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From our National Director Follow us on Facebook www.facebook.comusyoungmarines and our national homepage By Mike Kessler Young Marines National Executive Director Another summer of activities has come and gone and all of you are back at the books studying hard yet reflecting on the Young Marines activities that many of you participated in. Nearly 800 of you par- ticipated in a national activity while hundreds of others participated at local events. Whatever the case I am sure you had a great time. A common theme that I see and hear is how much you enjoy meeting other Young Marines from across the country. This is especially true at the National Encampment this year hosted by the 3rd Young Marine Division in Florida. I met several of you and really had a great time. But what I really enjoyed was how much the next National Direc- tor Mr. Bill Davis seemed to enjoy his time with you. We walked and talked with so many of you and got a real sense for how much you seemed to enjoy the encampment. In fact Mr. Davis and I were able to jump on the zip line and had a good time. The other activity that was important was the National Leadership Academy NLA. This year was a test drive of the new curriculum. This curricu- lum was primarily the work of last years leader- ship symposium attendees and by all accounts was a major league home run. Remember that the National Leadership Academy is a requirement for several things in our program so every effort should be made to attend. Typically the Young Marines staff comes together early followed by the Advanced Leadership attend- ees. This is a lot of fun because almost everyone knows everybody else. The bond begins early and in some cases the competition gets tough. But at the end of the weekALs splitssome going with the JLS class while others attend to the needs of SLS. In my opinion this was the best NLA we have ever completed by far. The classes were good the facil- ity was good the staff worked well together and the attendees were awesome. Congratulations to all of you for doing such a great job in making this years NLA so successful. As you look forward to late fall and winter there are a few events to put on your calendar. Submis- sions for the Jimmy Trimble Scholarship should be reviewed. If you meet the qualifications and wish to submit your essay please do so quickly. Addition- ally and in concert with Jimmy Trimble is Veterans Appreciation Week. Lets continue our great work in reaching out to our veterans. October is big for a couple of reasons. The first is Red Ribbon Week.We have been the leader in youth anti-drug education for many years.That is because of the work you do in promoting and educating oth- ers in the value of leading a healthy drug-free life- style.And on October 17th we celebrate 50 years as a chartered subsidiary of the Marine Corps League. WOW FIFTY years. Congratulations. This has been a great summer and I am very pleased with the end results. We are looking ahead and changing things around for next year so stay tuned. Future events and activities will be revealed in your Esprit Magazine through broadcast e-mails on our web site at and on Facebook. Stay informed and remain current by checking out all of our announcement platforms. Dont be the one who saidwellI didnt know.Every year Young Marines miss out because they failed to go to the web site or read special announcements. Dont be one of them. Stay safe take care of one another and continue to lead a healthy drug-free lifestyle. Semper Fidelis Mike Kessler Page 2 ESPRIT