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By YMLCpl Angie Nguyen Eagle CA On May 25 2015 citizens from all around San Diego and beyond gathered to Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery Cali- fornia for one reason only to honor and pay respect to those who had risked their lives and those who sacrificed their lives for us. All sorts of people from different backgrounds religions and ages took the time to pay tribute to our countrys armed forces. Our unit had arrived to tend to the community and to place our wreath among the numerous beautiful wreaths from other organizations. As I observed my surroundings I was amazed at the number of graves there 101079 according to Wikipedia. When you look at a number you dont think very much of it but when you actually see it in its physical form it makes you appre- ciate humanity and its sacred commitment to sacrificing to others in need. Our unit was in attendance for the ceremony enjoying the thoughtfully spoken words and the bonds that grew within the service. At the end of the ceremony our unit went to the next ceremony at the famous landmark of San Diego Mount Soledad. Atop this tall hill lies a large concrete monument in the shape of a cross dedicated to our proud and giving heroes. We were appointed to guard the stairways providing us with a gorgeous view of the city and the ocean. The service began its attendees were very respectful and our unit and others were very fortunate to be able to meet elderly veterans and assist them. In conclusion I am very thankful how this Memorial Day allows us to become closer together as a country and that we may always remain thankful for the price paid for our freedom. We Paid Our Respects in Two Events on Memorial Day Young Marines from the Eagle unit took part in two Memorial Day ceremonies presenting a wreath at one event and assisting at another. Why Memorial Day is Important A Nation Remains Free By YMCpl Adela Eccli Golden Gate CA I was at the 74th Memorial Day Observance at the Golden Gate National Cemetery with my fellow Golden Gate Young Marines. I believe Memorial Day has a purpose. That purpose is to provide at least one day each year where all Americans have the opportunity to show their respect to veterans who have passed or sacrificed their lives so that our great Nation and its people remain free. From the rank of Private to General they all deserve our respect thanks and gratitude for serving their country the United States of America. All of them are honored and re- membered. The reason we are free and continue to be free is because of them and the great sacrifices they have made. Semper Fidelis. ESPRIT Page 23