouth Police Of- ficer and a 25-year member of the American Legion. Officer Goodwin is a member of the Executive Board and a member of the business com- mittee so he helps decide where dona- tion money is distributed. The American Legion sends local teenagers to various youth programs like Boys State and the Student Trooper Pro- gram they also sponsor an American Legion Baseball team. The American Le- gion supports many veter- ans organizations like the VFW VA and the Nathan Hale Foundation which provides veterans with transportation to medical appointments and hospi- tals. Officer Goodwin en- courages veterans to volunteer to help provide benefits for future veterans. Having spent close to 40 years serving his fellow workershe puts a lot of effort into ensuring that the legion is run like a business as well as community orga- nization. One thing Officer Goodwin wants all veterans to understand about the Amer- ican Legion and other Veterans organi- zations is that they are not just social clubs but organizations that help veter- ans in need. After 25 years Officer Goodwin feels that all the years he has spent serving the community helping retired service men and women and giving opportuni- ties to local youth were well spent. He encourages all to do the same. A Community Service Provider and Dedicated Volunteer Officer Dana Goodwin. By YMSgt Nicholas Ahnberg Natchaug River CT My unit was recently given the distinct honor of performing the Honor Guard for a U.S. Marine who passed away 25 years ago and never received the Military Honors he deserved. Once my unit heard of this we put plans in motionand myself and eight others volunteered ourselves to be part of the flag folding ceremony. After training hard for the ceremony my fellow Young Marines and I were determined to do the very best we could and when the day came I was very proud of how we worked to make the Honor Guard happen. We all did the absolute best we could and we did an out- standing job keeping our bearingand the Honor Guard was a success not only because of the satisfaction the we got for doing it but also because the family of the Marine was happy with the job we did.This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and my fellow Young Marines and I feel very hon- ored and proud to have been given the opportunity to per- form the Honor Guard for this family. Natchaug River YMs Assist with Belated Military Honors By YMPFC Jacob Olivares Eagle CA My unit has a booth that is used for recruiting and presenting Drug Demand Reduction information. I was recruiting for the Young Marines program for the first time and I felt motivated to talk to peo- ple and youth about living a Drug- Free Lifestyle. Kids and their parents stopped to talk to me.I was in uniform and they would ask me how old I was and how I earned my ribbons. This was great because it started them talking to me as I was kind of shy at first. We met a lot of supporters who were happy that we attended. Civilians are really impressed at the dedication of the kids in the program. Staying motivated is a key tool in re- cruiting. My older brother is a United States Marine. I remember how he changed after graduating MCRD and how this made our mother happy. That is when my mom enlisted me in the Young Marines. My little sister just turned 8 and has also earned the title Young Marine. We are grateful for the volunteers who teach us each week. Motivated to Recruit and Promote a Drug-Free Lifestyle ESPRIT Page 13