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By YMGySgt J. Matthew Orleans Parish LA During the War of 1814 the British knew that New Orleans Louisiana was the gateway to America and that an attack on the city would prove pivotal in their war against the United States. At this time Major General Andrew Jackson also known as Old Hickory rushed to New Orleans and orga- nized more than 4000 troops which consisted of Army regulars frontier militias free blacks pirates and even Native Americans from the Choctaw tribe.They were all paid an even wage which consisted of 128.00 and 39 acres of land. In the series of battles that became known as The Battle of New Orleans the British Army which had just recently de- feated Napoleon consisted of more than 8000 troops. The battle was brutal as the English soldiers were mowed down by the sharpshooters of this ragtag American army. Since then Chalmette Battlefield has been used as a na- tional cemetery and historic grounds from the Civil War to the Vietnam War and on Friday May 22 2015 we helped place flags on the graves of more than 15000 troops. Sunday May 24th there was a memorial service to commemorate the sacrifices of our fallen heroes. Our 1st Louisiana Regiment Command- er SgtMaj J. Bettis spoke at the services speaking on his time as a 39-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps and out- lining the roles we play in our local com- munities as Young Marines. When we saw Chalmette Battlefield we were in awe of the important historical battle that took place in this very area during the War of 1814. It was a great experience. OPSO Observing Memorial Day in a Historic Setting The Orleans Parish Sheriffs Office Young Marines place flags on the graves of more than 24000 troops and conduct a memorial service Orleans Parish Sheriffs Office Young Ma- rines held a solemn memorial service at the Chalmette Battlefield. Above they were joined by LtGen Richard Mills USMC. Page 22 ESPRIT