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ESPRIT Volume 3 2015 By Young Marines For Young Marines ESPRIT Page 1 National Headquarters Staff Mike Kessler National Executive DirectorChief Executive Officer William Davis Chief Operating Officer Joseph Venable National Deputy Director Joseph Lusignan Deputy Director West Coast Operations and Program Drug Demand Reduction Resource Officer Mike Tracy Director of FinanceChief Financial Officer Robert Borka Director of Operations Gary Weisbaum Chief Marketing Officer Michael Guiles Director of Training Stephanie Guiles Director of Education Patricia Borka Director of Administration Alvin Hendricks Training Coordinator Tim Kupper Xpert Media Management LLC Webmaster Service Mark Whittaker DES Inc. Database Developer Jaime Jasso Editor Young Marines Esprit Board of Directors Chairman of the Board - William Smith Vice Chairman of the Board - William J. Walker Appointed Member Board Secretary - Dina Dillon Marine Corps League Liaison - Johnny Baker Appointed Member - William Barnes General Counsel - Herb Harmon Appointed Member - Andre Hollis Invited Member - Gene Overstreet Young Marines National Foundation Executive Director - Mike Zeliff Young Marines Alumni Association Executive Director - Edgar Huff Division Commanders Robert Dittrich Division One George Biedenbender Division Two John Gionet Division Three Charles Jackson Division Four Ron Pownall Division Five Wilson Lee Division Six 2015 Division Young Marines of the Year YMSgtMaj Charles Brian Fagan Division One YMSgtMaj Joseph Ambs Division Two YMSgtMaj Tyler Ward Division Three YMSgtMaj Kariel Mayer Division Four YMSgtMaj Lucas Ward Division Five YMSgtMaj Tyler Wermann-Jones Division Six National Young Marine of the Year YMSgtMaj Lucas Ward Combined Federal Campaign Number CFC 2141 From our National Director Follow us on Facebook www.facebook.comusyoungmarines and our national homepage By Mike Kessler Young Marines National Executive Director Another summer of activities has come and gone and all of you are back at the books studying hard yet reflecting on the Young Marines activities that many of you participated in. Nearly 800 of you par- ticipated in a national activity while hundreds of others participated at local events. Whatever the case I am sure you had a great time. A common theme that I see and hear is how much you enjoy meeting other Young Marines from across the country. This is especially true at the National Encampment this year hosted by the 3rd Young Marine Division in Florida. I met several of you and really had a great time. But what I really enjoyed was how much the next National Direc- tor Mr. Bill Davis seemed to enjoy his time with you. We walked and talked with so many of you and got a real sense for how much you seemed to enjoy the encampment. In fact Mr. Davis and I were able to jump on the zip line and had a good time. The other activity that was important was the National Leadership Academy NLA. This year was a test drive of the new curriculum. This curricu- lum was primarily the work of last years leader- ship symposium attendees and by all accounts was a major league home run. Remember that the National Leadership Academy is a requirement for several things in our program so every effort should be made to attend. Typically the Young Marines staff comes together early followed by the Advanced Leadership attend- ees. This is a lot of fun because almost everyone knows everybody else. The bond begins early and in some cases the competition gets tough. But at the end of the weekALs splitssome going with the JLS class while others attend to the needs of SLS. In my opinion this was the best NLA we have ever completed by far. The classes were good the facil- ity was good the staff worked well together and the attendees were awesome. Congratulations to all of you for doing such a great job in making this years NLA so successful. As you look forward to late fall and winter there are a few events to put on your calendar. Submis- sions for the Jimmy Trimble Scholarship should be reviewed. If you meet the qualifications and wish to submit your essay please do so quickly. Addition- ally and in concert with Jimmy Trimble is Veterans Appreciation Week. Lets continue our great work in reaching out to our veterans. October is big for a couple of reasons. The first is Red Ribbon Week.We have been the leader in youth anti-drug education for many years.That is because of the work you do in promoting and educating oth- ers in the value of leading a healthy drug-free life- style.And on October 17th we celebrate 50 years as a chartered subsidiary of the Marine Corps League. WOW FIFTY years. Congratulations. This has been a great summer and I am very pleased with the end results. We are looking ahead and changing things around for next year so stay tuned. Future events and activities will be revealed in your Esprit Magazine through broadcast e-mails on our web site at and on Facebook. Stay informed and remain current by checking out all of our announcement platforms. Dont be the one who saidwellI didnt know.Every year Young Marines miss out because they failed to go to the web site or read special announcements. Dont be one of them. Stay safe take care of one another and continue to lead a healthy drug-free lifestyle. Semper Fidelis Mike Kessler Page 2 ESPRIT ESPRIT Page 3 Young Marines Capture Fulcrum Shield Award This Fall Be Sure to Make that Call Contact your local PBS network affiliate and request that they show Generations of Honor on this Veterans Day All are urged to call or e-mail their local PBS affiliates to request that the documentary filmGenerations of Honor A Year with the Young Marines be shown this Veterans Day. The film explores the Young Marines organization and our dedication to living a drug-free lifestyle and our committment to honoring generations of American military men and women whose service and sacrifices paved the way for our freedom. To contact your local PBS affiliate station visit The Young Marines won this award because we branded something that was uniquely ours. You got on board and ran with it to make it a success. This years Fulcrum Shield was a huge team effort. Congratulations to you all for your great work in leading and promoting a healthy drug-free lifestyle. Mike Kessler National Director CEO Young Marines of the Marine Corps League By Joseph Lusignan Young Marines Drug Demand Reduction Resource Officer Our Young Marines know the story of Special Agent Enrique Kiki Camarena. A Marine and former police officer he joined the Drug Enforcement Admin- istration to do his part to stop the scourge of drugs from coming into and damaging our country. On February 7th 1985 Kiki was kidnapped and sub- sequently murdered by drug traffickers leaving behind a wife and three chil- dren. At the age of 37 he gave his life trying to protect the streets of our communities from the onslaught of drug abuse. Shortly after Kikis death Con- gressman Duncan Hunter and high school friend Henry Lozano launched Camarena Clubs in Kikis hometown of Calexico California. Hundreds of club members wore red ribbons and pledged to lead drug-free lives to honor the sacrifices made by Kiki Camarena and others who stood up on our behalf. The movement grew and spread nationwide being formalized by President and First Lady Ronald Reagan in 1988. So while others don the colors of black and orange for Halloween for the eight days from October 23 through the 31st Young Marines and thousands like us will join the National Family Partnership and our friends at the Drug Enforcement Administration in wear- ing red ribbons to show our support for Kiki the DEA and others striving to keep drugs out of our schools our com- munities and our nation as we encour- age others to join our pledge to lead drug free lives. Most of the year we teach the Project Alert curriculum to educate our Young Marines about the dangers that drug abuse can lead to but in the month of Octoberwe set our sights specifically on our friends our peers and our neigh- bors. Units that signed up will receive our Red Ribbon Week campaign kits containing items from our Closing the Gate on Drugs initiative to give out in their communities. Using these tools we spread the word about leading drug free lives and also about the Young Marines program. Units that teach Project Alert and par- ticipate in Red Ribbon Week can also compete for the DEA Enrique Kiki Camarena Division Award. Presented to one unit in each division it is based on the above mentioned efforts and also on the size of the drug demand reduction footprint that units make in their communities all year round. Do you participate in the Kick butts cam- paign How about assisting the DEA with their Take Back Day With all the creativity our Young Marines have Im sure you have tons of ideas. Sponsored and selected by our friends at the Drug Enforcement Administra- tion the awards are given out at the Adult Leaders Conference every year. And this year we have a special an- nouncement Though the plaques and titles go to one unit per division a sig- nificant prize will go to the top three competitors in each division. Im not allowed to tell you what the prize is yet but if I were still a unit commander Id be striving for it. Keep charging Young Marines Make a difference Enrique Kiki Camarena Mental Health and Substance Abuse Seek Help By YMPVT Grace Willson Bakersfield CA Mental health is a very prevalent is- sue in society today. With the increase in depression suicide anxiety schizo- phrenia and many other disorders comes the need to medicate to simply feel normal. Turning to a professional can seem scary embarrassing or even feel unnecessary when media shows us that smoking marijuana is no big deal or tells us that we can get better by ourselves Untreated mental health only gets worse. Before I begin Id like to make a base line for the terms Ill be using just to clarify the symptoms Schizophrenia a disorder in which people interpret reality abnormally such as seeing or hearing people that arent there. Depression a disorder in which people lose the desire to live their life partici- pate in previously enjoyed activities lose appetites and regular sleeping patterns. Anxiety This disorder involves exces- sive unrealistic worry and tension even if there is little or nothing to pro- voke the anxiety. Paranoia a mental condition charac- terized by delusions of persecution unwarranted jealousy or exaggerated Continued next page Red Ribbon Week Make a Difference Young Marines Page 4 ESPRIT A Community Event to Help Kids Avoid Drug Abuse By Judy LinkAdult Volunteer Western New York NY Sponsored by Kids Escaping Drugs and the Niagara County D.A.R.E. Officers this was the first year this event was held. Its purpose was to raise money to continue fighting drug and alcohol abuseand to assist families in prevent- ing drug abuse. The Western New York Young Marines were invited to participate by the Sher- iffs department. In