The Generations of Honor 5k medal against the backdrop of Window Rock at National Navajo Code Talkers Day. Navajo Code Talker Samuel Holiday at National Na- vajo Code Talkers Day, August 15, 2017. By YM/LCpl Abygail Gonzalez PFC Bruce W Carter Young Marines of Miami Dade (FL) National Navajo Code Talkers Day on Au- gust 14, 2017 was filled with history, ad- venture,challenges and the honor of being able to escort the Navajo Code Talkers and their wives to their seats, for the event. The history I learned will be shared with my classmates, the adventure I take with me, making memories to be shared with my children in the future. The 300-pushup challenge I completed surrounded by my fellow Young Marines (as I overcame my fears of hurt- ing my elbow again).The pride I felt escorting the Navajo Code Talkers to their seats (feeling my heart was racing with excitement) are just a few references I can make about this extraordinary trip. The history of the Navajo Code Talkers (and their humble acceptance that their mission was classified and would not be known to the world) is a true example of what a hero is.Not many know about this amazing part of history, as it is not in our history books at school. But this year, in a small school in Hialeah, FL, I will share my experience with my classmates, making sure that I am allowed to do my History Project on the Navajo Code Talk- ers, as their story is one to be shared. Standing in the presence of the Navajo Code Talkers and their wives,I felt my heart race with excitement,honor and pride knowing that their contribution, a code that to this day has not been broken, allowed us to continue enjoying the freedoms we enjoy today in the United States. The History I Learned Will Be Shared With My Classmates 2017 National Navajo Code Talkers Day 14 YOUNG MARINES ESPRIT Online