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Graduations Congratulations to all our new Young Marines and to all those who taught and nurtured them. Good Work Young Marines Unit Commanders and Adult Leaders Please submit Graduation information to Esprit Submissions at our website. Unit Southern Maryland MD Date May 3 2015 UC Rob Willis Honor Grad YMPFC William Howl Twelve Recruits in Class Unit Miami Valley Young Marines OH Two recruit platoons graduated on May 13th 2015 UC John F. Bankowitz Class 1 Honor Grad YMPFC Todd L. Brunson Class 2 - Honor Grad YMPFC Alexis N. Madigan Unit Northern Kentucky UC Lynne Arnold Date May 30 2015 The Northern Kentucky Young Marines added 10 motivated Young Marines to their roster on 30 May 2015. The Recriut Training Graduation Ceremony was held at the Army Reserve Center in Fort Thomas KY and Division 2 Young Ma- rine of the Year YMSgtMaj Joseph Ambs was our Guest of Honor our Recruit Instructors even let him participate in our only-recruit-instructors-get-to- wear-a-mustache-after-graduation tradition. Hayden Higginbotham earned the title of Honor Graduate. -- Submitted by Lynne Arnold Unit Pyramid Rock HI Date May 16th 2015 UC John DiGiovanni Honor Grad Troy Dinh meritoriously promoted to YMPFC Unit Tustin CA Date May 31 2015 UC Greg Painter Honor Grad YM PFC Moquin Graduates were YMPVT D. Carmona YMPVT J. Heredia YMPVT C. Inzerillo YMPVT A. May YMPVT K. Peralta YMPVT L. Peralta and YMPVT M. Perea Unit Columbus IN Date June 13 2015 UC John F. Bankowitz Honor Grad YM PFC Aaron Streval Unit Golden Gate CA Date August 2 2015 UC Jason Deitschman Honor Grad YM PFC Jared Deras promoted to YMPFC due to his excellent Leadership Teamwork and Discipline. Tustin County Young Marines at their graduation . ESPRIT Page 27