recent years the Sheriffs department has conducted drug demand reduction classes for our unit. This event enabled our unit to promote a drug-free life style to young people in our community and to ob- tain a greater visibility locally. Our Unit Commander Dan Guiher and Executive Officer Scott MacLeod pre- sented Sheriff Deputy Pat Wil- liams with a check for 100 on the units behalf. The event was held at the Sanborn Fire Company in Sanborn NY. Other participants in the event were the Ni- agara County Sheriffs Department the Niagara County SWAT team the Niag- ara County Probation Department and Niagara County Sheriffs Explorers. The public was drawn to the event with attractions such as bounce houses a petting zooa basket rafflea cook out a car show and local karate schools performed demonstrations. The Sher- iffs depart- ment had their horses there and brought in a Sheriffs he- licopter which landed so the kids could see it and later they did a fly- over with the sirens blaring. There were also tours of their mobile command cen- ter. Our unit had a tent manned by our Young Marines. We had plenty of Drug Demand Reduction flyers pencils slap bracelets stickers and coloring books which the Young Marines handed out throughout the day. We also had a recruitment table set up for anyone wishing to join our unit. We received positive feedback from the Sheriffs department and the Ni- agara County Sheriffs Explorers them- selves were very impressed with the unit and coming from another youth orga- nization that meant a lot. A few of the older Explorers took some brochures to promote us to other kids that might be interested. Kids and adults at the event were also inter- ested in who we are and what we do. And as always we received many compliments on the units behavior. self-importance typically elaborated into an organized system. Panic disorder the disorder in which debilitating anxiety and fear arise fre- quently and without reasonable cause. Dual diagnosis having both a mental disorder and a substance issue. To begin Id like to present some statistics According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration or SAMHSA 26.7 of people with mental health issues abused illegal drugs in 2012. This is compared to the 13.2 of the general public that abused drugs in 2012. According to the Journal of American Medical Association or JAMA 50 of the people who have severe mental health issues also have some form of a substance abuse problem. JAMA also reports that 37 of alco- holics have a mental health issueas do 53 drug addicts. People with certain medical conditions are more likely to use and abuse illicit substances. This rate goes antisocial or social anxiety disorder bipolar manic depression and lastlyanxiety disorders panicgeneral. A little closer to home 2 of every 10 veterans turn to substance abuse ac- cording to the U.S. Department of Vet- erans Affairs. It is advised that people at risk for mental health issues note they can often be put in danger by chronic substance abuse. Teens using drugs are put at a higher risk for mental health issues because heavy drug abuse can alter the cognitive and social development thus a whirl- wind of depression and anxiety is re- leased. The problem with such abuse is that the mental illness is made much worse or can initiate the onset of a hidden disorder. The patient gets addicted to the highs physically and psychologically. They believe the drug is needed in order to control their mental health when in reality it is far from the truth. A sad addition is that both mental dis- orders and abuse have hereditary fac- tors at play making some people far more susceptible to both over a longer period of time. So whats the logic of those with mental health issues abus- ing substances Why do it Well liv- ing with depression anxiety paranoia and restlessness are the most common symptoms of those people who are try- ing to self-medicate. We must also note that medications for mental health issues are not flaw- less and can often come with very unpleasant side effects. Schizophren- ics take medications for these hallu- cinations that can cause depression. Some depression medications can cause paranoia. These side effects can seem overbearing and instead of tak- ing another medication to combat such things people try to compromise it with drug abuse. In closing mental health issues can be made much worse by substance abuse.The prevalence is heavy but it is treatable. No one can get better alone. Turning to someone can be the differ- ence between illness and wellness. ESPRIT Page 5 By YMSSGT Zachary Taylor Midwest Central IL Graduating from Young Marines scuba school is the best feeling. YMGYSGT Gavin Cornell and I graduated in the summer of 2015 YM GYSGT Brian Wolfe graduated in 2013. The school is located in Pompano Beach Florida. Stand byAttention...PTformation..Move are the commands you hear every morning.Cornell says The school takes some of the most active and physi- cally fit Young Marines.The reason that only a few sign up and later graduate is that these young men and women strive to become the best that they can possibly be. None of us could complete the school alone you need teamwork and leadership to succeed. This applies to the physical training and the dives as well. The Young Marines need to be able to work to- gether and learn each others strengths in order to en- joy the school.Long days in the pool and the ocean are draining both mentally and physically. But thats when you rely on the person to your left and right to pick you up and to move forward to what is next. You cre- ate these strong bonds with people that go through the same training. As Wolfe and I are both honor grads of our schools we could not have done it if it wasnt for the fellow Young Marines our dive buddies and most importantly our brothers now. After the regular scuba school you can advance to the Young Marine Master Diver School. YMGYSGT Wolfe graduated this school with two other Young Marines YM1st SGT Montejano and YMSgtMaj Borka. These three are the first to earn the title Young Marine Dive Masters. Wolfe says It was an amazing experience because we got to go on deeper dives and use enriched air tanks for the first time. Going on dives up to 130 feet was scary but an exciting experience. He says that during their school they learned about being narked which is a term for nitrogen narcosis. This causes the diver to become con- fused irresponsible and colors start looking the same. They completed almost 30 dives in the 2 weeks that the Young Marines were there. Wolfe says Graduating the school is one of the greatest accomplishments I have achieved to date. Cornell and I can also say that this statement is 110 true. After Cornell and I graduated we went back home for a few weeks but we knew that we were going to see each other again at the Navajo Code Talkers Day. But what we did not know was that Master Diver Wolfe was going to be there. Cornell and Wolfe first met and then I was called over.Anyone in the area could see that there was a brotherhood there because we all talked about our experiences with the scuba schools. We have a very strong bond because of what we all went through at the Young Marines scuba school. We all went through the same vigorous training though at different times. We all look back and call each other brothers. Scuba Dooba Scuba School A Challenge and a Lasting Bond Page 6 ESPRIT UNITMYYMSpring Cleaning at the Marine Corps Monument Spring cleaning at the Marine Corps Monument is an annual event and one unit looks forward to doing every year. The Young Marines do this alongside members from the Conrad Kania Marine Corps League Detachment and its hard to say who en- joys raking the leaves and pulling the weeds more. -- Submitted by Judy Link Western New York Young Marines Western New York Young Marines get involved in their annual spring cleaning project. Left Getting underway in the morning and Right Posing for a photo upon completion. Colorado Unit Assists Honor Flight Last May several Young Marines and staff from Foothills Young Marines were honored to help veterans prepare for their Honor Flight to Washington D.C. They helped with loading gear from the bus to the plane and assisting veterans to their plane. They wished them well on their journey and saluted as the plane departed. -- Submitted by Stacy Anderson Public Relations Officer Foothills CO Space Camp Highly Recommended Have you ever had the opportunity to go to Space Camp in Huntsville Alabama If not the next opportunity you have you should take it. I was able to meet Young Marines and civilians from across the country. If you have this opportunity you should take it its worth it. We got to launch rockets take part in sim- ulated missions land a rover and build a colony on Mars learn about different space exploration vehicles and a lot of other amazing things. So if you are eligible to go you should definitely go. -- Submitted by YMPFC Shane Patterson Natchaug River CTYoung MarinesA group photo from Space Camp of future space explorers. Recently I heard the Star Spangled Banner played by a rock group Madison Rising. The way that lead singer Dave Bray sings is so full of emotion that I needed to hear more. After some research I was ecstatic to hear that they have a new album out called American Hero with ten amazing songs. My favorite song is Soldiers Christmas. It is so heartwarming that I had tears in my eyes. I like all of their songs so it was hard to pick just one. Their songs are patriotic and support Amer- ica. They play at veterans events and many others as well. I hope to be able to attend one of their concerts soon. Lead singer Dave Bray served in the U.S. Navy as a Corps- man for the 2nd Battalion 2nd Marines stationed out of Camp Lejeune NC. Drummer Sam Fishman has said Being the drummer for Madison Rising has been a higher calling. Its bigger than all of us. This is an opportunity to create music with a mes- sage that America needs to hear right now. When not on tour he is a drum instructor. The lead guitarist AJ Larson has been in the band since 2013 and makes a great band better. Tom DiPietro is the bassist of Madison Rising. He was a support staffer for troubled youth. His hard work and love for music has helped the band become who they are today. I only know one other person that wasnt involved with Young Marines that has heard of Madison Rising and I wish more people knew about this amazing band. I recom- mend that everybody listen to their songs. Madison Rising is a band that everyone needs to hear. -- Submitted by YMPFC Elizabeth Krell Columbus IN Young Marines Madison Rising I Wish More People Knew About This Amazing Band ESPRIT Page 7 The Young Marines We Were Front Page News in San Diego One Day This Past Summer A photo of Young Marines from the Eagle Young Marines unit was featured on the front page of the San Diego Union Tribune on Sunday July 5th. Members of this unit were shown marching in the Fourth of