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By YMSSGT Zachary Taylor Midwest Central IL Graduating from Young Marines scuba school is the best feeling. YMGYSGT Gavin Cornell and I graduated in the summer of 2015 YM GYSGT Brian Wolfe graduated in 2013. The school is located in Pompano Beach Florida. Stand byAttention...PTformation..Move are the commands you hear every morning.Cornell says The school takes some of the most active and physi- cally fit Young Marines.The reason that only a few sign up and later graduate is that these young men and women strive to become the best that they can possibly be. None of us could complete the school alone you need teamwork and leadership to succeed. This applies to the physical training and the dives as well. The Young Marines need to be able to work to- gether and learn each others strengths in order to en- joy the school.Long days in the pool and the ocean are draining both mentally and physically. But thats when you rely on the person to your left and right to pick you up and to move forward to what is next. You cre- ate these strong bonds with people that go through the same training. As Wolfe and I are both honor grads of our schools we could not have done it if it wasnt for the fellow Young Marines our dive buddies and most importantly our brothers now. After the regular scuba school you can advance to the Young Marine Master Diver School. YMGYSGT Wolfe graduated this school with two other Young Marines YM1st SGT Montejano and YMSgtMaj Borka. These three are the first to earn the title Young Marine Dive Masters. Wolfe says It was an amazing experience because we got to go on deeper dives and use enriched air tanks for the first time. Going on dives up to 130 feet was scary but an exciting experience. He says that during their school they learned about being narked which is a term for nitrogen narcosis. This causes the diver to become con- fused irresponsible and colors start looking the same. They completed almost 30 dives in the 2 weeks that the Young Marines were there. Wolfe says Graduating the school is one of the greatest accomplishments I have achieved to date. Cornell and I can also say that this statement is 110 true. After Cornell and I graduated we went back home for a few weeks but we knew that we were going to see each other again at the Navajo Code Talkers Day. But what we did not know was that Master Diver Wolfe was going to be there. Cornell and Wolfe first met and then I was called over.Anyone in the area could see that there was a brotherhood there because we all talked about our experiences with the scuba schools. We have a very strong bond because of what we all went through at the Young Marines scuba school. We all went through the same vigorous training though at different times. We all look back and call each other brothers. Scuba Dooba Scuba School A Challenge and a Lasting Bond Page 6 ESPRIT