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By Joseph Lusignan Young Marines Drug Demand Reduction Resource Officer Our Young Marines know the story of Special Agent Enrique Kiki Camarena. A Marine and former police officer he joined the Drug Enforcement Admin- istration to do his part to stop the scourge of drugs from coming into and damaging our country. On February 7th 1985 Kiki was kidnapped and sub- sequently murdered by drug traffickers leaving behind a wife and three chil- dren. At the age of 37 he gave his life trying to protect the streets of our communities from the onslaught of drug abuse. Shortly after Kikis death Con- gressman Duncan Hunter and high school friend Henry Lozano launched Camarena Clubs in Kikis hometown of Calexico California. Hundreds of club members wore red ribbons and pledged to lead drug-free lives to honor the sacrifices made by Kiki Camarena and others who stood up on our behalf. The movement grew and spread nationwide being formalized by President and First Lady Ronald Reagan in 1988. So while others don the colors of black and orange for Halloween for the eight days from October 23 through the 31st Young Marines and thousands like us will join the National Family Partnership and our friends at the Drug Enforcement Administration in wear- ing red ribbons to show our support for Kiki the DEA and others striving to keep drugs out of our schools our com- munities and our nation as we encour- age others to join our pledge to lead drug free lives. Most of the year we teach the Project Alert curriculum to educate our Young Marines about the dangers that drug abuse can lead to but in the month of Octoberwe set our sights specifically on our friends our peers and our neigh- bors. Units that signed up will receive our Red Ribbon Week campaign kits containing items from our Closing the Gate on Drugs initiative to give out in their communities. Using these tools we spread the word about leading drug free lives and also about the Young Marines program. Units that teach Project Alert and par- ticipate in Red Ribbon Week can also compete for the DEA Enrique Kiki Camarena Division Award. Presented to one unit in each division it is based on the above mentioned efforts and also on the size of the drug demand reduction footprint that units make in their communities all year round. Do you participate in the Kick butts cam- paign How about assisting the DEA with their Take Back Day With all the creativity our Young Marines have Im sure you have tons of ideas. Sponsored and selected by our friends at the Drug Enforcement Administra- tion the awards are given out at the Adult Leaders Conference every year. And this year we have a special an- nouncement Though the plaques and titles go to one unit per division a sig- nificant prize will go to the top three competitors in each division. Im not allowed to tell you what the prize is yet but if I were still a unit commander Id be striving for it. Keep charging Young Marines Make a difference Enrique Kiki Camarena Mental Health and Substance Abuse Seek Help By YMPVT Grace Willson Bakersfield CA Mental health is a very prevalent is- sue in society today. With the increase in depression suicide anxiety schizo- phrenia and many other disorders comes the need to medicate to simply feel normal. Turning to a professional can seem scary embarrassing or even feel unnecessary when media shows us that smoking marijuana is no big deal or tells us that we can get better by ourselves Untreated mental health only gets worse. Before I begin Id like to make a base line for the terms Ill be using just to clarify the symptoms Schizophrenia a disorder in which people interpret reality abnormally such as seeing or hearing people that arent there. Depression a disorder in which people lose the desire to live their life partici- pate in previously enjoyed activities lose appetites and regular sleeping patterns. Anxiety This disorder involves exces- sive unrealistic worry and tension even if there is little or nothing to pro- voke the anxiety. Paranoia a mental condition charac- terized by delusions of persecution unwarranted jealousy or exaggerated Continued next page Red Ribbon Week Make a Difference Young Marines Page 4 ESPRIT