July parade in the nearby community of Coronado CA. -- Submitted by Katja Base Eagle CA Young Marines By Stephanie Guiles Young Marines Director of Education Hello YMU students and future YMU students After conferencing with RTG Associates in regards to Aca- demic Credit Opportunities offered through Adams State Uni- versity we came to this recommendation Young Marines who are interested in obtaining college cred- its should complete the course requirements first electronic journal projects papers etc.. The completed work needs to be sent to Steph- anie GuilesDirector of Education at Education Once the Young Marine has turned in the re- quirements for the course heshe should then register and pay for the college credits at ASU. After I have graded the work andsubmitted the final grade the Young Marine will receive his transcript from ASU in the mail. By doing the work first and then registering and paying for the college credit the Young Marine doesnt have to worry about deadlines or due dates since the work is al- ready complete. So those Young Marines who participated in an activity this summer... review your notes or journal write that paper turn it in pay the fees 60credit and get your college credit Those Young Marines that participated in activities in the past...You can still write about it and get the college credit Young Marine Alumni can get college credits too Spread the word.... This is such a great opportunity for our Young Marines... past present and future Highlighting the Young Marines activities.... GAHA Great American History Adventure 2011 2012 2013 and 2015 - 6 possible credits Citizenship HGP179 and American Veterans - Profiles in Leadership LEAD120 Navajo Code Talkers Iwo Jima Trip Pearl Harbor Remem- brance Veterans Appreciation Week... Profiles in Leadership LEAD120 3 credits Young Marines Staff - Participating in a Division level en- campment. or higher - Character Education LEAD124 2 cred- its PFT ribbon Basic First Aid Ribbon - work towards the Foundations for Success in Health Wellness and Physical Fit- ness LEAD130 2 credits Advanced Leadership School Graduates - Basic Leadership Experience LEAD136 3 credits Community Service Ribbon and working on a community project-Service LearningAn Ameri- can Ethic LEAD138 2 credits And finally..... those Young Marines who appre- ciate our Veterans and enjoy our American his- tory... American History and Its Veterans 1890 through Today HIST179 3 credits Dont miss out on this incredible opportunity LATEST UPDATE. College Credit for SCUBA Young Marines and Registered Adults who par- ticipated in SCUBA can receive college credit from the American Council on Education ACE Mr. Guiles received six college credits for his Scuba and Mas- ter Diver PADI qualifications and all he did was fill out the paperwork copied his PADI certs and cards paid 30 for his transcript and that was it He received his transcript in the mail. Young Marines... This is something that you can do on your own Visit PLUS As we get ready to go to press SCHOLARSHIPS are now available for YMU College credit classes A scholarship fund has been established to support the Young Marines through the Adams State University Founda- tion. The value of the scholarship will vary depending on the number of credits taken 60 per credit. Please see YMUs Academic Credit Opportunities for all the information about these amazing opportunities An Update on Available College Credits Page 8 ESPRIT ESPRIT Page 9 By YM Ssgt Jascha Ely East Valley AZ On June 6th 2015 the East Valley Young Marines celebrated 10 years of service to the community. One of the original founders of the unit Frank Alger Sr.attended the celebra- tion. We had guests from all the dif- ferent communities nearby. East Val- ley includes some seven cities. The list of speakers included city mayors and state and national elected offi- cials. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was the first speaker at our event. The Mesa Chief of Police presented us with a certificate of appreciation. Representatives of the Elks LodgeVFW and Womens auxiliary of Post 1760 of Mesa were also present. Our division commander Wilson Lee and our National Deputy Director of West Coast Operations Joe Lusignan spoke at the event congratulating the East Valley Young Marines. During the ceremony we performed a flag folding ceremony and presented the flag to Mr. Frank Alger Sr. in honor of his service to the East Valley Young Marines. YMMSgt Caleb Alger who was the East Valley Young Marines first recruit in 2005 and YMRecruit Ayden Schen- kenberg our youngest recruit present- ed the flag to Mr. Alger. YMCpl Lip- pincott YMCpl Shenkenberg YMLCpl. Carracao and YMLCpl Halliwill per- formed the color guard for the event. YMGySgt Giesegh was presented an award for the unit from U.S. Repre- sentative Kyrsten Sinema of Arizonas 9th congressional district. Repre- sentative Sinema said I extend my utmost praise to the Young Marines decade-long commitment to pro- moting a healthy drug free lifestyle among the East Valley young people. I was taken bysurprisewhen Mr.Lu- signan and Mr.Alger promoted me to YMStaff Sergeant.It was completely unexpected. It will be a memory that I will never forget. I thank everyone who took part in this celebration and I personally want to thank Mr. Frank Alger Jr.who has been the Unit com- mander for 10 years. He has been a fine example of a mentor and trainer. He is a selfless and patient man who has put many hours in as a registered adult. Mr. Alger gives our Young Ma- rines opportunities that they have never dreamed of and opportunities to present colors in front of hundreds of people.He is the first one to encourage Young Marines to pursue their goals. We cherish Mr. Alger and his family and they are beloved by the East Val- ley Young Marines unit. His motto is T.E.A.M. - Together Everyone Accom- plishes More. East Valley YMs Celebrate Units Ten-Year Anniversary Following the folding ceremony this flag was presented to UC Frank Alger Sr. By YM SSgt Kendra Base Eagle CA Eighteen Young Marines had the honor of attending the UN NGO Non- Governmental Organizations Womens Conference in New York in March 2015. The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women the Global Forum of Women Consultation Day focuses on Education and Womens Rights around the world. The Young Marines had the privilege of attending the conference talking to delegates from around the globe and assisting the organizers So- roptimist International with logistics. The Conference was held at the fa- mous Apollo Theater in Harlem New York. Ruchira Gupta from India received the Women of Distinction Award for her written work The Selling of Innocents. Ms. Gupta spoke about physical slavery of women in India. Gupta was firm and deliberate about resolving this issue around the entire world. She empha- sized the impor- tance of equality in all aspects of re- lations between men and women especially physi- cal expression. Af- ter her speech we were lucky enough to meet and take a picture with Ruchi- ra Gupta. We visited Ground Zero and the 911 Memorial Museum and saw two mas- sive rusted and decayed metal beams from the Twin Towers. The Young Ma- rines observed the memorial quietly so not to disturb the families mourning for their loved ones. The names of the fallen were engraved into the memo- rial. It was very moving to see a family member placing white roses into the engraved letters. The memorial was a place of peace and beauty. Young Marines also visited the Empire State Building and FOX Studios meeting Neil Cavuto of Your World. At the National Museum of Native Americans the Young Marines received a blessing from three Na- tive Americans. The his- torical insights and infinite amount of knowledge that our adult staff members shared with us was definite- ly a highlight of this National Directors Special Program. Thank you all Young Marines and Na- tional Staff who shared this fantastic experience. To those who will repre- sent the Young Marines at the United Nations NGO Summit follow the Young Marine Creed be your best self and open-minded to new experiences to learn from. YMs Attend United Nations Womens Conference Young Marines on Wall Street. The Kentucky Challenge Course... By Lynne Arnold Unit Commander Northern Kentucky KY Kentucky Battalion encampment included a day of teamwork and fun at the Eastern Kentucky University Challenge Course. All Young Marines and some adult staff members participated in the frightening yet empowering course. A Civics Lesson In America Your Vote is Your Voice By YMLCpl Greg Garvis Orlando Devil Dogs FL During the 2014 elections for our local and state governments I had the op- portunity to take part in our Governors campaign. One day as I was leaving school I noticed that the Republican campaign office was looking for help. I stepped in to see what they needed. I have been interested in politics and government for a while and I thought that this would be a great way to begin to see these processes from the inside. When I entered I was greeted by a very kind lady. She explained to me what goes on in a campaign office and what I would be doing. Their efforts included going door to door to encourage people to vote early. It did not matter for who or for what rather just getting people to vote. She explained how to do the jobthen hand- ed me a stack of forms and early voting cards and a local area map. I canvassed seven different neighbor- hoods encouraging people to vote. I think I walked at least five miles in one day After a few weeks of going through the neighborhoods I was informed that the Governor would be making a stop at the campaign office. I thought to myselfWow it would be cool to meet him. I went to the cam- paign office the day he was going to be there and the lady that I was working with said I would indeed get to meet him. How exciting I was able to intro- duce myself as one of the young people who helped out with his campaign. He was very kind and I spoke with him for a while. I was so inspired by working so close- ly with the governors campaign that I have availed myself to Mayor Tim Loucks of Groveland the community where I live. As a Young Marine I have learned that my voice can be heard to build encourage and mentor my peers. As a political volunteer I have learned that my vote is the way my voice can be heard. Young Marine Greg Garvis with Groveland FL Mayor Tim Loucks. By YMPvt Ethan Hart Pyramid Rock HI Have you ever fallen and gotten hurt WellI have fallen and gotten hurt many times. When I did I got back up on my feet and walked all the pain out. If you fall just get up and keep doing what you are doing. Editors note Be sure to tell your units Medical Officer or Unit Commander of your mishap just to make sure its safe for to you to continue and so that they can determine if your injury needs attention or first aid. Ive fallen and gotten scrapes scars and sometimes Ive even bled but I still got up on my feet and kept on