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A Salute to Young Marines Achieving a Perfect 500 PFT Score By YMPFC Hailey Picone Plaquemines Parish Sheriffs Office LA Wow I cant believe graduation is upon us If someone was to ask me what this program has done for me I can honestly say it has made me a better person. The Young Marines means everything to me. I signed up not knowing what to ex- pect. I was looking for a challenge and it has definitely challenged me physically and mentally. I remember the first night of orientation. All of a sudden they called out an order and we all had the deer caught in the headlights kind of look. At that very moment I knew I made the right decision in joining. It wasnt going to be just a walk in the park. I would have to push myself and work hard to finish successfully. Not only did I have to push literally push I had to dig deep within myself to find strength I never knew I had. The first few weeks were hard and our instructors were the best. They were patient encouraging and dedicated to us. They pushed us to step out of our comfort zones. They showed us that no matter how difficult or challenging a sit- uation was we can overcome it by staying focused giving 100 and using teamwork. Our teachers are the reason our squad is a success They never gave up on us.They motivated us to be the best we can be. I will cherish these memories with this program in my heart like no other. I have gained a respect for myself and others but also for my countryits flag and what it representsand for all of our service members who fight for us. I now better understand what our soldiers and their fami- lies sacrifice to protect us and our country. I can now say I know the true meaning of teamwork. In the beginning not too many recruits knew each other. Now we are one family united having each others back. I was lucky enough to be able to experience this with my two brothers and my best friend. Weve been brought closer together because of this shared experience. Being part of this program has also made me consider going into the service when I graduate to dedicate myself to pro- tect and represent my country and people with dignity and pride as I represent myself platoon and the Plaquemines Parish Sheriffs Office Young Marines with respect and honor at all times. This was the best decision I have ever made and I look forward to the challenges that will come. This program has given me all the tools I need to be a successful leader of to- morrow. So thank you Wow I Cant Believe Graduation is Upon Us Unit Miramar Young Marines CA Date August 2 2015 YMSSgt Sophia Righthouse earned her 6th Perfect Physical Fitness Score. YMPFC Hailey Picone Unit Southern Maryland Young Marines MD Date May 3 2015 YMPFC Jaiden Saltsman. This is Jaidens 2nd Perfect PFT Score in a row Unit Columbus IN Date Not Specified YMGySgt Jared Baker YMSSgt Mathew Carr and YMMSgt Ben Clancy recently achieved perfect PFT scores. YMSSgt Sophia Righthouse She now has Six perfect PFT scores to her credit. By YMCpl Klarisse Base and YMCpl. Nathanyel Dolbeaare Eagle CA The Eagle Young Marines attended the Water Survival and Swim Qualifica- tion training in May.The Water Survival Marine Volunteers helped us be more confident in water survival situations. We learned how to breathe calmly how to float and how to swim safely. To make sure that we all knew how to make ourselves float they told us to choose a floating style and go in the deep end of the pool. We practiced floating for ten minutes.They taught us ways to swim safely and learning how important the acronym STOP Stop Think Observe Plan is in water acci- dent survival and dont panic. They taught us to breathe calmly so we can know what to do when accident happens in water. They let us go on the tower for training for when were on a boat or in an aircraft. The tower had 3 levels. The first level was at 15 feet where everyone jumped off. There were two other higher platforms for those that wished to jump from those heights. We are extremely grateful to our parents for getting us into the Young Marines Program and to Mr. and Mrs. Siegmann for allowing us to have this great experience. Thanks to the Volun- teer Marine Water Instructors for help- ing us. Last but not least the Young Marines themselves supported and watched out for each other. Water Survival and Swim Qualifications Training Page 26 ESPRIT