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The Kentucky Challenge Course... By Lynne Arnold Unit Commander Northern Kentucky KY Kentucky Battalion encampment included a day of teamwork and fun at the Eastern Kentucky University Challenge Course. All Young Marines and some adult staff members participated in the frightening yet empowering course. A Civics Lesson In America Your Vote is Your Voice By YMLCpl Greg Garvis Orlando Devil Dogs FL During the 2014 elections for our local and state governments I had the op- portunity to take part in our Governors campaign. One day as I was leaving school I noticed that the Republican campaign office was looking for help. I stepped in to see what they needed. I have been interested in politics and government for a while and I thought that this would be a great way to begin to see these processes from the inside. When I entered I was greeted by a very kind lady. She explained to me what goes on in a campaign office and what I would be doing. Their efforts included going door to door to encourage people to vote early. It did not matter for who or for what rather just getting people to vote. She explained how to do the jobthen hand- ed me a stack of forms and early voting cards and a local area map. I canvassed seven different neighbor- hoods encouraging people to vote. I think I walked at least five miles in one day After a few weeks of going through the neighborhoods I was informed that the Governor would be making a stop at the campaign office. I thought to myselfWow it would be cool to meet him. I went to the cam- paign office the day he was going to be there and the lady that I was working with said I would indeed get to meet him. How exciting I was able to intro- duce myself as one of the young people who helped out with his campaign. He was very kind and I spoke with him for a while. I was so inspired by working so close- ly with the governors campaign that I have availed myself to Mayor Tim Loucks of Groveland the community where I live. As a Young Marine I have learned that my voice can be heard to build encourage and mentor my peers. As a political volunteer I have learned that my vote is the way my voice can be heard. Young Marine Greg Garvis with Groveland FL Mayor Tim Loucks. By YMPvt Ethan Hart Pyramid Rock HI Have you ever fallen and gotten hurt WellI have fallen and gotten hurt many times. When I did I got back up on my feet and walked all the pain out. If you fall just get up and keep doing what you are doing. Editors note Be sure to tell your units Medical Officer or Unit Commander of your mishap just to make sure its safe for to you to continue and so that they can determine if your injury needs attention or first aid. Ive fallen and gotten scrapes scars and sometimes Ive even bled but I still got up on my feet and kept on doing what I was doing. Young Marines you will feel pain but only for a little bit. So if you fall try to get back on your feet and continue do what you were do- ing if its possible but dont quit what you are doing. Be tough but be smart about it too. When You FallPick Yourself UpGet Back on Your Feet Page 10 ESPRIT