MY YM UNIT By YM/Sgt Markeyse Bryant New Castle County (DE) On May 20th,the Young Marines of New Castle County(DE) presented the colors at Victory Christian Fellowship Church located in New Castle,DE.Our Color detail,consisting of myself,YM/Sgt Markeyse Bryant, with YM/LCpl Bruce Cannatelli, YM/PFC Adam Gill-Kent, and YM/PFC Sean Bake presented our nation’s and unit colors. Afterwards some stayed behind to eat and celebrated Armed Forces Day. I was proud that I also won a trophy for a cadence-calling contest which they held at the church. We all had a great time and enjoyed honoring all five branches of our nation’s services. New Castle: An Armed Forces Day Color Guard By YM/SSgt Marissa Cook LCpl Brain R. Buesing (FL) I want to tell you about our amazing color guard! May 9th, was the best color guard I have ever done. I had the most amazing team to work with, I had YM/ SSgt Chapman, YM/SSgt Fox-Chapman, and YM/SSgt Howard. I can’t say how grateful I am for these guys. The ride down there was nerve-rack- ing, I was overwhelmed that I was ac- tually going to be performing at a Rays game in front of hundreds of people.The team and I arrived to the field and had to wait for a young lady to come and let us know where and when we are start- ing. As we arrived at the back room and set up, the nerves set back in; by then everyone is just ready to get it over with. We headed down the field to present the colors. The gate was opened up so we could walk out.The color guard is all in line ready but nervous, we’re off, the color is marching down the field. We get to where the camera person is, then we stop. As the National Anthem begins to play, the colors are present- ed. The camera person comes up and shoots a close up of everyone on the color guard.The anthem stops, the color guard does a counter march and returns back to the gate so we could take the gear off. The color guard gets back into back room we were in and take a deep breath and have one big group hug. After we finished, we watched the game and walked around. I just want to give a big thank you to those on the color guard detail and the adult staff that transported us to the game. Thank you so much. Color Guard at a Rays Game: A Great Lesson in Teamwork Attentive Miramar (CA) Young Marines receive Project Alert Training. - Submitted by Unit Commander Bret A. Righthouse. All Eyes on Project Alert! On July 12, 2017 Southcoast (MA) Young Marines Sgt Castello, YM/SSgt Greenhatch, YM/Cpl Andrade and YM/PFC Waltz, were asked to the New England Revolution Games to perform Color Guard. The New England Revolution is an American professional soccer club based in the Greater Boston, MA area. This was their second year doing this with the teams and they were glad that to be invited to come back another year. It’s a great event, because when your unit performs Color Guard duties, all eyes on the you and the Young Marines. Southcoast Color Guard: Invited to Return a Second Year! 2nd Battalion, Southern California Regiment Young Marines canoeing at Camp Raintree in Julian, CA. - Submitted by Bret A. Righthouse, Unit Commander, Miramar (CA) Young Marines Rowing at Camp Raintree YOUNG MARINES ESPRIT Online 5