doing what I was doing. Young Marines you will feel pain but only for a little bit. So if you fall try to get back on your feet and continue do what you were do- ing if its possible but dont quit what you are doing. Be tough but be smart about it too. When You FallPick Yourself UpGet Back on Your Feet Page 10 ESPRIT ESPRIT Page 11 By YMMSgt Isaiah Thompson Tarrant County TX Anger Frustration Passion Desire Motivation Dedication Restlessness Leadership and Family. All are words that can but wont en- tirely describe my experience in Or- egon at Advanced Leadership School. I sat in a room alongside 44 of the best Young Marines our nation has to offer. I sat and asked myself right then and there How does your mind even grasp the amount of leadership that can be held in one room To begin with it was a true honor to be chosen to be one of those 44 Young Marines and it will be forever.But the real honor is to say that every one of those Young Marines were part of a 44-strong family that I will love and cherish forever. I also had the privilege to be taught by an amazing Young Marines Staff that was well-equipped with the tools to guide every last one of us. Amongst ourselves everyone else seemed to be locked in on getting all of the Advanced Leadership School students to click together and work as a team. Individuality isnt an op- tion when youre a few days away from training 200 plus Senior and Junior Leadership School students. You have to have Teamwork With everybody in the competition for Top Ten and the title of Honor Graduate it makes it a lot harder to ac- complish a task. We learned that. And we changed it... quickly. The more we learned how to put aside our differenc- es and allow one person to lead us at a time the farther we went as a team. You guys have no idea how beautiful it is to finally see that you get it said YM1st Sgt Montejano. He went on to say This is what its all about putting your differences aside and coming to- gether. And thats exactly what we did day in and day out. We constantly proved ourselves to be Advanced Leaders over and over again. When the time came to go home to our units youd best believe that the tears came pouring down on every- ones face including mine. This shows how much care and compassion we have for each other and how much we care about each other. Its just an amazing feeling to go through all these hard times with strangers you barely knew and walk out as a family I said. Thats the true meaning of brotherhood in the same uniform. And thats the true meaning of friendship That is the true meaning of strengthening the lives of Americas youth one Young Marine at a time. When we saw this we realized we finally reached the peak of our Young Marines career we finally made it. But all in all the cherry on top came on the last day when we boarded our planes singingTil I see you again. We Started Together and We Completed Together We are more then what meets the eye ALS family Here we share pictures taken during ALS 2015. Thanks --Submitted by YM GySgt. Shamila Forbes PFC Bruce W. Carter FL Scenes from the 2015 Advanced Leadership Academy By YMSGT Cassidy Carr-Mc Junkins Rocket City AL In JulyI went back to Tennessee for Senior Leadership School for a week.There were upwards of one hundred students this year but only 21 arrived for Senior Leadership School. Sadly we had to say goodbye to an outstanding Young Marine on the second night. This narrowed it down to only 20 Senior Leadership School students and out of all of them I was the only female. I was kind of surprised about being the only female but the staff was helpful and supportive. There were Young Marines there from ten different states and some came from as far away as Ohio. We did many ex- tra activities near the end of the week including going to the pool working with simulators and discharging one of my closest friends after uniform inspections. Though I didnt have any females to discuss what hap- pened in class with during the week I made strong connec- tions with the females from Junior Leadership School while we were in the barracks. I also became close with some of the Young Marine staff who I have also kept in touch with since graduating. Being the only female can be tough but if you have a bond as close to some of the people I do in the Tennessee Reg- iment you can get through it with no problem at all. Se- nior Leadership School has given me opportunities I never thought I would be able to have within the program. It has given me stronger bonds with a lot of people bonds that cannot be broken.As a member of Tennessee RegimentI can honestly say that they really do put on the best academy in the country and I would recommend any Young Marine to go there for leadership school next summer. Hopefully I will be on staff and have the opportunity to meet some of my subordinates in the program. Senior Leadership School An Outstanding Opportunity Outdoor Leadership School Its All About the Teamwork By YMGySgt. Jordan James Westmoreland County PA Arriving at the airport my stomach grumbled and my hands were sweaty. I could have said I wasnt nervousbut I would be lying. This was the first ever National Outdoor Leadership School what did I just get myself into We left the airport and headed to the base camp named Noble View where we would spend time working on skills if we werent on the trail.We were at NOLS from July 19 through August 1st.As the days went onthe eleven of us that showed up slowly molded into one large and crazy family. For exampleevery day before we atea tradition was passed on to name one thing you are thankful for before we were allowed to dig in.Even more days passed and loads of knowl- edge was given to us by our instructors I was definitely thankful for this knowledge. Some of the most important lessons they taught us didnt have much to do with survival but the more importantly life. They told us to really look at the bigger picture pay atten- tion to the little things and learn to enjoy them.This ensured we felt a sense of achievement when we were handed our certificates naming us the first ever National Outdoor Lead- ership School graduates. The roster may have said that eleven Young Marines gradu- ated but that is incorrect in my opinion. I think there was only one graduate one big smelly hiking bug eating pack slinging and incredibly motivated Young Marine graduate who was made up of dif- ferent unique pieces. This big moto- machine would fall apart if even one piece of this group would break off. Some of these pieces could only be found in CaliforniaTennessee or Col- orado. That big machine did things some pieces thought it would never do like eat a large bug start a fire with a bow drill or hike several days on the Appalachian Trail until our feet throbbed and then go even further. Should I duck or Dude aliens are are a few phrases I will always remember. Needless to say we endured a lot and that machines piec- es grew tighter and closer. Well that machine graduated. It learned many things to survive and obtained knowledge to pass on to its units. The time came to disassemble that ma- chine and send those pieces back to their units. It is hard to believe I hiked on the Appalachian Trail or only slept in a bed once for two weeks.These experiences were hard but saying goodbye was so much harder.The eleven of us became really close in those two weeks and formed bonds that will last forever.This experience was truly life-changing. I really hope this school takes place again. It should grow and more Young Marines need to experience this the way our machine did. Eleven Young Marines one team Be a Part of the Young Marines Alumni Association Calling FORMER YMs Where Are YOU Now www.youngmarines.comAlumni Page 12 ESPRIT By YMMSgt Jacob Sikes Cherry Point NC The 2015 National Encampment is by far the best trip I have ever went on. I met Young Marines from units that I have never heard of. Now the National Encampment this year was in the Third Regiment in Paisley FL it was crazy hot and it rained almost every day on and off. I attended the National Encampment the second one Ive attended. I saw a lot of new and old and familiar faces. This years National Encampment was a trip Ill remember because this will be my last year to attend as a Young Marine. I look forward to coming back as a Registered Adult next year after I graduate from high school.The things that National Headquarters had planned for us this year were nothing like last year. If you havent gone on a national trip SPACES Survival National School etc. push yourself to go the extra mile to get there. You dont just get rank you earn it and all of these programs are worth the extra effort you must put in in order to attend. I hope this inspires you to try and do your best because you work for everything thats worthwhile. Semper Fi Young Marines. National Encampment 2015 Its Worth the Extra Effort By YMMSgt Dylan Jones Fall River MA I had the opportunity and the honor to interview Officer Dana Goodwin a Coast Guard veteran a Plymouth Police Of- ficer and a 25-year member of the American Legion. Officer Goodwin is a member of the Executive Board and a member of the business com- mittee so he helps decide where dona- tion money is distributed. The American Legion sends local teenagers to various youth programs like Boys State and the Student Trooper Pro- gram they also sponsor an American Legion Baseball team. The American Le- gion supports many veter- ans organizations like the VFW VA and the Nathan Hale Foundation which provides veterans with transportation to medical appointments and hospi- tals. Officer Goodwin en- courages veterans to volunteer to help provide benefits for future veterans. Having spent close to 40 years serving his fellow workershe puts a lot of effort into ensuring that the legion is run like a business as well as community orga- nization. One thing Officer Goodwin wants all veterans to understand about the Amer- ican Legion and other Veterans organi- zations is that they are not just social clubs but organizations that help veter- ans in need. After 25 years Officer Goodwin feels that all the years he has spent serving the community helping retired service men and women and giving opportuni- ties to local youth were well spent. He encourages all to do the same. A Community Service Provider and Dedicated Volunteer Officer Dana Goodwin. By YMSgt Nicholas Ahnberg Natchaug River CT My unit was recently given the distinct honor of performing the Honor Guard for a U.S. Marine who passed away 25 years ago and never received the Military Honors he deserved. Once my unit heard of this we put plans in motionand myself and eight others volunteered ourselves to be part of the flag folding ceremony. After training hard for the ceremony my fellow Young Marines and I were determined to do the very best we could and when the day came I was very proud of how we worked to make the Honor Guard happen. We all did the absolute best we could and we did an out- standing