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ESPRIT Page 11 By YMMSgt Isaiah Thompson Tarrant County TX Anger Frustration Passion Desire Motivation Dedication Restlessness Leadership and Family. All are words that can but wont en- tirely describe my experience in Or- egon at Advanced Leadership School. I sat in a room alongside 44 of the best Young Marines our nation has to offer. I sat and asked myself right then and there How does your mind even grasp the amount of leadership that can be held in one room To begin with it was a true honor to be chosen to be one of those 44 Young Marines and it will be forever.But the real honor is to say that every one of those Young Marines were part of a 44-strong family that I will love and cherish forever. I also had the privilege to be taught by an amazing Young Marines Staff that was well-equipped with the tools to guide every last one of us. Amongst ourselves everyone else seemed to be locked in on getting all of the Advanced Leadership School students to click together and work as a team. Individuality isnt an op- tion when youre a few days away from training 200 plus Senior and Junior Leadership School students. You have to have Teamwork With everybody in the competition for Top Ten and the title of Honor Graduate it makes it a lot harder to ac- complish a task. We learned that. And we changed it... quickly. The more we learned how to put aside our differenc- es and allow one person to lead us at a time the farther we went as a team. You guys have no idea how beautiful it is to finally see that you get it said YM1st Sgt Montejano. He went on to say This is what its all about putting your differences aside and coming to- gether. And thats exactly what we did day in and day out. We constantly proved ourselves to be Advanced Leaders over and over again. When the time came to go home to our units youd best believe that the tears came pouring down on every- ones face including mine. This shows how much care and compassion we have for each other and how much we care about each other. Its just an amazing feeling to go through all these hard times with strangers you barely knew and walk out as a family I said. Thats the true meaning of brotherhood in the same uniform. And thats the true meaning of friendship That is the true meaning of strengthening the lives of Americas youth one Young Marine at a time. When we saw this we realized we finally reached the peak of our Young Marines career we finally made it. But all in all the cherry on top came on the last day when we boarded our planes singingTil I see you again. We Started Together and We Completed Together We are more then what meets the eye ALS family Here we share pictures taken during ALS 2015. Thanks --Submitted by YM GySgt. Shamila Forbes PFC Bruce W. Carter FL Scenes from the 2015 Advanced Leadership Academy