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Starting a Young Marines Unit

Since our early beginnings, all we have tried to do is to provide a structured and disciplined environment for those youngsters who will eventually make up the nucleus of your organization. Our approach is a tried method that has been so successful that other countries have adopted our mission, goals and objectives, and guiding principles. And we do it the old fashion way, with firmness, fairness, dignity, and compassion.

Our Young Marines have become so engaged in the activities of their communities that the communities have come to expect that they can count on their Young Marines wherever and whenever they need help. Similarly, we are there to lend encouragement and support to that element of our society that is most vulnerable, our youth.

You will likely make a lasting impact on the lives of those Young Marines that you have the

chance to lead and mentor.

The National Headquarters staff is at your disposal to lend any and all assistance hoping that we can to make your jobs just a little bit easier. We will offer periodic training opportunities in your area and, once a year host the Adult Leaders Conference. In addition, we have available to you, on our web site at, our Registered Adult Manuals.

The rewards will be numerous and will likely be reflected in the eyes of those with whom you

have had a positive impact.

Things to consider

There must be a least one Marine in good standing – Former, retired, reserve or active duty who is willing to serve as the Unit Commander.

A sufficient number of volunteers must be recruited to handle the training and supervision of your Young Marines. A minimum of three registered adults is required to start the unit. The “rule of thumb” is to have a least 1 registered adult for every 10 Young Marines. At least one of your Volunteer Registered Adults must be a female.

There must be an adequate facility to host your unit meetings. The facility must offer a safe, clean and hospitable atmosphere for your youngsters and adult volunteers.

All adult volunteers and Young Marines must be registered with the Young Marines National Headquarters. This registration process ensures that all units are insured and administered in accordance with National Young Marines regulations and standards.


• Familiarize yourself with the program by going to and

• Download and read the Registered Adult Manual.

• Download and review the Adjutant, Paymaster, Training Officer, and Unit Commander Manuals.

• Download the Volunteer Registered Adult application. You/ your volunteers each must complete one.

• Download and print the Unit By-Laws and review them with your volunteers.

• Download and print the Youth Protection handout. Give them to your volunteers.

• Make your volunteers aware of the website and the manuals that are available.

• Name the proposed unit. The name must reflect a prominent geographical name; state, county, river, city, parish, etc.

• Complete the attached Young Marines Unit Application.

• Make copies of your unit application and Volunteer Registered Adult Applications for your records.

• Send to National Headquarters office:

   • Young Marines Unit Application

   • At least 3 completed Volunteer Registered Adult applications.

 After receiving your charter

You will receive an administrative package. It will include your user name and password for your unit’s access to the Young Marines Database system ( Familiarize yourself with the ymdbs. Decide who will have access to your unit’s information and add them as an Authorized User. For more information see the Adjutant Manual. Once you have received your unit’s charter you can now set up your unit’s checking account. Deciding who will be authorized signatures on the account is an important decision. You should select unit staff that can be available to verify disbursements and sign checks for the timely processing of payments. You need two people from your unit as signatures and one from National Headquarters. The two people you select from your unit cannot be related. Send the signature card to National Headquarters to obtain a national staff signature. For more information see Paymaster Manual. Begin to prepare you and your staff for recruiting Young Marines by planning your first Recruit Training. Locate Young Marines Units near you and arrange to visit them. Meet the Unit Commanders and staff to learn from their experience and get ideas.

Download a Unit Application

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