job keeping our bearingand the Honor Guard was a success not only because of the satisfaction the we got for doing it but also because the family of the Marine was happy with the job we did.This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and my fellow Young Marines and I feel very hon- ored and proud to have been given the opportunity to per- form the Honor Guard for this family. Natchaug River YMs Assist with Belated Military Honors By YMPFC Jacob Olivares Eagle CA My unit has a booth that is used for recruiting and presenting Drug Demand Reduction information. I was recruiting for the Young Marines program for the first time and I felt motivated to talk to peo- ple and youth about living a Drug- Free Lifestyle. Kids and their parents stopped to talk to me.I was in uniform and they would ask me how old I was and how I earned my ribbons. This was great because it started them talking to me as I was kind of shy at first. We met a lot of supporters who were happy that we attended. Civilians are really impressed at the dedication of the kids in the program. Staying motivated is a key tool in re- cruiting. My older brother is a United States Marine. I remember how he changed after graduating MCRD and how this made our mother happy. That is when my mom enlisted me in the Young Marines. My little sister just turned 8 and has also earned the title Young Marine. We are grateful for the volunteers who teach us each week. Motivated to Recruit and Promote a Drug-Free Lifestyle ESPRIT Page 13 My Great American History Adventure Experience By YMCpl Alexandra Ashley Tri-City WA As a Young Marine going to SPACES for the Great American History Adven- ture or GAHA was one of the greatest experiences Ive ever had.I met so many amazing Young Marines and staff. We went to Massachusetts Pennsylva- nia Virginia Maryland Washington DC and New York. I live on the west coast in Washington state and the east coast is very different because it has so many tourist attractions by comparison. If I had to choose I would say the 8th and I Parade visiting Times Square in New York City and the National Muse- um of the United States Marine Corps were my favorite parts of the trip. The 8th and I parade is an evening parade put on by the Marines that features The Presidents Own the United States Ma- rine Band The Commandants Own The United States Marine Drum and Bugle Corps the Marine Corps Color Guard the Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon Ceremonial Marchers and LCpl Chesty XIIIthe official mascot of Marine Barracks Washington. The National Museum of the Marine Corps was so much fun. I enjoyed view- ing the old military vehicles and watch- ing interactive videos that were played while standing on the yellow footprints. New York City was a blast. Even though traffic was undesirable the city lights and architecture of the skyscrapers are a beautiful sight to see. Going to some of the different battle- grounds reminded me of the bravery demonstrated by soldiers fighting for our country. Participating in the Civil War re-enactment taught me how dif- ficult it was during the war to deal with the weather harsh living conditions and medical treatment. I learned about the culture from areas such as Salem from the Salem witch trials and New York City with the busy city life. Going on GAHA has benefited me in so many ways. It has allowed me to travel to the opposite side of the country to places I never thought I would go.Going to the National Museum of the Marine Corps helped me to understand a little bit of what Marine recruits have to go through during basic training I will be going to boot camp for the Marines in a couple years once I finish high school and it is good for me to have as much information about it as I can get. Im happy to have made new friends whom I can keep in contact with as well. GAHA was one of the best experiences of my life.Young Marines at the Statue of Liberty and below taking a break in New York Citys Central Park. Page 14 ESPRIT By YMPFC Cameron Hunt Lapeer County MI There were no parades no ribbons on trees or much of any- thing to show support to troops returning from the Vietnam War. There may have been some letters from home but mostly there were hard feelings loneliness anger or sometimes indif- ference as soldiers returned home from duty in Vietnam. Many soldiers never made it back to the United States but for some of those who did return their thoughts never left Vietnam. Last March the American Legion Hall in Lapeer Michigan hosted a two-day event called Remembering Vietnam. It in- cluded many personal objects photographs a map of Vietnam veterans were encouraged to place a pin to show where they were stationed and a table honoring prisoners of war and those missing in action. The biggest part of the exhibit was the Quilt of Tears. Each square of all the quilts was made by families of veterans who died due to the effects of the chemical Agent Orange a de- foliant used during the Vietnam War in an effort to deny the enemy the cover offered by dense jungle. The casualties grow every day from exposure to this chemical. Side effects from exposure to Agent Orange can last a lifetime and cause many illnesses. This event was personally important to me because of my father Gary Herner. He lost two brothers due to the causes of Agent Orange and will never forget them. It is important that we have these types of events so veter- ans can share their memories with other veterans. We are also reminded of their sacrifices and of the hardships our veterans endured while serving our country. The Young Marines of La- peer County served the veterans food watched over stations welcomed people at the door and helped in the kitchen.It was an honor to help out with the event Remembering Vietnam and certainly worth the time I spent there. Lapeer County An Event to Remember Vietnam Veterans Young Marines A.J. Throne foreground and Cameron Hunt read the names and messages written on the squares on the Quilt of Tears. Lapeer County Young Marines at Vietnam Remembrance event. YM Cameron Hunt with Vietnam Veterans Bruce Harbin left and Gary Herne his grandfather. Aircraft applied Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. The Republic of South Vietnam Vietnam Service Ribbon ESPRIT Page 15 The Wall Learning From a Veteran By YMLCpl Hailey WIlliams Capital City NC My favorite experience from my participation in the Great American History Adven- ture was visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial commonly known as The Wall in Washington DC. It was an outstanding experience. My fellow adventurer Kieran O Brien and I met a gentleman who was also visiting the memorial that day and we volunteered to pass out patches honoring those who lost their lives. Its customary for visitors especially Vietnam veteransto leave items in memory of those whose names are among the more than 58000 service men and women who lost their lives in the Vietnam War and whose names are engraved upon the wall. The gentleman we met started telling me about one of those men Danny Marshall a native of West Virginia. Danny G. Marshall was Killed In Action KIA on May 15 1973 in Cambodia the gentleman started telling me some details about Dannys life. He knew Danny from high school when they both lived in West Virginia. He started telling me more about himself as well. He and Danny became very close friends. They both had many things in common and before they knew it they were both in the United States Marine Corps. While he was telling me these stories he started to tear up but he explained with a chuckle Im not going to cry this timeand at that momentmy friend Holly Roberts and I traced the name of Danny G. Marshall from The Wall and handed it to him. He glanced at it then handed it back to me. I looked him in the eyes and he said I want you to go search for this man. I responded back withYes sir I will. Later I searched for Danny G. Marshall. I learned that he was a Private in the Marines 2nd Battalion 9th Marines 3rd Divi- sion. He was killed in action on May 15 1973. Although the story was sad it was great to see the gentleman smile. Overall the Great American History Adevnture trip was awesome I had the chance to meet Young Marines from all over and making new friends. We had an outstand- ing adult staff. Even though it was sometimes tiring with all the walking we needed to do I still had lots of fun getting to see and go places Ive never been to before. By YMPFC Jordyn Ganavage Brass City CT On April 9th 2015 Vietnam War veteran Vic Allessio of Waterbury CT received the medals he had earned for his Army service during a ceremony at Waterbury City Halls Veterans Memorial Hall. Congress- woman Elizabeth Esty presented him a Vietnam Campaign ribbon. He also received his Bronze Star Army Commendation Medal Na- tional Defense Medal a Vietnam Service Medal with a Silver Star a Republic of Vietnam Campaign Ribbon an Expert Badge with Auto Rifle and a Marksman Badge for Rifle. Young Marines from the Brass City unit Color Guard were honored to post and retire colors at the ceremony. Brass City Color Guard Attends Ceremony Honoring Vietnam Veteran from left back row Sgt Adam Perrault Congresswoman Eliz- abeth Esty veteran Vic Allessio Pvt Joshua Rodriguez and XO Bridget Thomas. From left front row Training Officer John A. Ganavage PFC Jordyn Ganavage holding Mr. Allessios med- als and Cpl Christian Thomas. Page 16 ESPRIT By YMPvt Jonathan Merritt Manassas VA My unit helped a group of veterans from AustinTexas who were attending the 2015 WW II veterans honor flight. We had re- ceived an email informing us of the oppor- tunity to help with this great event. We planned to take the veterans around DC to visit the memorials. Along with UC Kevin Gilliard we met the veterans who were staying in local hotel. The Young Marines who signed up from Manassas and Shenadoah Valley gathered together and we were instructed on how to look after veterans. We were assigned a veterans name and headed to the elevator. My veterans name was Col. Huie Lamb USAF Ret. When we met we shook hands and he asked me if I was in the service. I said that I was with the Manassas Young Marines. I explained who we are and what we do. I helped Col. Lamb with his bags and we set up the wheel chair he sat down and we waited at the elevator doors. We got in the elevator and when we reached the first floor we began to head towards the chow hall for breakfast. I helped Col. Lamb with his plate and got us a seat. One of the other guardians offered to keep a eye on Col. Lamb while I went to get my plate and I did the same for her. Dur- ing breakfast we heard many stories about his years in the Air Force as a fighter pilot. I was fascinated by his stories since Ive always had a inter- est in aviation.After chowwe headed to the buses. I helped Col. Lamb out of the wheel chair to get into the bus. We waited on the bus for about 10-15 minutes until the police escort arrived and we rolled out to head