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My Great American History Adventure Experience By YMCpl Alexandra Ashley Tri-City WA As a Young Marine going to SPACES for the Great American History Adven- ture or GAHA was one of the greatest experiences Ive ever had.I met so many amazing Young Marines and staff. We went to Massachusetts Pennsylva- nia Virginia Maryland Washington DC and New York. I live on the west coast in Washington state and the east coast is very different because it has so many tourist attractions by comparison. If I had to choose I would say the 8th and I Parade visiting Times Square in New York City and the National Muse- um of the United States Marine Corps were my favorite parts of the trip. The 8th and I parade is an evening parade put on by the Marines that features The Presidents Own the United States Ma- rine Band The Commandants Own The United States Marine Drum and Bugle Corps the Marine Corps Color Guard the Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon Ceremonial Marchers and LCpl Chesty XIIIthe official mascot of Marine Barracks Washington. The National Museum of the Marine Corps was so much fun. I enjoyed view- ing the old military vehicles and watch- ing interactive videos that were played while standing on the yellow footprints. New York City was a blast. Even though traffic was undesirable the city lights and architecture of the skyscrapers are a beautiful sight to see. Going to some of the different battle- grounds reminded me of the bravery demonstrated by soldiers fighting for our country. Participating in the Civil War re-enactment taught me how dif- ficult it was during the war to deal with the weather harsh living conditions and medical treatment. I learned about the culture from areas such as Salem from the Salem witch trials and New York City with the busy city life. Going on GAHA has benefited me in so many ways. It has allowed me to travel to the opposite side of the country to places I never thought I would go.Going to the National Museum of the Marine Corps helped me to understand a little bit of what Marine recruits have to go through during basic training I will be going to boot camp for the Marines in a couple years once I finish high school and it is good for me to have as much information about it as I can get. Im happy to have made new friends whom I can keep in contact with as well. GAHA was one of the best experiences of my life.Young Marines at the Statue of Liberty and below taking a break in New York Citys Central Park. Page 14 ESPRIT