YOUNG MARINES ESPRIT Online 31 This year, Mountain View Young Marines decided to hold its first ever summer recruit class. The results were overwhlem- ingly positive with 21 recruits graduating on June 18, 2017. The first weekend started off with temperatures in the high 80’s, but the recruits and mentors did not let that dampen their enthusiasm. Recruits had long days, getting up at 0600, and hitting the rack at 2200 each day. Each day was filled with a mix of PF, classes, chow, and study time. A few of the higlights were the CPR/First aid class that the recruits took, running thier first PFT, working with their men- tors on boot polishing, running the UC’s “hill,”and beginning to make those bonds during chow time. While the second weekend was slightly cooler, the recruits banded together to get the basics of Close Order Drill ready to present to parents at graduation. For only having two week- ends of training, it was impressive how sharp they looked for pass and review at graduation. The recruits took thier first Drug Demand Reduction class, and were welcomed into the world of DDR. Along with learn- ing how to iron and get uniforms ready to wear, recruits met with our UC for one-on-one meetings to help set goals. It was not all work and no play,Mountain View made its first ever mu- sic video to help build camaradie with all the YM’s and staff. We were so proud of each and every one for their hard work, dedication, and perserverance to earn the title of Young Ma- rine. As the 21 crossed the stage to shake our Unit Commader’s hand and be presented as a private,you could feel the pride of the families in the audience. We are exicted to welcome these new Young Marines into the Mountain View family, and cannot wait to see the good they can do. -- Submitted by Traci Waters, Adjutant, Mountain View (CO) Young Marines Recruits are instructed on how to iron uniforms. Recruits working on COD with U/C Waters. By Jennifer Sanders Registered Adult Volunteer Imagine School at North Port (FL) I have been involved with the Imagine School at North Port Young Marines (first as just a par- ent, then as a Registered Adult Volunteer) since the day the unit started at our school in 2014 (when my son joined). I watched 13 young boys and girls graduate from recruit training, not knowing what they had ahead of them. Some of them where shy and quiet. Not quite so sure of themselves, while others where still trying to figure out where their place was in this big world of middle/high school. I watched the Adult Leaders of our unit take these kids and show them while they are at drill they are part of a team that needs to work together to be successful in all areas. That’s when I decided I wanted to become a part of that team. So I decided to become a Registered Adult Volunteer. By doing that, I have gotten an even closer look into what these young people do and what the Adult Leaders do. And frankily, I am so proud of our unit. Watching a group of kids get together and start spinning replicas even though they have never touched one before and then be able to go out and impress the public with demonstrations not too long after starting practices...To me,that is very impressive. We are invited to many color guards because we have a very good repu- tation with our city for being excellent at what we do. Our unit has certainly come a long way since the beginning and I have been there to see it all. Its all because of the confidence and leadership skills our Adult Leaders have instilled in our Young Marines since that very first day of recruit training. I am proud to be a part of the great tradition of the Young Marines, especially our Imagine School Young Marines. Semper Fi! Imagine School: An Adult Volunteer Sees YMs and Unit Grow “Our unit has certainly come a long way since the beginning...” Mountain View Unit Graduates Summer Recruit Class