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Page 28 ESPRIT By Gary Weisbaum Chief Marketing Officer While your Young Marines unit may meet on Monday nights or any other day and time other Young Marines units and national Young Marines activities go on every day some- where across the country. How you commu- nicate those activities in your local market can have a HUGE impact on your unit The Young Marines Headquarters team goes to great lengths every day to keep what we do and who we do it for at the forefront of the American public. Almost weekly there is a national press re- lease about something significant Young Marines have done or are going to do.And even if your units Young Marines were not in attendance of a particular activity or eventTHEY WERE AND ARE A PART OF IT From a marketing of your units standpoint its critical to communicate these activities and events to your local media local supportersand anyone else that has helped or can help support your unit. Its important for them to see what your Young Marines are a part of. That is why we send every press release to unit leadership post them on the main page of and on all of our other social media outlets. BUT IT SHOULD NOT END THERE While some are most of your local unit supporters are not regularly or even sporadically on the national Young Marines website or Facebook page. Therefore they never know about the powerful life-changing activities and events your Young Marines participate in. They never hear about our Iwo Jima Pearl Harbor SPACES program accomplishments or any of the many other activities and events the Young Marines enjoy. For your unit benefit THEY SHOULD Every Young Marines press release that is sent out is easy to copy and paste or attach to an email. Your unit already has or should have an email list of local supports donors media contacts etc. that you communicate with al- ready. If you do not please contact me per- sonally and I will help you assemble one. It just takes a few minutes each time we send out a release for you to type a quick email and send it to that list.The benefits to your unit are many and well worth the effort. To recap here are the steps 1 Identify local unit supporters donors media contacts. Save a list with their email addresses in an easy to access location. 2 Watch for Press Releases that will be emailed to you. 3 Forward or copyattach the press release with a brief note and send it to the list in 1. Its that easy and the positive impact to your unit will be well worth the effort. As always my thanks to you for letting me be a part of this amazing organization dedicated to transforming Americas youth. It is truly an honor to work with such dedicated and passionate people across this great country we live in. Its critical to communicate our activities and events to your local media local supporters and anyone else that has helped or can help support your unit. NATIONAL