towards the World War II memorial which Col. Lamb never had been able to visit. He has seen it before it was opened but it was his first visit to the site. We went to the Texas pillar at the memorial where I took his picture for him to show his family back in Texas. A woman approached us and asked Col. Lamb if he would mind being interviewed for a tribute video for all WW II vet- erans. He gladly agreed and she asked him several questions-- his name where he served and if he wanted to say anything to future generations. Col. Lamb answered each question he was asked and when the interview was done we headed to the Lincoln Memorial. But it was crowded and seemed dif- ficult to get to with a wheel chair so we just took pictures. Then we headed to the Vietnam Memorial which Col. Lamb seemed to enjoy. He took many pictures of the ghost platoon and The Wall. When we finished up there we went over to the Korean War memorial.I helped him take several photographs there. After that we loaded up back onto the buses and headed towards Arlington National Cemetery for the changing of the guard. When they had finished there we went back towards the buses.We stopped and got a few pictures of the cherry trees in bloom. We then rode to- wards the Memorial of the Marine Corps.We also got pictures of the Capitol the Wash- ington Monument and the Lincoln Memo- rial all in one shot. We then went to the Air Force memorial. Col. Lamb seemed very ex- cited to see this memorial.We saw the three large pillars going up and then slanting. We went underneath the pillars and looked over to the Pentagon. We had a good view of where it had been hit on 911killing 125 people inside the Pentagon including my grandfather. We were kept from the Navy Memorial due to the fact that there had been a shooting at the Capitol building and that whole street was on lockdown. We decided to go over to the Pentagon and see the 911 benches that they have on the side of the building that was hit on 911. We walked up and down through the rows of benches reading the names and thinking of that tragic attack. We finally got to where my grandpas bench was and Col. Lamb took a photograph of me at the bench. After that we began to talk about my grandfather and I told him how he was in the army and served in Viet- nam.We talked more about WW II and talked about the Pentagon. We slowly headed back towards the buses once we got aboard we had talked some more about many different things and how he was returning to Texas that day. The bus took us all to Wash- ington National Airport and we all had sandwiches for din- ner. We got in line to board the flight and when we got to the station where they check the tick- ets a flight atten- dant took Col. Lamb onto the plane and we waved goodbye. Assisting a Visiting Honor Flight WWII Veteran in D.C. ESPRIT Page 17 By YMSgt Jon-Cristian Monserrat Temecula Valley CA I have proudly served in Temecula Valley Young Marines Color Guard and feel I am better for having done this. Memorial Day is observed ev- ery year on the last Monday of May. Its a day for remembering the men and women who died while serving. But these words dont begin to cover what Memorial Day means to me. For meMemorial Day is personal.My own grandfather was an Army Paratrooper during the Korean War. He wrote a blank check to this wonderful country of ours. How incredibly brave he was. I am proud. I am honored to say that I was named after him.I never met him but I know of a true hero right here in my own family... Thank you Grandpa. I also felt fortunate to place flags on graves of those men and women who gave all they could for this country. My action of placing a flag is a gesture that I do with a bit more thought and I made sure of one thing. I said the name of each person and thanked them for giving me my freedom. Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice. Our men and women have shed their blood and sacrificed their lives so others can live in freedom. Our flag also symbolizes so much. Born on June 14 1777 the Second Continental Con- gress determined that the flag of the United States would be 13 stripes al- ternating between 7 red and 6 white and the union be 13 white stars in a blue field representing a new constel- lation. Between 1777 and 1960 the shape and design of the flag evolved to the flag we have today. Red symbolizes hardiness and valor white for inno- cence and harmony and blue for vigi- lance perseverance and justice. It car- ries a message of freedom at home and abroad. In 1969 it was flown in space and astronaut Neil Armstrong put it on the moon. Now the sun never sets on the flag we so proudly cherish. By displaying the flag and giving a distinctive fold we show respect to the flag and express our gratitude to those who fought and continue to serve at home and abroad. Indeed it flies in the heart of every person who has ever served. It is our responsibility to continue to protect and pre- serve the rights and freedom it represents. The United States flag represents who we are. We cherish its legacy as a beacon of hope. May every day be Memorial Day and long may it wave. Remembering Those Who Paid for Our Freedom MEMORIAL DAY 2015 Young Marines Observe Page 18 ESPRIT By YMLCpl Joshua Kattaron Gen Raymond G. Davis Metro Atlanta GA The Metro Atlanta Young Marines went to the Georgia Na- tional Cemetery in Canton Georgia on the Saturday before Memorial Day. Each year our unit places flags at the grave markers and attends the ceremony that honors our fallen he- roes who have given their lives so that we may be free. We were honored to have met the guest speaker BGen Denis Shortal USMC Ret. He delivered an amazing speech that was very inspirational during the ceremony following the flag placement. In addition to placing the flags our unit staff asked each of us to write the name of at least one persons grave marker information to discuss at our next drill. This created a more personal connection to those interred there. Therefore what we did at the National Cemetery was more than merely plac- ing flags. We were reminded that the markers are represen- tative of people. Our leaders impressed upon us that each human life holds high value. The person whose marker I chose was Martha E. Hagadone. She was a Captain in the United States Army and was the wife of Ronald R. Hagadone Sr. What I found most interest- ing about Capt. Hagadone is that she was born on and died on the same date the 12th of July. She was born in 1932 and died on her 81st birthday in 2013. Although my internet search of Captain Hagadone did not produce much informa- tion it was interesting to know her by name. Our heroes that died either during wartime did an invalu- able service to us as Young Marines and to every citizen of this great country. They gave or were willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. It is this Young Marines duty to remember recount and retell that the freedoms we enjoy today are not free. Thank you to all who serve this proud and mighty nation. Metro Atlanta Each Human Life Holds High Value By YMPFC Calvin Golden Oregon Cascade OR Oregon Cascade provided me with a wonderful community service oppor- tunity during this years Memorial Day weekend.The opportunity was to go to a very large and historic local cemetery in Portland to help the cemetery staff by manning the entrances and passing out surveys and pencils to the attendees. We then collected them when visitors left. The Oregon Cascade unit be- comes better known in the Portland area as a result of their participation in this event. This has been an annual event for Oregon Cascade for a few years. We work two days Saturday and Monday with two shifts each day. Because of this opportunity to serve I earned the hours I needed to com- plete my community service award so I am able to earn a promotion. My experience with this event was that it was important and fun to do. It was nice to look at the beautiful scenery there. The cemetery staff were very nice and appreciate our work. It is great for Oregon Cascade to have a reliable annual community service activity every Memorial day weekend to attend.The survey we distribute really helps the cemetery staff to plan and the physical changes are noticeable every year. Memorial Day Serving Our Community Guest speaker BGen Denis SHortal USMC Ret. joined the Metro Atlanta Young Marines for the Memorial Day observance in Canton GA. ESPRIT Page 19 By YMSgt Tyler Smith Tustin CA BOOM BANGRRHHHEEERR The sounds of cannons and rifles going off and planes overhead were heard on Memorial Day 2015. On Memorial Day my unit and I had gone to Fairhaven Memorial Park in Santa Ana California. We were there to help ourselves and our community remember the heroes who died for this country. We were then given a task to do during the ceremony which was to pick up a state flag with the Boy Scouts and Navy Sea Cadets and walk with it during the ceremony. Once the ceremony had started our Senior Young Marine stepped on stage and led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance. Later during the ceremo- ny we raised our flags and walked around the stage. Then came the Taps bugle airplanes flew by overhead doves were released and that is when I realized that Memorial Day is more than just a holiday or a day out of school it serves to remem- ber those that who had the courage to stand up and put their lives at risk so that we are able to live in freedom. In that moment I learned freedom is something that doesnt come free. I Learned Freedom is Something That Doesnt Come Free By YMSgt Zahrian Minner Oregon Cascade OR During Memorial Day weekend 2015 I had the opportuni- ty to participate in a dedication ceremony. The United States flag was respectfully raised in a two-team ceremony that included our Young Marines Color Guard. All six of us Young Marines were dressed in our Service Alpha uniforms with four participating in the color guard and two senior ranking Young Marines raising the flag while the National Anthem played. As a part of the ceremony men removed their hats and those in uniform paid their respects with hand salutes. It was probably one of the most humbling experiences I have ever had the chance to participate in. We were surrounded by approximately one hundred vet- erans and their loved ones at the Veterans Memorial Park in Columbia City Oregon. The ceremony included listening to others share the same respect I have for the men and women who have served our country. It was an outstanding special experience. I was surprised by how many came up to us after the ceremony and thanked us for our participation when I felt that in reality it was us who should be thanking them. We talked to some who have served and heard many sto- ries of how they would do anything to be able to serve our country again. Meeting these men and women spoke to the passion I have for the military and increased my immense appreciation for their efforts to make this country a better place. Memorial Day