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By YMPFC Cameron Hunt Lapeer County MI There were no parades no ribbons on trees or much of any- thing to show support to troops returning from the Vietnam War. There may have been some letters from home but mostly there were hard feelings loneliness anger or sometimes indif- ference as soldiers returned home from duty in Vietnam. Many soldiers never made it back to the United States but for some of those who did return their thoughts never left Vietnam. Last March the American Legion Hall in Lapeer Michigan hosted a two-day event called Remembering Vietnam. It in- cluded many personal objects photographs a map of Vietnam veterans were encouraged to place a pin to show where they were stationed and a table honoring prisoners of war and those missing in action. The biggest part of the exhibit was the Quilt of Tears. Each square of all the quilts was made by families of veterans who died due to the effects of the chemical Agent Orange a de- foliant used during the Vietnam War in an effort to deny the enemy the cover offered by dense jungle. The casualties grow every day from exposure to this chemical. Side effects from exposure to Agent Orange can last a lifetime and cause many illnesses. This event was personally important to me because of my father Gary Herner. He lost two brothers due to the causes of Agent Orange and will never forget them. It is important that we have these types of events so veter- ans can share their memories with other veterans. We are also reminded of their sacrifices and of the hardships our veterans endured while serving our country. The Young Marines of La- peer County served the veterans food watched over stations welcomed people at the door and helped in the kitchen.It was an honor to help out with the event Remembering Vietnam and certainly worth the time I spent there. Lapeer County An Event to Remember Vietnam Veterans Young Marines A.J. Throne foreground and Cameron Hunt read the names and messages written on the squares on the Quilt of Tears. Lapeer County Young Marines at Vietnam Remembrance event. YM Cameron Hunt with Vietnam Veterans Bruce Harbin left and Gary Herne his grandfather. Aircraft applied Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. The Republic of South Vietnam Vietnam Service Ribbon ESPRIT Page 15