UNIT MYYM By YM/GySgt Jude Smith, Division 3 Public Affairs Correspondent Capital City (NC) Over the past few years, many units that have been meeting on military bases have been asked to leave due to national and security reasons. One of those units has been Capital City in Ra- leigh, NC. We started on a Naval Reserve Base, but because of national security concerns, the commanding officers felt that it was not safe for us to meet there any longer. So we were forced to move around for months. One of the places that we met was in a town named Knightdale, a few min- utes from where I live. There are some families that drive well over 45 minutes to an hour to where we meet. However, Knightdale didn't work out, and then we found what seemed to be a good home, but as was the case with the Naval Re- serve Center, we left. Now, after months of reasoning with the parents and Young Marines, we have found a home. Unfortunately, it is locat- ed in Garner, which is about 30 minutes away from us, and for some, it's an hour’s drive away. "It's been very stressful," said Doug Smith, Unit Commander of Capital City."Just trying to find a central location for everyone has been stressful, but we always adapt and overcome." A Young Marine in our unit lives an hour and a half away from the meeting place in Garner. His grandmother spoke with Doug Smith, talking about how im- portant this organization is to them, and that's why they make the drive. Imagine you driving an hour on a Monday night, just for two hours to help yourself and others become better leaders and citi- zens. That young man is one of the most committed Young Marines I know. To keep finding homes for our unit and driv- ing over an hour to drill is adapting and overcoming. Our unit strives and reminds others about adapting and overcoming a situ- ation. I truly appreciate all parents and staff all over the United States who often encounter the same situation as our unit. To show that much commitment is truly inspiring and compassionate. Whenever there is a problem, such as finding a home location,we are motivated to over- come by in the Young Marines program. Finding a Place to Meet: A Matter of Adapting and Overcoming By YM/Cpl Michael Manley Atlantic Coast (FL) The Atlantic Coast Young Ma- rines were happy to have a Car Wash for Camp Coral, a camp for children of wounded, disabled, ill, or fallen military service members. I can’t imagine losing a parent, so it is nice to see something special done for kids who have experienced the loss of a parent. Camp Corral is a one week camp that provides those kids the chance to get away, have fun, and have no worries except being a kid.We started our car wash early on a Saturday morn- ing. It was a perfect day for a car wash... sunny and hot! Our car wash was held in the parking lot of our local Gold- en Corral restaurant. Some Young Marines held signs to adver- tise our car wash. The Young Marines were energetic and extreme- ly courteous to people, which also helped bring in customers. Once a car entered, they made a donation to Camp Corral, and we directed them to a parking spot. After they parked the washing began! We used soap, water, and lots of rags.We made sure not to leave a spot. We wanted to do a great job, espe- cially because this is such an important cause. We also had Young Marines collecting dona- tions inside of Golden Corral. People were in- terested in what we were doing and were very generous to us. It was a long day, but so worth it. I cannot imagine losing my parent, or having my par- ent disabled, so I was glad to be able to help a kid who is go- ing through that difficult time. I hope that all of the kids who attended Camp Corral had the best time of their lives! Atlantic Coast YMs: A Car Wash for a Cause 4 YOUNG MARINES ESPRIT Online