An Outstanding Special Experience Oregon Cascade Young Marines were honored to participate in a Memorial Day dedication ceremony at the Veterans Memorial Park in Columbia City OR. Tustin Young Marines standing proud alongside active duty servicemen at Memorial day ceremonies in Santa Ana CA. Page 20 ESPRIT By Veronica Bocanegra Adult Volunteer Excelsior High Desert CA On Monday May 25 2015 the Excelsior High Desert Young Marines had the honor of participating in several Memorial Day functions to show their respect and gratitude to our fall- en heroes and local veterans. They participated at three locations over the weekend in- cluding a church a retirement home and attended a memo- rial event at a cemetery. They placed American flags posted flags at Veterans graves and participated in a Memorial Day ceremony at Desert View Memorial Park. The day continued at Rock Springs Retire- ment Home where alongside Quilts of Valor a local organi- zation they helped brighten the day for many veterans. They presented colors spoke with veterans and thanked them for their service. Members of the local news media were there to report on the story it was the second year of participation at Rock Springs Retirement Home. The Excelsior High Desert Young Marines were established in December 2012and plan on do- ing this for many years to come. Excelsior Respect and Gratitude for Our Fallen Heroes Excelsior High Desert Young Marines Unit Memorial Day activities. Placing flags on graves a group photo the presentation of a wreath and taking the time to meet and thank area veterans personally. ESPRIT Page 21 By YMGySgt J. Matthew Orleans Parish LA During the War of 1814 the British knew that New Orleans Louisiana was the gateway to America and that an attack on the city would prove pivotal in their war against the United States. At this time Major General Andrew Jackson also known as Old Hickory rushed to New Orleans and orga- nized more than 4000 troops which consisted of Army regulars frontier militias free blacks pirates and even Native Americans from the Choctaw tribe.They were all paid an even wage which consisted of 128.00 and 39 acres of land. In the series of battles that became known as The Battle of New Orleans the British Army which had just recently de- feated Napoleon consisted of more than 8000 troops. The battle was brutal as the English soldiers were mowed down by the sharpshooters of this ragtag American army. Since then Chalmette Battlefield has been used as a na- tional cemetery and historic grounds from the Civil War to the Vietnam War and on Friday May 22 2015 we helped place flags on the graves of more than 15000 troops. Sunday May 24th there was a memorial service to commemorate the sacrifices of our fallen heroes. Our 1st Louisiana Regiment Command- er SgtMaj J. Bettis spoke at the services speaking on his time as a 39-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps and out- lining the roles we play in our local com- munities as Young Marines. When we saw Chalmette Battlefield we were in awe of the important historical battle that took place in this very area during the War of 1814. It was a great experience. OPSO Observing Memorial Day in a Historic Setting The Orleans Parish Sheriffs Office Young Marines place flags on the graves of more than 24000 troops and conduct a memorial service Orleans Parish Sheriffs Office Young Ma- rines held a solemn memorial service at the Chalmette Battlefield. Above they were joined by LtGen Richard Mills USMC. Page 22 ESPRIT By YMLCpl Angie Nguyen Eagle CA On May 25 2015 citizens from all around San Diego and beyond gathered to Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery Cali- fornia for one reason only to honor and pay respect to those who had risked their lives and those who sacrificed their lives for us. All sorts of people from different backgrounds religions and ages took the time to pay tribute to our countrys armed forces. Our unit had arrived to tend to the community and to place our wreath among the numerous beautiful wreaths from other organizations. As I observed my surroundings I was amazed at the number of graves there 101079 according to Wikipedia. When you look at a number you dont think very much of it but when you actually see it in its physical form it makes you appre- ciate humanity and its sacred commitment to sacrificing to others in need. Our unit was in attendance for the ceremony enjoying the thoughtfully spoken words and the bonds that grew within the service. At the end of the ceremony our unit went to the next ceremony at the famous landmark of San Diego Mount Soledad. Atop this tall hill lies a large concrete monument in the shape of a cross dedicated to our proud and giving heroes. We were appointed to guard the stairways providing us with a gorgeous view of the city and the ocean. The service began its attendees were very respectful and our unit and others were very fortunate to be able to meet elderly veterans and assist them. In conclusion I am very thankful how this Memorial Day allows us to become closer together as a country and that we may always remain thankful for the price paid for our freedom. We Paid Our Respects in Two Events on Memorial Day Young Marines from the Eagle unit took part in two Memorial Day ceremonies presenting a wreath at one event and assisting at another. Why Memorial Day is Important A Nation Remains Free By YMCpl Adela Eccli Golden Gate CA I was at the 74th Memorial Day Observance at the Golden Gate National Cemetery with my fellow Golden Gate Young Marines. I believe Memorial Day has a purpose. That purpose is to provide at least one day each year where all Americans have the opportunity to show their respect to veterans who have passed or sacrificed their lives so that our great Nation and its people remain free. From the rank of Private to General they all deserve our respect thanks and gratitude for serving their country the United States of America. All of them are honored and re- membered. The reason we are free and continue to be free is because of them and the great sacrifices they have made. Semper Fidelis. ESPRIT Page 23 In the Line of Duty Remembering Heroic Law Enforcement Officers By YMLCpl Destin Smith Tustin CA Being at the Survival Golf Tour- nament I witnessed the golf clubs swinging and the big wide smiles on the attending officers faces knowing that they have survived yet another day All are golfing today in memory of fallen officers. As the Tustin Young Marines open the day with color guard and bag- pipes playing the National Anthem we paused for a moment of silence. Shak- ing hands with ones who served our country and getting to listen to their amazing stories made me realize that we Young Marines get to recognize the ones that fought for us. We can thank the officers for their service. As I reflect I love those who served because they put their lives on the line knowing that they might not come back or even come back the same and were away from their loved ones for days weeks months and even years. This event was in memory of Detec- tive Sergeant Tom Smith Bay Area Rapid Transit Police Department Of- ficer Shaun Diamond Pomona Police Department Police Officer Nicolas Choung Lee Los Angeles Police De- partment California Highway Patrol Officer Juan Gonzalez this is just to name a few who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty. The main reason I wanted to go to the survivors memorial was because I knew that this was my time to step up and give back to those who have given to us. Every year I have this privilege to give back and it gives me great pride to be able to serve and help with my fellow Young Marines. Tustin Young Marines stand alongside portraits honoring fallen law enforcement officers at the Survival Golf Tournament. Page 24 ESPRIT Young Marines Plan to Attend the Annual Pearl Harbor MemorialA series of events honoring the 74th Anniversary of the December 7th 1941 attacks Information at By YMPvt Edwin Rodriguez Southern Maryland MD Recruit training was an experience I will never forget. We learned how to push our- selves by trying our best. Not only that but we learned the Young Marines Core Values and how to conduct ourselves at all times. This experience in the Young Marines was fun because I was able to make new friends and they motivated me towards succees. I did better on my PFT by the time I grad- uated and I felt stronger than ever. I had fun at the final recruit encampment. The weekend of our graduation we had a unit encampment. I was expecting it to be hard but I was confident because of all the training we received in the weeks leading up to the encampment. Being in the Young Marines has changed my life. I am a better person thanks to the Young Marines.At first I was scared and ner- vous but now Im loud confident and moti- vated. Being in the Young Marines helped me to improve my grades it also helped me to focus and avoid getting distracted and in trouble in school like I used to. It taught me to be respectful to adults and to be helpful to younger children. Earning the title of Young Marine at the end of re- cruit training is the best thing that has ever happened to me Ooh Rah and Semper Fi- delis Im Learning to Set and Achieve Goals By YMPvt Leilani Rodriguez Southern Maryland MD The Young Marines experience has been great for me On the first day of recruit training I was a little shy and nervous but as I went to the weekly training sessions I felt more confident and very proud to be part of this great program. It really made me feel good that my parents are so proud of me for doing this. When I got my Young Marines Basic Guide Book I was really looking forward to learn- ing all about the Young Marines so I would read it day and night. I enjoyed learning about all the ranks in the Young Marines and the history of this program. I learned that the Young Marines were founded in Waterbury Connecticut. in 1959. I never knew that The final recruit encampment was the very challenging and fun at the same time. I never had to wake up at 2 in the morn- ing to stand fire watch but it was a great experience. I feel really confident about myself and way stronger than ever before. I will always be a Young Marine. Ooh Rah As a Young Marine Ive Gained Confidence Southern Maryland Brother and Sister are Young Marines Editors Note Below we present the stories of the Rodriguez siblings of the Southern Maryland Young Marines. Brother Edwin and sister Leilani have both earned the title of Young Marine and the two of them share their stories of how their lives have been changed for the better since joining the Young Marines. Young Marines please share your stories of how your familes have participated in the program especially when you have more than one member involved. By YMLCpl Weston Mayfield Eagle CA What I learned in drug de- mand reduction or DDR is that drugs can take away so much from your life and everything that you care about is gone. Your family friends job loved ones and most im- portantly your life. Drugs can be very evil and unhealthy. Some people will try will try drugs and wont stop. You can become so addicted to drugs that you wont want to stop. In some places they are legalizing marijuana. Drugs kill your brain cells and make you feel very different. Lots of drugs can lead to death by overdos- ing while abusing them. Drugs can cause hallucinationsvomit- ingweaknessand dizziness.Some peo- ple are so addicted to drugs they even kill and steal in order to obtain drugs by any way possible their addiction is that powerful. Not all drugs are bad but its the way that people misuse and abuse them. Please if you take drugs or are a drug addict seek help and break the habit. Make your state a better place. Be the change you want to see. We Learn to Avoid Drug Abuse and Make a Positive Impact ESPRIT Page 25 A Salute to Young Marines Achieving a Perfect 500 PFT Score By YMPFC Hailey Picone Plaquemines Parish Sheriffs Office LA Wow I cant believe graduation is upon us If someone was to ask me what this program has done for me I can honestly say it has made me a better person. The Young Marines means everything to me. I signed up not knowing what to ex- pect. I was looking for a challenge and it has definitely challenged me physically and mentally. I remember the first night of orientation. All of a sudden they called out an order and we all had the deer caught in the headlights kind of look. At that very moment I knew I made the right decision in joining. It wasnt going to be just a walk in the park. I would have to push myself and work hard to finish successfully. Not only did I have to push literally push I had to dig deep within myself to find strength I never knew I had. The first few weeks were hard and our instructors were the best. They were patient encouraging and dedicated to us. They pushed us to step out of our comfort zones. They showed us that no matter how difficult or challenging a sit- uation was we can overcome it by staying focused giving 100 and using teamwork. Our teachers are the reason our squad is a success They never gave up on us.They motivated us to be the best we can be. I will cherish these memories with this program in my heart like no other. I have gained a respect for myself and others but also for my countryits flag and what it representsand for all of our service members who fight for us. I now better understand what our soldiers and their fami- lies sacrifice to protect us and our country. I can now say I know the true meaning of teamwork. In the beginning not too many recruits knew each other. Now we are one family united having each others back. I was lucky enough to be able to experience this with my two brothers and my best friend. Weve been brought closer together because of this shared experience. Being part of this program has also made me consider going into the service when I graduate to dedicate myself to pro- tect and represent my country and people with dignity and pride as I represent myself platoon and the Plaquemines Parish Sheriffs Office Young Marines with respect and honor at all times. This was the best decision I have ever made and I look forward to the challenges that will come. This program has given me all the tools I need to be a successful leader of to- morrow. So thank you Wow I Cant Believe Graduation is Upon Us Unit Miramar Young Marines CA Date August 2 2015 YMSSgt Sophia Righthouse earned her 6th Perfect Physical Fitness Score. YMPFC Hailey Picone Unit Southern Maryland Young Marines MD Date May 3 2015 YMPFC Jaiden Saltsman. This is Jaidens 2nd Perfect PFT Score in a row Unit Columbus IN Date Not Specified YMGySgt Jared Baker YMSSgt Mathew Carr and YMMSgt Ben Clancy recently achieved perfect PFT scores. YMSSgt Sophia Righthouse She now has Six perfect PFT scores to her credit. By YMCpl Klarisse Base and YMCpl. Nathanyel Dolbeaare Eagle CA The Eagle Young Marines attended the Water Survival and Swim Qualifica- tion training in May.The Water Survival Marine Volunteers helped us be more confident in water survival situations. We learned how to breathe calmly how to float and how to swim safely. To make sure that we all knew how to make ourselves float they told us to choose a floating style and go in the deep end of the pool. We practiced floating for ten minutes.They taught us ways to swim safely and learning how important the acronym STOP Stop Think Observe Plan is in water acci- dent survival and dont panic. They taught us to breathe calmly so we can know what to do when accident happens in water. They let us go on the tower for training for when were on a boat or in an aircraft. The tower had 3 levels. The first level was at 15 feet where everyone jumped off. There were two other higher platforms for those that wished to jump from those heights. We are extremely grateful to our parents for getting us into the Young Marines Program and to Mr. and Mrs. Siegmann for allowing us to have this great experience. Thanks to the Volun- teer Marine Water Instructors for help- ing us. Last but not least the Young Marines themselves supported and watched out for each other. Water Survival and Swim Qualifications Training Page 26 ESPRIT Graduations Congratulations to all our new Young Marines and to all those who taught and nurtured them. Good Work Young Marines Unit Commanders and Adult Leaders Please submit Graduation information to Esprit Submissions at our website. Unit Southern Maryland MD Date May 3 2015 UC Rob Willis Honor Grad YMPFC William Howl Twelve Recruits in Class Unit Miami Valley Young Marines OH Two recruit platoons graduated on May 13th 2015 UC John F. Bankowitz Class 1 Honor Grad YMPFC Todd L. Brunson Class 2 - Honor Grad YMPFC Alexis N. Madigan Unit Northern Kentucky UC Lynne Arnold Date May 30 2015 The Northern Kentucky Young Marines added 10 motivated Young Marines to their roster on 30 May 2015. The Recriut Training Graduation Ceremony was held at the Army Reserve Center in Fort Thomas KY and Division 2 Young Ma- rine of the Year YMSgtMaj Joseph Ambs was our Guest of Honor our Recruit Instructors even let him participate in our only-recruit-instructors-get-to- wear-a-mustache-after-graduation tradition. Hayden Higginbotham earned the title of Honor Graduate. -- Submitted by Lynne Arnold Unit Pyramid Rock HI Date May 16th 2015 UC John DiGiovanni Honor Grad Troy Dinh meritoriously promoted to YMPFC Unit Tustin CA Date May 31 2015 UC Greg Painter Honor Grad YM PFC Moquin Graduates were YMPVT D. Carmona YMPVT J. Heredia YMPVT C. Inzerillo YMPVT A. May YMPVT K. Peralta YMPVT L. Peralta and YMPVT M. Perea Unit Columbus IN Date June 13 2015 UC John F. Bankowitz Honor Grad YM PFC Aaron Streval Unit Golden Gate CA Date August 2 2015 UC Jason Deitschman Honor Grad YM PFC Jared Deras promoted to YMPFC due to his excellent Leadership Teamwork and Discipline. Tustin County Young Marines at their graduation . ESPRIT Page 27 Page 28 ESPRIT By Gary Weisbaum Chief Marketing Officer While your Young Marines unit may meet on Monday nights or any other day and time other Young Marines units and national Young Marines activities go on every day some- where across the country. How you commu- nicate those activities in your local market can have a HUGE impact on your unit The Young Marines Headquarters team goes to great lengths every day to keep what we do and who we do it for at the forefront of the American public. Almost weekly there is a national press re- lease about something significant Young Marines have done or are going to do.And even if your units Young Marines were not in attendance of a particular activity or eventTHEY WERE AND ARE A PART OF IT From a marketing of your units standpoint its critical to communicate these activities and events to your local media local supportersand anyone else that has helped or can help support your unit. Its important for them to see what your Young Marines are a part of. That is why we send every press release to unit leadership post them on the main page of and on all of our other social media outlets. BUT IT SHOULD NOT END THERE While some are most of your local unit supporters are not regularly or even sporadically on the national Young Marines website or Facebook page. Therefore they never know about the powerful life-changing activities and events your Young Marines participate in. They never hear about our Iwo Jima Pearl Harbor SPACES program accomplishments or any of the many other activities and events the Young Marines enjoy. For your unit benefit THEY SHOULD Every Young Marines press release that is sent out is easy to copy and paste or attach to an email. Your unit already has or should have an email list of local supports donors media contacts etc. that you communicate with al- ready. If you do not please contact me per- sonally and I will help you assemble one. It just takes a few minutes each time we send out a release for you to type a quick email and send it to that list.The benefits to your unit are many and well worth the effort. To recap here are the steps 1 Identify local unit supporters donors media contacts. Save a list with their email addresses in an easy to access location. 2 Watch for Press Releases that will be emailed to you. 3 Forward or copyattach the press release with a brief note and send it to the list in 1. Its that easy and the positive impact to your unit will be well worth the effort. As always my thanks to you for letting me be a part of this amazing organization dedicated to transforming Americas youth. It is truly an honor to work with such dedicated and passionate people across this great country we live in. Its critical to communicate our activities and events to your local media local supporters and anyone else that has helped or can help support your unit. NATIONAL Young Marines National Headquarters P.O. Box 70735 SW Station Washington D.C. 20024-0735 In Our Next Issue of Esprit Lapeer County Young Marines carry to garrison flag on behalf of the American Legion Ladies Auxiliary in the 4th of July Parade. The Lapeer County Young Marines once again were be- stowed the honor of carrying the garrison flag on behalf of the American Legion Ladies Auxiliary in the North Branch Days 4th of July parade. At a time when some young people across our great Nation are sadly holding flag burning demonstrations its inspiring to see this group of youths carry our National Colors with pride dignity and a sense of celebration. -- Submitted by Carol Arman Unit Commander Lapeer County MI Young Marines Lapeer Carrying the Garrison Flag in July 4th Parade Young Marines tell us more about their summer activities including unit trips and their participa- tion in the National Encampment above and National Navajo Code Talkers Day. As you take part in events this Fall such as Red Ribbon Week Veterans Day activities and service projects in your community please tell us about it. Share your individual and unit achievements with your fellow Young Marines and dont forget to include photos.